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Posted in: Anthem for King Charles III’s coronation written by Lloyd Webber See in context

Interesting to see that the commentator has the time to evaluate the personal opinion of a good few million people.

People usually express their opinion based on observation and evidence. Opinion polls indicate that unlike before, the political attitudes of younger people are not becoming more conservative as they get older. The number of young people with a positive attitude towards the British royal family now is half of what it was in 2015 ( 60% vs. 30%).

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Posted in: Anthem for King Charles III’s coronation written by Lloyd Webber See in context

The British royal family have had more scandals than I can remember, some involving truly atrocious behaviour. Whatever goodwill they once had, for most British subjects (at home or overseas) this is long gone.

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Posted in: Anthem for King Charles III’s coronation written by Lloyd Webber See in context

Quite fitting really. More tawdry theatrics for one of the longest running soap operas out there.

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Posted in: South Korea court convicts 'comfort women' activist of embezzling donations See in context

This 'flavour-of-the-week' news story is likely to be done to death in Japanese media more than usual.

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Posted in: NATO chief wants stronger ties with Japan to defend democracy See in context

He's quite far away from the North Atlantic. Japan should deal with China in Japan's own interests.

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Posted in: Sean Penn Ukraine documentary to premiere at Berlin film festival See in context

Is this the same company that produced the heavy on emotion / light on fact film The White Helmets a few years back?

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Posted in: New Zealand announces changes to agricultural emissions scheme to help farmers See in context

Tsk tsk. Uncle Klaus and his WEF cronies will not approve.

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Posted in: U.S. excludes oil for Japan from Russia's Sakhalin-2 from price cap See in context

This price cap is meaningless. It only expedites the pricing of oil in currencies other than the dollar.

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Posted in: Trudeau decries threats against politicians, journalists See in context

Accosted? A local resident simply called her a traitor and said that she didn't belong there.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II greets Trudeau in person after COVID scare See in context

It was nice to see Trudeau receive such a warm public reception when dropping by 10 Downing Street to meet Boris Johnson.

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Posted in: Man City rocked by Spurs as Liverpool ignite title race See in context

Should be interesting. Signing Luis Diaz really helps Liverpool's chances.

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Posted in: Ottawa police investigating some anti vaccine protesters See in context

One of original drafters of the Canadian Charter or Rights and Freedoms is suing the government for breaking it.

The fact this comment has more negative reactions than positive is actually quite sad.

Also of interest is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms were established under the government of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, father of the current prime minister whose government is now being sued.

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Posted in: Trudeau to isolate after COVID exposure See in context

He certainly picked an opportune time to be self-isolating, and after testing negative too.

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Posted in: Moderna has no plans to share its COVID-19 vaccine recipe See in context

So governments can impose all sorts rules on society, but not on this company?

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Posted in: Most NZ health care workers, teachers to be legally required to get vaccinated See in context

Atillathehungry: The first generation of mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.) have been proven to be effective in reducing symptoms. But their ability to prevent infection was not a criterion for their approval (by the FDA) and whether they do this has not been ascertained. (

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Posted in: Most NZ health care workers, teachers to be legally required to get vaccinated See in context

If the vaccines that have been developed actually prevent transmission of COVID, as opposed to only reducing symptoms, this would make sense.

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Posted in: Vaccine chief Kono favorite to become next PM: polls See in context

Interesting to see the litany of negative comments. I would have thought his policy views and lack of certain connections would make him preferable to the others in the running.

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Posted in: Canada won't recognize Taliban government in Afghanistan: Trudeau See in context

Canada's place on the world stage is confirmed by the fact that 10 hours after this story was posted, this is the first comment.

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Posted in: Coates, Queensland premier at odds after Brisbane gets 2032 Olympics See in context

11 years, instead of the usual 7, for the International Organized Criminals to extract all they can from Brisbane / Queensland / Australia taxpayers. I wonder what new exorbitant demands the gang of 5-star hotel, red carpet loving mobsters will come up with this time. Good luck.

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Posted in: Suga, Bill Gates agree vaccines key for Tokyo Olympics See in context

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation makes donations. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust invests in the companies that profit from the aforementioned donations.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation makes significant donations to media organizations. (BBC, NBC, New York Times, The Guardian, National Journal, the Financial Times, The Atlantic, Le Monde, Al Jazeera, Univision, Washington Monthly, the Center for Investigative Reporting, etc., etc., etc.)

The more 'ignorant fools' look into Bill Gates activities, the better.

Bill Gates net worth in 2010: $53 billion. In 2020: $120 billion.

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Posted in: Japan business lobby sets goal of 30% female executives by 2030 See in context

It used to be "By the year 2020, blah, blah, blah ..."

Few of those statements of intent became reality.

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Posted in: An apple a day See in context

There are a couple of bad apples in that bunch.

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Posted in: Gov't calls for longer New Year holiday to curb virus spread See in context

Is it still necessary to mention the cruise ship cases in every COVID-19 story?

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

Bring out the Branston!

Branston has had Japanese ownership since 2013. Shame you can't actually buy it here.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain sign free trade deal for post-Brexit era See in context

The process to the EPA has been very smooth, much in contrast to the post Brexit negotiations with the EU. Perhaps both sides' economies are complementary rather than competing while sharing common agenda.

Japan has no incentive for making it difficult.

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Posted in: Japan's cumulative total of coronavirus infections tops 90,000 See in context

Most people understand that with such minimal testing the official Japanese numbers are significantly understated.

Along the same lines, at a WHO session on October 5th (that got little coverage from major news agencies), the WHO's Head of Emergencies announced that they now believe roughly 10% of the world has been infected with Sars-Cov-2. This is their new “best estimate” and it is based on the average results of all large studies done around the world. This huge increase over 'officially' recognized cases (35 million vs 780 million) of course means that the infection fatality rate moves in the opposite direction by the same magnitude.

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Posted in: 'Fortnite' app removal threatens social lifeline for young gamers See in context

"Calum Jack, an eight-year-old from London, ... is online up to 10 hours a day..."

Less than ideal parenting there.

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Posted in: Google affiliate abandons futuristic neighborhood project See in context

Interesting that the Toronto real estate market is partly responsible for the plug being pulled on a project affiliated with one of the riches companis in the world. I'm not going to miss the Justin Trudeau photo op we have all been spared from.

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Posted in: Koizumi, wife have baby boy See in context

A picture of his wife or him together with his wife would be more suitable, she did all the hard work.

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Posted in: Powerful storm lashes parts of Japan; snarls holiday travel See in context

@Speed: where in Shikoku do you live? Winds are very localized in such storms, it depends on where you are relative to the eye. Gusts of up to 160 km/h is an accurate statement - this was observed at Muroto Misaki.

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