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Posted in: Currently we have no plans to inspect the fish at Tsukiji but we are nonetheless making preparations for such plans if the situation changes. See in context

The fish might be perfectly fine. I'm no expert. But it's worth noting that it's quite easy for a fisher who is not from Ibaraki to go fishing off the coast of Ibaraki -- it's a popular fishing area. Does that mean people should be concerned? Beats me.

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Posted in: Have it your way at Burger King this spring See in context

That's gross.

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Posted in: Wishing well boom attracts legions of ladies—and commercial opportunism See in context

While the fad appears harmless, Mariko Yokokawa, a professor of cultural anthropology at Keio University, is wary of what she perceives as a reliance by Japanese women on fortunetellers and luck.

It's not as if people don't see the virgin Mary in other countries ... this isn't exclusive to Japan.

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