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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics may be too big a gamble, Japanese virus experts say See in context

Wasn't this obvious months ago? How about the GoTo Travel program? What are / were they thinking?!

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Posted in: Delivery robot See in context

Like most ventures of this company (maybe with exception of the e-commerce site) this is doomed to fail...

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Posted in: Confused Japanese consumers want an answer: Where is P.R.C.? See in context


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Posted in: Vending machine dispenses cans with 5 yen coins taped to them See in context

New to Japan but not to the world. I've seen the same technique / workaround it around 2005 in German cigarette vending machines.

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Posted in: Recovery of bodies suspended at volcano due to toxic gases and ash See in context

Even when an eruption doesn't happen that often hikers should be aware of the risks they're taking when hiking an active peak. At the same time be informed how to escape in the event of an eruption, have present the direction of the wind, carry preventive masks and googles for the ashes, (in 2014 there are even pocket sized oxygen tanks for these emergencies), etc. I also think that with the technology we have today the local administration should be equipped with an accurate in situ seismic activity detector?

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Posted in: Dozens flee Izu Oshima ahead of new typhoon See in context

some info here: http://www.google.org/publicalerts/alert?aid=947993385afbd9e8&hl=ja&gl=JP&source=web

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Posted in: Radioactive groundwater at Fukushima plant rises above barrier See in context

how about reusing the cooling fluid in a cycle? !!!

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Posted in: Kagawa kicks off 'Udon Prefecture' project See in context

I wish them success in the Udon Prefecture project.

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