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Posted in: Japan to restrict heated tobacco use but gives up on indoor smoking ban See in context

Oh dear, we cannot inconvenience the smokers can we?

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Posted in: Apple poised to expand into speaker market with HomePod See in context

Yay, a new opportunity to be fleeced by Apple.

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl abused by mother, grandmother See in context

Well done to the 7-11 staff for calling the police.

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Posted in: Global shift as Olympics set up shop in Asia See in context

They are the only countries willing to bend over to the IOC's ridiculous demands. 2022 will be in Beijing after they won against Almaty, Kazakhstan - no other cities contended that vote, they all withdrew their applications after the IOC's ridiculous demands..

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Posted in: American tourist arrested for scrawling graffiti in Shibuya See in context

"... he used a black marker pen to scrawl graffiti on the white wall at the construction site .... he wrote the letters NYC and then drew some squiggles."

This is news?

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Posted in: Talking points ahead of rugby's end-of-year internationals See in context

Yay, another picture of the haka. Doesn't this ever get old?

There's more to rugby than an appropriated indigenous war dance.

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Posted in: 6 hurt as drone crashes into crowd in Gifu park See in context

This somehow reminds me of the classic sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati: the episode in which someone thought it would be a good idea to throw thanksgiving turkey from a helicopter.

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Posted in: Review: Gord Downie's farewell album is intimately universal See in context

Pleasantly surprised that JapanToday reports on this.

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Posted in: 33-year-old man arrested for stalking high school girl See in context

The creep was caught and will now face the consequences. But this type of thing happens any place and quite often so I'm not sure why this particular case merits national news attention.

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Posted in: Trump, on 9/11 anniversary, says America cannot be intimidated See in context

When it comes to intimidation the US is more on the giving end than the receiving end.

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Posted in: Education ministry to share data on teachers who commit obscene acts See in context

'He had changed his name on the family registry and the teacher's license.'

How about a database of instances name changes have been made to teacher's licenses? It might cost less than 480,000,000 yen.

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Posted in: Teacher tells student to jump from school window in Saitama See in context

Terrible case but the acts of one inappropriate hire do not reflect the quality of teachers throughout the country, which from what I have seen isn't nearly as bad as what some of the comments on this story would lead you to believe.

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Posted in: U.S. likely to bar Japanese investigators from interviewing warship crew, official says See in context

American attitudes towards international relations and international cooperation are reminiscent of George Orwell's Animal Farm. "All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others".

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Posted in: Nursery principal arrested for injuring 2-year-old in Fukuoka See in context

What a nasty piece of work.

'Lock her up in a deep dark place for a while..'

Or, with her hands securely tied up, in a room full of 2 year olds enjoying being 2 years old.

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested for assaulting ramen restaurant employee See in context

This is news? It must be a quiet day in the news room today.

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Posted in: Truck driver gets 3 years in prison for killing 9-year-old boy while playing Pokemon Go See in context

"Prosecutors had sought a four-year sentence." - This is insane.

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Posted in: Both Syrian sides see gains in peace talks as Russia weighs in See in context

Keep the US out and there is a chance for peace.

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Posted in: Russia and Turkey push Syria's warring sides to seal truce See in context

Good news from Syria for a change. With the US out of the picture there will now actually be peace negotiations.

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Posted in: 'Sherlock' returns with murder, mystery - and a baby See in context

I hope this will be on Netflix soon.

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Posted in: Police begin campaign against drunk driving ahead of party season See in context

"The National Police Agency said that between 8 p.m. Friday and 6 a.m. Saturday, 3,407 drivers were stopped for speeding or reckless driving" ... "Police said 893 drivers were given tickets for speeding, while 326 were cautioned for not wearing seatbelts."

These numbers don't seem to add up. Or do police here give that many warnings?

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Posted in: Brexit costs UK its spot among top 5 investment destinations See in context

The title of this article is misleading, unless you equate investment to simply be international M&A activity. And evaluating Brexit from this perspective alone really is one dimensional and quite meaningless.

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Posted in: Israeli ex-president and Nobel laureate Shimon Peres dies See in context

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Posted in: More than 90% of vehicles don't stop at crosswalks without lights despite presence of pedestrians See in context

Is it JAF's job to educate the public about this? I guess it's better than nothing.

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Posted in: Intruder leaves tap running in Chiba junior high school classroom See in context

This is worthy of national news?

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Posted in: Japan warns Brexit may drive banks, pharma investment to EU See in context

@Japan Violet - Sure it's obvious, but it has a huge bearing on the terms under which the UK leaves the EU. Many people think the UK will get screwed, the EU and Angela Merkel want this to happen, but corporate Europe does not. And nobody is comparing the UK to Greece, you do know the difference between the EU and the Eurozone, right?

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Posted in: Japan warns Brexit may drive banks, pharma investment to EU See in context

@Japan Violet 'I have been in business a long time. A universal truth that spans generations is that nobody likes doing business with the British. Brexit will allow everyone to put them aside where they can do as little damage as possible.'

I'm quite sure the German automotive industry does not share this view considering the UK is the single largest importer of German cars, about 20% of the total. There is also the German engineering industry, for whom the UK is the 4th biggest export market. Despite the brave face put up by Angela Merkel, German industry would sooner see Greece leave the Eurozone than the UK leave the EU.

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Posted in: Japan warns Brexit may drive banks, pharma investment to EU See in context

I would be far more concerned about the long term stability of the EU and the euro than that of the UK and the pound. Just look at Europe: The refugee crisis, the ongoing Eurozone debt crisis (bailouts of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and more to follow) the continuing economic crisis in Greece, the impending Italian banking crisis, youth unemployment of 45% in Spain, discontentment leading to increasing popularity in far right political parties in the Netherlands, France and now even Germany. All of this is not going to end well and the flight of capital may well be in a direction opposite to what many people think.

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Posted in: FamilyMart, UNY merge, creating Japan's second-largest convenience store chain See in context

Educator60 "Was the government involved in this merger? "

I most definitely hope there was some sort of governmental review and approval. Oligopolistic competition is common enough here, allowing the likes of Softbank, AU and Docomo to gouge everyone, and it seems to be happening in more and more industries.

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Posted in: Driver, playing Pokemon Go, hits and kills pedestrian, injures another See in context

The underlying problem is a near complete lack of traffic enforcement in this country.

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Posted in: What do you think of Japan's health insurance system? See in context

If you are not a full time slave it can be very expensive, especially if you earn decent money (¥40,000 - ¥50,000 every month, ouch.) If you are lucky enough not to be on the system don't join it, just pay cash whenever you have to go to a hospital.

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