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@Jack, Na, sorry, that you'll have to do! Nothing new here though, there are already such glass kettles. I've had one for years called TKE10 W Pure Black, fast boiling, induction connection with auto switch off. Very nice, and cheaper!

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There are many opinions here, none of which touch upon the real facts, i.e. most are emotional. Please read up a little about fuel sourcing and consumption to get ideas of where are going and what to do for the best in the interim. Google gives some indications, search for "well to wheel fuel consumption" Diesel really does have a bad reputation in many places that is just based on fiction or history and not on current technology. Diesels are not banned in Japan, they are though strictly regulated as are gasoline engines. Mercedes-Benz sells BlueTEC diesel engined cars here and Japanese companies would also sell diesels if the economy weren't in the doldrums, they had them ready for the Japanese market over a year ago and actually released PR about their introduction. As for the Toyota Hybrid/Natural gas combo the answer is they have one already Google reveals all.

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Gurukun: Apologies that my singular focus on the issue reported in the article above confused you. Whatever gave you the idea that I thought there was only one base on the island? There is though one in particular in contention. Further, what I think Okinawans are trying to do in unimportant, but what I saw was gross negligence of the property currently under their control. I think you misunderstood, it wasn't the base(s) I was referring to but the land the Okinawans currently use. I do though wonder how that US controlled land would be used should it ever be returned to Okinawan safekeeping.

The Quote of the day. Hiarious LOL!

Thanks for the flowers. Can you better that quote? Just stand beside the largest base there and look through the fence, there is order and cleanliness. Turn around and look on the other side of the road and what do you see? Ramshackle tawdriness. Hence my suggestion the central government use the fortune it wants to spend on relocation more wisely on something that would make a really positive difference and not on another gigantic construction site that transplants the problem.

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Thanks for that!

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Having just been to Okinawa and traveled up and down the island I had one impression: an eastern European atmosphere, i.e. uncared for, but in a tropical setting. This shows me that the locals are not taking care of their own environment, the place they live, but are depending on a central force to change things. They need to get off their collective a....s and take over the land they live on instead of being victims. Think and act collectively. Small individual businesses have little chance, neither does the small-time farming going on there. The only reason they get screwed around is because they don't assert themselves - in Okinawa itself, not Tokyo! Seems to me they need to clean up the island, take away all the ugliness of uncared for properties and make the place more inviting for the only thing they can reasonably do - tourism. This should be their focus, and not just for Japanese visitors, but for tourists from all countries, after all, many Okinawans speak English too so visitors could use what has become the universal language with no problem. They have a great climate, wonderful beaches and marine life and a culture that is not universally known, they also could have a tropical paradise with a US island (base) in the middle where it is now and has been for so long the infrastructure has grown around it. The economy of Okinawa would be totally disrupted if the base went and think of the years of construction and disruption if it were to be moved north! Make Okinawa Okinawan and keep the war machine locked up where it belongs, on base. Starting all over again and ruining another area of the island with that huge lake in the middle just doesn't seem sensible. Use some of/all the billions Tokyo says it'll spend on relocation to clean up the island to give it an economy to support itself. End of rant...

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And how can we in Japan watch the game(s)?

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This report is very thin to say the least. It makes a promise that there is a database and then leaves us high and dry! It also seems that with all its clout, the big M$ together with Fujitsu can only get data on 50 animals - and that in August. How many months - five!! - have those animals waited on this activity? Maybe a better question would be, why they have waited so long to start, maybe to ensure costs are low as by now most lost animals that survived the earthquake and subsequent tsunami will not have survived! A lame PR effort! Where can the database information be accessed? At minimum a URL is necessary here. Come on JT, complete the story.

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Summer's coming and honest water radiation levels are still not commonly, or even readily available - oh, sorry I forgot to mention that data for ground and air radiation pollution is also not generally available. What we need first is honest, easily accessible data, then decisions can be made - not data doctored to fit within government decided limits.

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