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Posted in: Japan, China still at odds over 'Rape of Nanking' See in context

It would be really nice if only people would stop saying that the rape of Nanking didn't happened. It would be really nice too if only some extremists would stop seeing their country as a hero, the righteous side, and all those bullshits. No one's righteous in wars. All of us kills, though it is true that some country are far more brutal than the others in terms of fighting their enemies. Japan is one of them, and I have to tell you that I have no sentiment toward this country. It's just the way some people keeps on resisting this fact, and how the government keeps on hiding this fact from their citizens. How can they say such a thing? Does anyone ever think about how we might feel? How painful it is, to see your beloved being killed in front of your very eyes with you not being able to do anything to safe them? How painful it is to have your siblings, parents, lover and friends being killed and having the murderer simply denies their very existence? Does this means that the Japanese army didn't killed my grandpa, a mere civilian? Do they know how my family felt when some Japanese people with army uniforms and were carrying guns come to his house, taking my grandpa with them only to have my grandpa never coming back ever again? Not even his corpse came back for us to mourn over and bury. Years latter when the war ended did we know how the Japanese built a shrine for their so-called 'heroes'. They say such things, but how will they feel when it happens to their beloved?

The Rape of Nanking really did happen, and no matter how much were killed, they're all humans. It's really pointless to argue over the numbers of humans who were killed, nor offering financial help for those who were left. They won't come back. The Japanese army has KILLED them, those mere civilians who can't fight at all for dear live. Our scars won't heal, but please don't just throw all of us into a dark corner and simply forget our existence. Keep on remembering us, make the thought of what happened to us haunt you, and perhaps this won't repeat for the second time.

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