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Amphibrach Perekosobochilo comments

Posted in: Sakai city launches initiative to cover up adult magazines at convenience stores See in context

When society becomes obsessive with morals and such it's dangerous sign of strong right turn. Just say no. Adult magazines are not that dangerous. Autoritarism is way more dangerous.

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Posted in: Japan unveils 1st domestic-made stealth plane See in context

War is just like a black hole for budget.

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Posted in: Quick lunch See in context

Meisei High, huh?.. Minami-chaaaaan!..

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Posted in: No contest See in context

Just like putin.

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Posted in: What do you think is the biggest threat facing the world in the near future? See in context

Biggest problem always is superpower ambitions and nationalism.

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Posted in: Dancing and talking Bluetooth speaker See in context


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Posted in: Fax machines holding on, especially in Japan See in context

Japan is land of love! Even if it's subject is oldfashioned fax machine. Whatever, technical geeks, communication geeks, vintage geeks and people all around the world feels this way.

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Posted in: China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise See in context

What does "rise" mean? There can't by any good while China stays totalitarian!

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Posted in: WikiLeaks releases 276,000 more documents from Sony hack See in context

privacy is privacy and it's immoral to read stolen letters...

also, Bill Clinton make some cnn guy scared. Sounds cartoonish

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Posted in: New Russian military doctrine says NATO top threat See in context

Not whole russia but putin and his friengs

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