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Posted in: 'Fortnite' app removal threatens social lifeline for young gamers See in context

"Calum Jack, an eight-year-old from London, ... is online up to 10 hours a day..."

Less than ideal parenting there.

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Posted in: Google affiliate abandons futuristic neighborhood project See in context

Interesting that the Toronto real estate market is partly responsible for the plug being pulled on a project affiliated with one of the riches companis in the world. I'm not going to miss the Justin Trudeau photo op we have all been spared from.

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Posted in: Koizumi, wife have baby boy See in context

A picture of his wife or him together with his wife would be more suitable, she did all the hard work.

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Posted in: Powerful storm lashes parts of Japan; snarls holiday travel See in context

@Speed: where in Shikoku do you live? Winds are very localized in such storms, it depends on where you are relative to the eye. Gusts of up to 160 km/h is an accurate statement - this was observed at Muroto Misaki.

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Posted in: Fabrication allegation rocks popular Japanese TV variety show See in context

"TV watchdog the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization has also demanded Nippon TV report on the issue."

I surprised to hear there is such an organization.

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Posted in: 39-year-old driver arrested over road rage incident on Tokyo expressway See in context

Angry driver tells truck driver “Are you messing with me? No matter where you go, I’m going to find you and finish this.”

This is a national news story?

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Posted in: 74-year-old woman arrested in fatal hit-and-run says she thought she hit a cardboard box See in context

The only crime here is not stopping at the scene of an accident. The victim was hit by another car and flung into the old lady's car.

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Posted in: Education minister visits 'sexy yoga' studio by official car See in context

Taxpayers money hard at work, again.

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Posted in: Woman gets 7-year prison term for defrauding people out of Y177 mil See in context

For any significant purchase or investment caveat emptor applies. In Japan this is especially so.

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Posted in: Vietnamese trainee in Japan sent home after asking for paid leave See in context

Apparently working in seafood processing amounts to passing on technical skills to other countries.

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Posted in: Manchester City squad most expensive in history: report See in context

Liverpool is known for You'll Never Walk Alone and City used to have Blue Moon. The song that best represents them now: Arab Money - Busta Rhymes.

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Posted in: 85-year-old husband says he strangled sick wife to ‘put her out of her misery’ See in context

This topic came up in one of my university classes last week. The class was made up of first year medical students at a national university and out of 30 students all but 2 of them were in favor of euthanasia.

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Posted in: Hanyu fights Olympic fitness battle See in context

If he's not there however will the broadcasters replace the endless hours of The Yuzuru Show they've lined up.

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Posted in: Japan to restrict heated tobacco use but gives up on indoor smoking ban See in context

Oh dear, we cannot inconvenience the smokers can we?

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Posted in: Apple poised to expand into speaker market with HomePod See in context

Yay, a new opportunity to be fleeced by Apple.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl abused by mother, grandmother See in context

Well done to the 7-11 staff for calling the police.

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Posted in: Global shift as Olympics set up shop in Asia See in context

They are the only countries willing to bend over to the IOC's ridiculous demands. 2022 will be in Beijing after they won against Almaty, Kazakhstan - no other cities contended that vote, they all withdrew their applications after the IOC's ridiculous demands..

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Posted in: American tourist arrested for scrawling graffiti in Shibuya See in context

"... he used a black marker pen to scrawl graffiti on the white wall at the construction site .... he wrote the letters NYC and then drew some squiggles."

This is news?

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Posted in: Talking points ahead of rugby's end-of-year internationals See in context

Yay, another picture of the haka. Doesn't this ever get old?

There's more to rugby than an appropriated indigenous war dance.

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Posted in: 6 hurt as drone crashes into crowd in Gifu park See in context

This somehow reminds me of the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati: the episode in which someone thought it would be a good idea to throw thanksgiving turkey from a helicopter.

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Posted in: Review: Gord Downie's farewell album is intimately universal See in context

Pleasantly surprised that JapanToday reports on this.

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for stalking high school girl See in context

The creep was caught and will now face the consequences. But this type of thing happens any place and quite often so I'm not sure why this particular case merits national news attention.

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Posted in: Trump, on 9/11 anniversary, says America cannot be intimidated See in context

When it comes to intimidation the US is more on the giving end than the receiving end.

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Posted in: Education ministry to share data on teachers who commit obscene acts See in context

'He had changed his name on the family registry and the teacher's license.'

How about a database of instances name changes have been made to teacher's licenses? It might cost less than 480,000,000 yen.

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Posted in: Teacher tells student to jump from school window in Saitama See in context

Terrible case but the acts of one inappropriate hire do not reflect the quality of teachers throughout the country, which from what I have seen isn't nearly as bad as what some of the comments on this story would lead you to believe.

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Posted in: U.S. likely to bar Japanese investigators from interviewing warship crew, official says See in context

American attitudes towards international relations and international cooperation are reminiscent of George Orwell's Animal Farm. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others".

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Posted in: Nursery principal arrested for injuring 2-year-old in Fukuoka See in context

What a nasty piece of work.

'Lock her up in a deep dark place for a while..'

Or, with her hands securely tied up, in a room full of 2 year olds enjoying being 2 years old.

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested for assaulting ramen restaurant employee See in context

This is news? It must be a quiet day in the news room today.

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 3 years in prison for killing 9-year-old boy while playing Pokemon Go See in context

"Prosecutors had sought a four-year sentence." - This is insane.

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Posted in: Both Syrian sides see gains in peace talks as Russia weighs in See in context

Keep the US out and there is a chance for peace.

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