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Amy Braun comments

Posted in: Arson-hit Kyoto Animation studio now completely demolished See in context

BTW, does anybody know exactly what happened to the arsonist? He has dropped off the radar of reporting for some time.

He is still in the hospital, recovering from the burns. He still needs help in everyday tasks like eating.

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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

This sounds like something they might use in the future in Law and Order SVU.

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Posted in: Police officer found to be sex worker after leaving her gun in public restroom See in context

This sounds like another "rip from the headlines" storyline for the US TV show Law and Order SVU.

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Posted in: Anti-Trump rally See in context

M3M3M3, this protest was arrange legally between the Tokyo Police and the protesters. The protesters didn't set up camp and just protest. They got the permits.

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Posted in: Lotte Marines infielder Navarro arrested for carrying bullet in luggage See in context

How about the tourists who go to the shooting ranges in Guam? I thought they keep the bullets for mementos.

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Posted in: 1-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

The wife must take most of the blame. The father was getting car ready the wife/mother should have been looking after the 1 year old.

It's not just her fault, the guy should of been attentive too.

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Posted in: Ready or not, Japan on the way to becoming a nation of immigrants See in context

"Japan is a single ethnic group, it cannot easily absorb people from other cultures.”

Sorry to say, Japan will always be a land of immigrants. Even the the Japanese people of today were descendant of immigrants. A

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Posted in: Japanese dance group combines traditional and modern in 'Asia’s Got Talent' performance See in context

M3M3M3MAY. 28, 2015 - 07:47AM JST Have any of these globally popular TV talent shows ever been adapted for Japanese TV? (American Idol, Britain's Got Talent, The Voice etc).

Most of the Western talent shows are adapted for the whole Asian region like Asia's Got Talent, Asia's Next Top Model, and etc. A Japanese contestant is picked and compete against ones from China, Singapore, the Philippines, and etc. Most of these shows are on the cable TV stations like AXN or FOX.

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