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Posted in: Snow crab fetches record ¥5 mil at auction in Tottori See in context


Its "made in Japan" so it naturally fetches a well above market value in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan wants to go cashless, but elderly aren't so keen See in context


That isn't true. The infrastructure cost would actually reduce the current costs. Maintaining cash systems and infrastructure require more time and cost due to manual movements. The time savings also is actually the biggest draw. When you are counting seconds off of millions of people, it becomes hours. Studies show that cashless payment isles I'm supermarkets handle two to three times as many people as a cash isle over the same amount of time.

Also, one of the biggest costs in an economy is printing money. In particular coins. Printing coins and refurbishing the coins costs an economy the size of Japan $488 million per year.

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Posted in: Olympic golf must be moved because of heat, politician tells IOC See in context

How on earth is golf even an Olympic sport?!

@No Business

I ask that question all the time about many Olympic sports. You have archery and real rifles. Why is shooting an air pistol an Olympic sport?

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Posted in: Q&A: The feud over Tokyo's Olympic marathon See in context

I think the reason they try to hold the Olympics in the summer is because most of the world has long summer vacations for children in the summer. Most of the world is off July and August so you won't have to disrupt the commute of students to school.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


With Yang, that’s a positive stereotype. Hearing Asians are doctors is a positive stereotype. Hearing, dark is bad. Dark isn’t beautiful so beauty products usually market whitening substances and that white skin is beautiful. Only to hear, you are too dark and you need bleach. It is a completely different thing. Also, Osaka isn’t even that dark. She is an average hue for those that are from the Middle East, Italian, and other places. She is the same color as many people living in Okinawa.

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Posted in: Japan comedy duo apologize after reportedly saying Naomi Osaka 'needs bleach' See in context


Comedians are supposed to shock. But there is a huge difference between comedy and bullying.

Black comedians have said bad things. But in a land where The Miss Universe contestant that was half black as well as the half Indian contestant were constantly told they are not Japanese. They are too dark to be Japanese. Japanese have white skin. This doesn’t come off as comedy. When there have been many half Japanese who are told, “you can’t be Japanese you are too dark.” This comedy plays into that. If there was more acceptance for them in this culture, then it would be much different. When dark consistently has a negative connotation then maybe you might understand why such a statement can be extremely damaging.

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Posted in: Woman awarded damages over infidelity of same-sex partner See in context


Same-sex has no legal recognition in Japan whether it’s common-law or regular marriage.

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Posted in: 2 court cases highlight paternity leave issue in Japan See in context


They are not naming the guy. The article talks about 2 cases. The guy from the first case was not named but they gave a lot of identifying information where coworkers or the company would instantly know who the person is by reading this article.

The person in the photo is from the second case.

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you do know you can’t just make up prices right? The 1TB note 10+ is still just a rumor. It hasn’t been announced and no price has been announced. If you have secret insider information from Samsung, please share.

The foldable is a different phone in and of itself. When you compare like models, Apple is more expensive. If you want to throw prices at unreleased phones, the new bigger iPhone 11 Max plus is going to be $2000 for 512GB.

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Posted in: iPhone to share the spotlight with services at Apple's big event See in context

The XR is supposed to be Apple’s cost effective phone. ¥98,000 is very high for a cost effective model. The Google and Samsung cost effective models are around ¥60,000.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO Saikawa admits being paid too much by equity scheme See in context

I’m trying to figure out why Kelly is even involved in all of this. He seems to be the only person that hasn’t taken money. It’s as if he is guilty just for being a high ranking foreign national.

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Posted in: Tokyo ranked world's safest city for 3rd consecutive year by EIU See in context

infrastructure designed to withstand natural shocks

When was the last time the infrastructure was really tested by an earthquake? I see so many buildings and train station pillars with cracks in them from previous shakes.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Other people that were labeled as villains and corrupt who the US and Europe openly supported and helped gain power are Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. These were leaders that they placed in power in order to gain what they wanted. When those people would no longer comply with their demands, they were labeled corrupt and terrorists.


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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Other people that were labeled as villains and corrupt who the US and Europe openly supported and helped gain power are Sadam

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context

Also, for those that think Japan is the good guy in this, you should research your history. Particular recent history where you find out the two primary groups exploited by the Japanese internship issues are South East Asians and Africans.

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Posted in: Abe pledges to boost investment in Africa See in context


Japan and the US are not the good guys in Africa. The US has exploited Africa almost as much as the UK. Most countries investing in Africa is for their own well-being and don’t particularly care about Africa.


Unfortunately, most of the African corrupt and incompetent leadership was purposely put into power by the Western nations that colonized Africa or left a vacuum after destroying.

Has said it best. Europe and America tend to back corrupt leaders that are not for unification of the African continent. There have been many unification movements in Africa and America and Europe have consistently supported the opposition. They enjoy puppets that will allow them to keep their funds.

As a fellow African, I am well aware of my country and continent’s history.

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Posted in: U.S. casino giants bet on Japan, raising addiction fears See in context

I think under the rules they are considering, the Casino would become a financial black hole for the people and the economy.

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Posted in: Biden: Racism in U.S. is institutional, 'white man's problem' See in context

About 4 or 5 years ago, an article was in the New York Times that said police officers were 14 times more likely to be shot by armed white assailants but were more likely to pull their weapons out on unarmed black men.

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Posted in: Swift, Cardi B and Missy Elliott bring girl power to Video Music Awards show See in context

I don’t think taylor swift is break up music. I think it’s ranting over someone she just needs to get over and move on from. It’s not about reminiscing. Her songs are more about bad mouthing them.

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Posted in: Stationery company releases anti-groping stamp See in context


i think a better question for me is when I go and get the police or station worker 1) will the perpetrator be visible. 2) will the person I get have a black light. 3) amongst a crowd full of people, how do I maintain eyes on the person while also searching for someone to identify the perpetrators.

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Posted in: Two 17-year-old girls arrested for dumping newborn baby’s body near river in June See in context


Yes. You are right. A boy most likely would not have received the same amount of sympathy. But there are stark differences between the two. If a man goes through a pregnancy with a woman, he isn’t alone. If a woman’s family, friends, and the father abandons a woman, she would have to go through her pregnancy alone. Also, it’s much easier for a man to walk away than it is for a woman.

When it comes to having a baby, especially early, the woman is heavily affected either way. Abortions come with risks to the body and going through a pregnancy changes you. While there are men who just walk away as if it doesn’t concern them at all.

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Posted in: 27% of municipalities concerned over surge in foreign visitors in Japan: survey See in context


The Nikkei Brazilians were brought here to work in factories during a labor shortage. At the time there were no jobs in Brazil and the Japanese needed more workers. The government reached out to them, made them promises, and then brought them here. The Japanese people born in Brazil were still viewed as foreigners by the local communities so the government decided to get rid of them. The biggest complaint was that they didn’t act Japanese.

Then the government didn’t want them here after things stabilized. So they paid them about ¥500,000 to leave Japan. It’s kind of similar to now where people don’t want to do factory or farm work so they are trying to attract foreigners to come over and handle that kind of work.

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Posted in: In high-tech Japan, cash is still king See in context


Japan’s government reveals a very different pattern. Here, public debt continues to grow, already hitting ¥1.3 quadrillion or 245 percent of GDP — one of the highest public debt levels globally

What were you saying about Japanese not having debt? The debt levels are increasing all over the world. Not just the US and Europe. As the top 1% gets richer, the poor become poorer which results in increased debt to live and maintain a certain lifestyle.

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Posted in: In high-tech Japan, cash is still king See in context

Japanese people can use as much cash as they would like. It doesn’t bother me. But when you are doing more and more to attract tourists but offer limited payment styles, that annoys me. Stores and restaurants need to give more options than cash. I’ve gone to many third world countries on vacation in the Caribbean and South East Asia. During my travels I used only credit card in those countries except for small boutiques owned by a local in a way off village.

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Posted in: Squabbles erupt as G7 leaders open summit in French resort See in context


Did you notice the article is in the “opinion” section?

Also, I think Trump is the most entertaining leader amongst the world leaders. Second will probably end up being the new UK PM. Abe is the only world leader I can recall to dress up. The Mario costume touched the world.

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Posted in: S Korea terminates Japan intelligence deal amid trade dispute See in context

There are three sides to every argument. One side each that both sides of the argument sees and then the point where both sides converge.

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Posted in: Man arrested for abducting junior high school girl with intent to commit sexual assault See in context


Safe is a matter of perspective. But even if you go by crime statistics that are made public, Japan is not number one.

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Posted in: Trump revives suggestion he'd end birthright citizenship See in context

Outside of third world countries, the US and Canada are the only “developed” nations that use birthright citizenship. So Japan the fact that Japan doesn’t recognize it does not make Japan an outlier. In this case, the US and Canada are considered outliers. In all, there are about 20 countries that recognize birthright Citizenship and all but two are located in either North or South America.

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Posted in: Pompeo voiced support for Japan over wartime labor issue: sources See in context

I don’t know what Pompeo can accomplish. Both Kono and Kang canceled their individual meeting and group meeting with Kono after the photo session.

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Posted in: Apple loses more ground in smartphone market See in context

I just preordered my 512GB note 10+ and it’s still $400 cheaper than the iPhone XS Max 512 GB. Apple is too expensive for no reason

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