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Posted in: New Mac operating system goes on sale Wednesday See in context


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Posted in: New Mac operating system goes on sale Wednesday See in context

Turning iMac into iPad, what a great idea!

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Posted in: Apple profit jumps to $8.8 bil, but below forecasts See in context

I'm sure when MS comes out with their offering you will use your live account as well.

Windows 8 does indeed ask for live account.

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Posted in: Russia and China again veto Syria resolution at U.N. See in context

@sfjp330 Russia doesnt have to act differently. They would vote for the resolution if the text is right - because resolution itself doesnt mean anything. Resolution isnt going to make war stop. Its just words. To archive anything somebody needs to act. Western countries arent going to go there militarily and financial sanctions coulndt bother Assad less atm, he is fighting to survive. Russia isnt going to protect him militarily neither. So saying that it protects him is just an excuse for not doing anything yourself.

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Posted in: Hashimoto admits cosplay affair with night club hostess in 2006 See in context

Well at least he is doing something about Japans biggest problem atm - too few kids. He already has 7 legal ones - and probably some bastards too. This is the way to go for better future!

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Posted in: Russia and China again veto Syria resolution at U.N. See in context

If people wanted to do something about Syria, then they would have done it a long time ago already. Russia and China actually offer good excuse for them to do nothing real - they just have to make same resolution again and again, so it would be vetoed by Russia/China. Now they can say - well we cannot do anything because of bad bad Russian veto. They know exactly what changes to resolutions need to be made to pass - Russia told them many times already - just call for both powers to stop(and do not command Assad to step down, as it would be saying him to commit suicide, just formulate it little more diplomatic).

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Posted in: Microsoft sets October release for Windows 8 See in context

LostinNagoyaJul. 11, 2012 - 07:35AM JST

No, thank you. My last experience with Windows was, what?, Windows 5? And it wasn't pleasant. At all.

There is no such thing as Windows 5. Do you mean Windows 95? And if yes - what did you use since then? Its not like there were any good alternatives for it. Linux and co. arent good for casual users and Apples are way too expensive without offering anything over Windows PCs.

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Posted in: Microsoft sets October release for Windows 8 See in context

Well I am using Windows 8 for few mouths already and i find it ok. But since I use it on PC, metro is being ignored altogether. So I practically use upgraded Windows 7. There is absolute no reason to switch from 7 to 8 if building pc yourself and already having W7. But otherwise one should buy new pc with Windows 8 when it will be available. As casual user you arent going to see much change and you will not miss the start bottom. But it will support better hardware, so there is no reason to stick with W7.

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Posted in: Police refuse father's complaints about bullies linked to son's suicide See in context


So if it is so horrible to chat to your parents about it, why do people assume this poor child would speak to a teacher about it? It can't work both ways, can it? Teachers don't live with the kids and would be less likely to see changes like parents

He did approach his teachers, even his parents did(when he still was alive). They did nothing.

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Posted in: IMF praises Japan move to raise sales tax See in context

Well while i am no fan of rising taxes, but in this case i am actually surprised that it wasnt done earlier. Japans sales tax was ridiculously low and even after the raise it will continue to be very low compared to other industrial countries. One need to cut spending, but more income doesnt hurt either.

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Posted in: Japan Expo in France See in context

I was always for introducing a rule that only allows cute girls to do cosplay. And most of the girls in the picture show the reason why.

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Posted in: Pachinko parlor in Hachioji robbed See in context

Robbing a pachinko parlor doesnt sound like such a good idea, does it? Robbers should hope that police gets them first.

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Posted in: Teacher nabbed for using mirror to peek up girl's skirt See in context

Too many people here have issues. Just because someone dresses sexy doesnt give you any right to touch them etc. Look at situation in swimming pool or beach. Girls are wearing bikinis, they are nearly naked. Does it give you any right to molest them? Hell no.

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