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Posted in: Disappointed Abe says Japan will abide by ruling on whaling See in context

don't you get it : too many whales will consume too many fish , hence little left for mankind.

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Posted in: Addition of Korean name for Sea of Japan becomes law in Virginia See in context

In fact politicians can make even more money through "political donation" by selling the names to various ethnic groups . In the time they can sell the whole manufacturing industry to another country ... anything else is small matter.

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Posted in: Disappointed Abe says Japan will abide by ruling on whaling See in context

It looks like the Antarctic whales will have parties after parties from now on ...singing eating multiplying... until people attitude change at the sight of too many whales and at the demand for fish worldwide.

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Posted in: Asia leaders look to bolster unity, coordination See in context

After the event in Crimea , the worry of leaders in South East Asian countries is quite realistic and justifiable ... maybe in the case of Viet Nam it can be a little bit late.

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Posted in: China's Xi says Japan's wartime atrocities 'fresh in our memory' See in context

Talking about air pollution in must be so unbearable that many Chinese are trying to breath fresh air in Sydney by buying like there 's no tomorrow Sydney real estate market. Where I am living , Chinese buying power has pushed up price from 700,000 to 900,000 AUD in matter of few months ! incredible. Young Australians can only shake their heads in disbelief as being pushed out of market.

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Posted in: China's Xi says Japan's wartime atrocities 'fresh in our memory' See in context

Its easy to understand. You don't forgive and you don't forget , you live with it everyday, that's why it is still fresh.

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Posted in: Bad weather halts search for crashed Malaysia jet See in context

I think the announcement of plane crashed/ no survivor was made too soon. They should wait until at least after obtaining some solid evidence from the search. And also the fact that Malaysian government refused to give Australian authority the full list of cargo on MH370 made the whole situation become even more complicated.

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The way PM Tony Abbot made this announcement to the Australian parliament makes you think that this finding is indeed a mystery solver. Australian prime minister fully knows the weight of his message to the relatives of those missing people. Ships ,planes from AUS NZ US are heading to the location. Hopefully this is it.

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Posted in: Vietnam leader warns against use of force in territorial rows See in context

Its true that Vietnam does not hate China , its people also came from China. But Vietnamese people are against evil wicked things that China is doing : arrogance, aggressive, stealing other country's territories, contaminating food with poisons, cheating in trades...

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Posted in: Graduating princess See in context

She is almost as tall as her mum, maybe next year.The photo will be much better with many parents and her friends in the background. Congratulations on your achievement, Princess Aiko.

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Posted in: Crimea moves to join Russia as West prepares sanctions See in context

After seeing this I think Australia should have an anti secession law to prevent any future separation by any particular ethnic group which have majority in any particular region. You just can't be too careful with so many migrants come to Australia these days.

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Posted in: Malaysian plane probe focuses on cockpit crew See in context

If the plane changed direction and flied westward through Malacca strait and then Indian ocean without any kind of communication, can you really tell it is MH 370? or other plane ?

*"PING from the engine to satellite can still be sent after its landing , so one can't really tell where the plane is ; it even can be in Cambodia northern region.

*Sea floor event which China found, what is it?

plane in flame which according to an eyewitness account, what can it be? ... just some of the questions , this is crazy.

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Posted in: Men caring for aging parents not doing too well See in context

My idea is that each community MUST have a " community garden" so old people can get together, grow something talk about something , joke about something...nature/gardening is wonderful for all ages ,especially old age. My parents are in their 80's but still very active around garden.

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Posted in: New U.S. lead takes Malaysia jet search into Indian Ocean See in context

I notice one thing that : amid chaos, confusions ,worries...about missing plane and people ...China wants to establish kind of command center in the Spratly islands ( right in Vietnam territory) for future use ! Why so fast so soon? Is it first priority must be finding out who, what, when, how ?

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Posted in: N Korea: Not a single vote cast against Kim Jong Un See in context

If there was any vote against him , I mean ANY , will anyone dare to report it?

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Posted in: Searchers fail to find any trace of missing Malaysia Airlines plane See in context

I am no expert but I heard that the Southern tip of Viet Nam is full of mud, very thick mud which is brought by Mekong river system, years after years, centuries after centuries for thousands of years. So if the plane is now buried under 30m, 40 m of mud ,under the sea, can we still find it with today technology? This may explain why we haven't find anything yet.

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

I guess is that if Japan decides to turn its own plutonium stock into bombs then there will be compromises everywhere from China.

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Posted in: Chinese sue Japanese companies, gov't over wartime forced labor See in context

Forced labor is only a form of robbery . Its good to see that China can understand that robbery is a bad thing , evil thing. But its sad to see that China , today , at present time continue to rob . Vietnamese fishermen their tools ,their equipments ,their catches right in their territorial water.

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Posted in: Malaysia bans Ultraman book over use of Allah See in context

if this was the case related to Christian God ( Yaweh, Jesus Christ ,or The Holy Ghost) we will just remind the author , with love, that idolatry is a sin. Nothing , no one on earth or in the universe or anywhere can replace God.

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Posted in: In a driverless future, drivers will do anything they like See in context

So interesting. It means that everybody, from young children to very old people can just simply get inside a car and tell it where to go ! Its heaven. There will be no driving school , no driving test , no driving instructors, all will disappear. There will be no offence like drink driving, over speed limit ,or red light camera ..etc...and any responsibility for accident or offence will go back to manufacturer. Can't wait. :-).

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Posted in: China vows to punish those involved in deadly station rampage See in context

Did these people think hard enough before they committed such a crime, killing innocent civilians? From now on where can they hide? ( "they" means all Uyghur in China) , how can they just walk on the streets ? Chinese government is no angel ,but killing innocent people indiscriminately like this is just pure suicidal. Especially there is no free press in China.

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Posted in: Chinese media hurls racist slur at departing U.S. envoy See in context

China must thank God for having this man who brought a little light to the country . He is a banana , so what ? extremely useful and versatile fruit. Western money you like, western technology you welcome , western cloth you wear...all Chinese Americans are banana , only at different levels, more or less.

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Posted in: Chinese wartime forced laborers sue Japanese firms See in context

At this rate , one day Chinese citizens will sue the whole world for cheap labour which Chinese workers are providing now.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of meddling after Obama-Dalai Lama meeting See in context

Obama just keeps doing it and ignores all the noises from people who worship Mao and money...then more leaders will do the same, eventually all the "noises" will disappear.

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Posted in: Controversy over freed Australian drug trafficker Corby's TV interview deal See in context

silly news.

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Posted in: China angered by Japan's U.N. bid for kamikaze pilot letters See in context

After reading some of these letters , I think they are beautiful , brave , fully emotional ,full of love for their families, for their country... but as we all know now that those efforts were misguided and wasteful. But as a lesson for avoiding war and choosing peace , these letters may be good for UNESCO's heritage listing.

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Posted in: Celebrities want to tie TPP trade pact with Japan to dolphin hunt See in context

They can simply buy all the dolphins they want to rescue and release them in US waters!

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@ JeffLee , no ,Japan has compensated for that tragedy during the time of president Ngo dinh Diem or very close to that which is around in the 1960's or in the 1970's. IJC did not seize the rice stocks but rather gave order to farmers to grow some kind of water grass for the army instead of rice, hence the famine, mainly in the north.

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Please ,ask your own government to give back ALL aids, ALL financial compensations in ALL forms ,shapes and sizes which Korea had taken from Japan first.; then start to demand apology.

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Posted in: Japan upset by S Korean 'comfort women' exhibit at French comic book festival See in context

Its not good to see so much hatred in Korean people's hearts. They simply can not let it go. After all the HELP they got from Japan , now they just want to revenge.

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