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Posted in: Pope urges Koreans to forge peace; greets ex-comfort women See in context

Japan should build a monument right in Tokyo that lists all projects ,all financial helps, all apologies which Japan offered to Korea after WW2. Words engraved in stone , last forever.

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Posted in: Australian tycoon calls Chinese government 'mongrels' in TV tirade See in context

He is very interested to make other Australian politicians look small while he is bearing next to nothing responsibility of what he said. He is ONLY aiming at Chinese government and giving them "fancy names" in order to get votes from frustrated Australians who do not get billion dollars profit from China like himself. Use them , abuse them...whatever...typical politician . If you think Chinese government might get hurt by this , think again.

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Posted in: China says it will defend its interests in South China Sea See in context

China knows it is arrogant ,it is bully, it is irrational ,it is greedy...but China also believe that it is so powerful it can push successfully in ANY direction it wants. Can anyone stop that ?, then prove it! .That's what China is waiting.

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Posted in: Japan provides Vietnam with 6 vessels See in context

6 ships, thank you Japan...meanwhile not 100 not 1000, but > 10,000 fishing ships from China are heading to the South,, enforcing the claim of China in disputed waters. They all are supported by China government in determination to crush anyone with their own "meat".

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Posted in: Abe says he is determined to pursue peace in Asia See in context

I do believe that both Australia and Japan are working for peace , prosperity and both nations respect international law , the rule of law.

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Posted in: Abe Down Under See in context

PM Abe gave a very impressive speech ,very good even he sometimes struggled during his speaking of English . The responses I heard from people through a radio station are generally happy and kind. I wish after signing free trade agreement with Australia , food in Japan will be much cheaper , life will be much easier ,population will be able to increase.

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Posted in: Man sets himself on fire in Tokyo in protest against Abe See in context

In Japan he has freedom of speech , so instead of speaking for just 1 hour before trying to kill himself, he should spend the rest of his life to speak out for his cause.

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Posted in: China, Japan blame each other for jet encounter See in context

China is making everything ridiculously easy to understand these days. If you stand still and China stab you in the back , it will say that it is all your fault for obstruction its practicing kung fu ! because there is no freedom of press in China ,reading its official news is complete waste of time and harmful as well. China even accuses Vietnam for all current troubles in Vietnam 's sea.

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Posted in: Vietnam expects Japan coast guard ships next year See in context

Coast guard ships from Japan , very good for chasing Chinese thief out of Vietnam's waters. Vietnam should have policy of buying "Made in Japan", but anything "Made in China" you can have it for free (already paid for by .Chinese illegal activities in its territory , its waters).hah.

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Posted in: U.S. accuses China of destabilizing acts in South China Sea See in context

US could at least send a warship to the area just for observation instead of tough talk only ; China has no ear.

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Posted in: Husband of bludgeoned Pakistani woman strangled first wife See in context

Woman shares half of the sky according to China's Mao , not true at all for Pakistani woman.

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Posted in: Pakistan PM orders immediate action over 'honor killing' of pregnant woman See in context

I am speechless. lost for words. murder in front of police, high court. no intervention...

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Posted in: Obama says U.S. must lead globally but show restraint See in context

This is the music to China's ear , also to Russia 's ear. restraint too much

and people may forget about you altogether , that's the problem. With or without you, the world will move on.

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Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship See in context

This is not the first time a Vietnamese fishing boat was sunk by Chinese boats. This type of incidents happened relatively frequent for the past few years ; but the incompetent Vietnamese government always said they are caused by "unknown or unidentified or strange ships" , for "Chinese submarines, or ships".

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Posted in: Abe war dead See in context

Now I know that the Emperor and the Empress of Japan also go there to pay respect. The two magnificent flower vases are all from them.

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Posted in: Vietnamese fishing boat rammed, sunk by Chinese ship See in context

Vietnamese youths just go to shops in Vietnam , grab things made in China and run fast ,paying nothing. No violence.

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Posted in: China warns Japan to stay out of dispute in South China Sea See in context

China is mad . Because of greed, it fails to see that under current law and order of the world it has gained enormously ; now it wants to steal everything from everyone to satisfy its greed . Imagine one day the world decides to take back all things stolen by China ! For example , America claims that the damage caused by Chinese espionage to American industries, universities is about 300 billions dollars a year. That is about 1,000 dollars per person per year. It means that a family of 4 in US is entitled to 4,000 dollars of compensation a year. It can mean that they just walk into shops and take 4000 dollars worth of merchandises Made in China, without paying anything ! Illogical ? Chaos?..Yes , but China must be very careful of what it has wished for.

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Posted in: China should build ties with Russia to counter Japan: newspaper See in context

Counter Japan for what ? Japan does not demand China to hand over 5 army officers .. so what is the problem ? China always try to deceive the world by saying this but doing that. China wants a fairer world so does it mean that from now on anyone can come to China's waters and drill for oil like it is doing to Vietnam?

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Posted in: Chinese leader warns U.S., others over Asian security See in context

It clearly shows that in Xi's mind ,there is only piece : piece of Xinjiang , piece of Tibet , piece of Japan , piece of Philippines , piece of Vietnam ...

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Posted in: Fires in Vietnam could ultimately burn Beijing See in context

middle kingdom is only a BS name. , called by China, when the earth was full of ignorance. Now the US has demanded China to hand over five army officers for trial with the claim of 300 billions dollars damage per year, or else. This is the battle the US choose to take on China for its provocations. Adding to that Vietnam , even with current corrupt, incompetent government, will never give up the fight. Russian media is already on Vietnam side even the government is still not clear. And also the whole ASEAN is on the alert...I don't know, it seems that greed has effectively destroyed China's wisdom.

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Posted in: U.S. files first charges on hacking, infuriating China See in context

When China determines to create a fight with Vietnam ; Vietnam has nowhere to escape but fight.(the oil rig). Now America wants China to hand over the five for trial or else , no one in their right minds would expect China to comply... Same lesson for China. So, how do you feel?

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Posted in: Obama's Asia pivot tested by China's bold maritime claims See in context

Vietnam does not trust US, it is waiting for Russia. And why US should protect such a corrupt communist government of Vietnam ? Obama maybe wise just to keep calm and take a "wait and see" attitude.

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Posted in: Why there's bad blood between China and Vietnam See in context

The article does not mention about the deep anger in Vietnamese people against its own corrupt government ,spineless to China but violent oppression to its own people.. Also China is not very friendly in Vietnam by building its own villages in Vietnam but forbid entry of Vietnamese people ,hence creating suspicion of " Chinese invasion".

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Posted in: China says U.S. must be objective about Asia tensions See in context

Viet Nam would not dare to provoke China in any shape or form . That's why for the last 30 years ,40 years it keeps retreating... retreating...from the pushing of big brother in the North. Finally ,there is not anywhere left to retreat. Usually , chickens will see the size of China and be frightened but for thousands of years Vietnam has been used to this. No one wants riots, chaos ,deaths ,injuries.. but if you can not avoid it ,what will you do? Japan is handling its own situation with China smarter than Vietnam ; but from history ,China NEVER forgive anyone. It is not in its nature to forgive or forget.

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Posted in: Rally against constitution reform See in context

War is no. Working for peace ,yes. But if you live next to China , you just can't have peace if you are so weak , grandmothers.

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Posted in: Vietnam shaken by worst anti-China unrest in decades See in context

China wants to replace America as World no.1 but it does not have American civilisation , or friendship ,or sense of righteousness or generosity ...only aggression ! China has lost its wisdom by choosing Viet Nam , a friend, an almost a brother from time to time, to display its arrogance.

China wants to replace America as World No.1 but it does not have American civilisation ,or friendship or sense of righteousness or generosity...only aggression ! China has lost its wisdom by choosing Viet Nam , a friend, and almost a brother from time to time, to display its arrogance. Bad choice. It will fail, as it always failed for the last few thousands years.

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Posted in: Vietnam says China fired water cannon, rammed ships near oil rig See in context

Bad deeds from China will just pile up everyday...soon this will explode.

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Posted in: More than 170 sharks caught, 50 killed in Australia's cull policy See in context

Three cheers for WA government, good job to keep shark under control.

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Posted in: Japan, worried about China, strengthens ties with NATO See in context

Its only natural that free and democratic country will join hand with other free and democratic countries. Good move , Japan.

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Posted in: Lawmakers demand gov't 'redesign' whaling program See in context

Yes, redesign program and also redesign whale products. For example whale meat can be packaged in a very small quantity/ small price, like 5 -10 grams, and export worldwide ,especially in Asian countries , so many people can have a taste of whale meat, probably first time in their life. I like to see this type of products in Vietnam , I think it will sell well.

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