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Posted in: Toyo Tire & Rubber cuts road noise by 75% See in context

Japanese cars need this! With the bad noise insulation they have lol.

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Posted in: Silicone Sally: Japanese men find true love with sex dolls See in context

@Maria - I would agree, until I got a gf thats of traditional japanese style. Basically Sex is bad, you dont talk about it, you "don't" have it, and for girls when having it "you should not like it".

Also for a guy, i actually like talking and hugging/cuddeling watching a movie. But even at home, that needs to have a little separation, and not laying too close (according to her because its just not proper).

I know a lot of girls here thats the same so basically, many of the woman here are making the problem. I agree she sometimes has some needs like talking being with friends and family, go shopping etc, that's all fair. Looking at a womans brain it makes sense why she needs those kinda things, as it produces hormones that makes you feel good and safe, plus lowering stress levels.

But looking at the a man and his brain, sex and intimacy, (like touch and kissing, etc) is mainly responsible for lowering a males stress levels and relieves bad productions of stress hormones.

I could easily imagine the problem, and why they choose to buy a doll. Though i would choose to break up instead is the stress, and no love getting to me. I have one life, why should i live in pain/sadness?

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Posted in: Proposed anti-conspiracy law stirs civil rights concerns in Japan See in context

This is a dangerous law, as far as I have read and seen, this might actually give LDP the right to arrest opposing government groups. Said in another way, they are allowed to arrest you if you are not voting for LDP.

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Posted in: So sorry See in context

Who did not cheat? Just depends on their lawyers.

GM, Chevrolet, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, VW etc.

A lot of US manufactures were smart tho. They have a nice clause saying that their info might contain typos. And when being charged, "ups. That's a typo sorry :-) "

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Posted in: Mass killing raises questions about security in Japan See in context

There is a reason why they call them psychopaths. AFAIK from doctors in Denmark, psychopaths is often defined by their actions and and things they do right after. The reason why is, that psychopaths are immensely clever, and calculative but they miss remorse. The more violence you show on TV the more psychopathic tendencies you will trigger. Be aware that since they are clever they can separate movies and real life, so the violence they need to see and hear about should be in the news etc. Things that actually happen. At the point where a psychopath starts planning to kill people its almost impossible to stop him.

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Posted in: Business lobby says Abe gov't can't rely on nuclear energy See in context

Japan has also promoted renewables but most investment has been in solar and in recent years it has cut incentives. “There are too many hurdles for other sources of renewable power,” Asada said.

Funny thing is not very long ago, a guy owning a solar panel farm said that there was enough solar farms around Tokyo to maintain it with electricity. But the gov didn't want to hook them up. Because there should be space for nuke energy.

Abe and co still lives in 1940. Seriously when is somebody gonna tell them it's 2016?

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Posted in: Merkel, Abe differ on how to fix world economy See in context

@smithinjapan : you are both wron and right about Germany. But as always your look is very one sided. What Germany is doing now in funnel huge sums of government money out into the country, this helps the country for maybe a year or two. After this they will crash and burn, Denmark already tried the same but stopped before it became critical. Now then take a look at Germany's rapes and murder statistics which is going up like a rocket. I know a lot of companies in Germany, and all of them are going through a slow death. I'm not saying Abenomics works, I'm just telling you Germany is standing on a knifes edge.

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Posted in: Recent rise in yen extremely worrying, says Aso See in context

Funny how the dollar dropped suddenly after the Americans complained about Japan weakening the yen.

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Posted in: U.S. places Japan, 4 other countries on trade monitoring list See in context

@Gary Raynor: I do see you know what you are talking about. But it still seems rather onesided. Looking back in time the US has done massive currency manipulations through the years. But that's not all, if you look at the TPP, and the bill that enable US off its debt from any country who US finds as a currency manipulator, you will start understanding what's going on. As a former company owner in Denmark selling to the US it's really clear, even the Danish government has been talking about the US manipulations, but it's very hush hush...

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Posted in: 2 boys arrested for alleged extortion of high school students See in context

Nice they got caught. Same happens to me once, only difference I ended up beating one of the so badly that he didn't come to school for about 2-3 weeks. Not any of the bullies at the school dared to get near me after that.

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Posted in: Japan succeeds in test flight of first stealth fighter jet See in context

Again a display of government and big Japanese companies still living in the 1900, today you have drones, and the way forward would be to have package drones for mail and package delivery. Then just agree on a military grade control and security system for the drones. Then suddenly you would have a army ready at all times, but also used for normal everyday stuff to improve the economy. But nooo, with politicians and big companies still living in the 1940s Japan will continue to be stuck in a nice downwards spiral.

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Posted in: Man hits 72-year-old after being warned about smartphone use while walking See in context

Violence like in this article, is not the answer, it much better to go the righteous way, and much more effective to hurt people economy instead.

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Posted in: Nuclear experts from France, U.S. to help with Fukushima clean-up See in context

@Mike O'Brien

No 3-5 years. Ain't that for uranium, if I remember correctly they started using plutonium-241, which is about half the time. This was the reason they wanted to switch in the first place.


That would have worked. Why not do things that work instead of pretending? Have you ever seen Chernobyl? did you know the reactor is still leaking? which is why they started working on the reactor a few years back to cover it even better. So if possible cleaning up the area is much better.

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Posted in: Nuclear experts from France, U.S. to help with Fukushima clean-up See in context

Of course they want France and U.S. to help, they have probably been digging in their history, and found they are way better at covering up. Like the U.S. who has 4 crippling reactors, with cracks and leakages. But the government in Japan should push harder on the cleanup, and for alternative energy, instead of letting TEPCO do what they want. FYI - TEPCO did get help from the U.S. government to push trough the construction, and even allowed to use the same flawed build as 3 mile island.

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Posted in: Health ministry says flu season has officially begun See in context

DisillusionedJan. 15, 2016 - 07:01PM JST - flu shots only works on the ones that are known, and the reason a lot of people get the flu is because they mutate all the time. So in theory the flu shot works, but not on the new mutated strains.

Anyways happy hunting everybody. I plan to stay outside this season ;)

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Posted in: Abe hails new trade era; hopes China will join pact See in context

Sarcasm "Yes we need to do something about china NOW"

especially because their economical growth has been reduced by 40% over the last year, and should stop in 2020. And then agree to the TPP, that afaik (from reading wiki leaks) give US companies access to sue other countries government in a US courtroom, if the company don't like the governments tax or restriction on their product. YAY...

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Posted in: Japan set for historic defense policy shift See in context

@Thunderbird2 You don't see the point, the US wants to continue to be a super power, one way to do this is attack or start a war with china at some point, but right now the US can't, the missile shield they are talking about all the time works with active missiles, found in air at least 4 hours before impact. That means it does not work on orbital dead drop missiles. So the US need a "wall" which is going to be Japan.

I have said it before, its not Japan but the US that wants this bill to be passed, the US needs a wall between China and the US. When ((if)) it gets passed Japan will be no more than a bombardment area for China and US. But no worries, Japan as so many other countries has a great deal with the US, when they start bombarding, the prime minister and all his closest followers will be on the first flight out, and will get a compensated lifestyle in the US to mourn the "ooh so sad big losses of human life in their own country".

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Posted in: Japan ready to act if needed to quell market swings See in context

@Aly Rustom - Correct, and i say which is why the US is pushing Japan to remove Article 9. The US government, have on more than one occasion complained about, no "wall" between US and China.

My suggestion to the Japanese Government would be to remove all restrictions on weapon development, allow postal services to use drones for delivery, and make it easier to create your own company, and make some more big funding for new technology for new separately owned companies.

The country I was born in did really good in he last economical crisis, even tho a lot of big companies went bankrupt, because when people lost their job they build a new economy at home in their own small "hobby company", until the big ones started hiring again. This was entirely luck because nobody knew that all these small hobby companies would carry so much weight.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic logo designer asks Suntory to withdraw 8 designs See in context

I don't know the Olympic logo is bad but i don't see the problem with the others. the rest would be like: sweedish flag vs danish flag, danish royal crown vs crown royal wiskey greenland flag vs japan flag danish royal armband vs us flag danish crest vs england three lions shield (the original) I even bought a jacket in the US, where the buttons had the danish royal army crown on them.


There is so many copycats, or lets call them hackers, who improve something to make it fit even better to its needs.

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Posted in: Survivor recalls life in internment camp for Japanese-Americans See in context

No one is safe and everyone is at fault, but many attrocites also got started in US, Kinda funny how people forget how much money and weaponry the US pushed into Germany, before they did a 180 and stopped investing and instead attacking. People please go get access to the vertican archives and the Secret Service Archives and read about the actual history.

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Posted in: China shows off victory over Japan logo See in context

All these posts, and articles is like taking a snapshot of an island and telling everyone this is how the world works.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing woman after fireworks date See in context

I would prefer the guy to be put in a cell, with white walls made of bulletproof plexiglass with fluorescent lights. A few weeks and then rehabilitation.

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Posted in: Baseball, bowling, squash among 8 sports shortlisted for 2020 Games See in context

switch baseball with MMA, more blood, and action.

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Posted in: Obama's Pacific trade pact revived in U.S. House See in context

I'm against this too because they packed SOPA into their TPP. Removing the surveillance part of the deal then i can agree.

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Posted in: U.S. fast-track vote leaves TPP talks in limbo See in context

sangetsu03 JUN. 16, 2015 - 09:44AM JST Yes, and you can continue to pay 5 times more for rice, 4 times more for butter, three or four times as much for beef, 5 or more times as much for medicines like aspirin, etc. And if you are feeding a family, the cost is much higher. You really have no idea, do you?

You really have no idea what you wanted to say yes to. Read WikiLeaks, the TPP was another way to package, a little good with a part of hell. TPP would have included most of SOPA, plus a lot of extra things that would totally ruin all the small companies, and give big companies access to everybody's Internet access, antenna triangulation and more. So the big companies would have full access to data transactions of all the smaller companies (that does not have huge sums of money for data security).

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Posted in: Island off southern Japan evacuated after volcano erupts See in context

Jandworld +1, This is a huge waste of geothermal energy. Especially because most of the volcanoes explodes because of pressure from molten rock expanding because of heat, heavily cooling it with a high capacity geothermal power-plant might actually cool it enough to make it not erupt. That might actually save the country money.

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Posted in: Companies not as keen as Abe gov't on nuclear power: poll See in context

Hey itsonlyrocknroll -> To be honest, I know there is a lot of development in pumped Hydro storage, but... personally i do not find this to be the right way because your energy conversion rate is only 87% at the maximum estimated, thou it's usually 70 - 80%, where if you invest in electrolysis, you can reach a conversion rate off 98% with stainless steel which is a cheap material and 99.8% with platinum. Using salt water, will create the toxin, but on the other hand the salt would be working as an electrolyte. The problem is placed in the government funding. The government funding usually goes to the companies/industry, that has the highest advance, therefore more the average estimate for a high-powered electrolysis system will only have an efficiency of 60% - 90% where as, electrolysis works best at 1.475 volts, with an pulsation of 550 - 800hz which gives you an efficiency of almost 100%. The government don't really understand that, so they will rather fund systems where you just put a high voltage in and lift something up, and then produce energy again when it falls.

conclusion Again i think its wrong but you have to follow the money flow, and if a company wants to build some kind of energy system they could right as well get the government funding.

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Posted in: Companies not as keen as Abe gov't on nuclear power: poll See in context

@itsonlyrocknroll, the new super dark solar panels is very incredible, even in Denmark where I'm from people buy them, because they have payed them-selfs off after just 6 to 12 years, and thats without the electricity sales (they often produce way more than a normal house hold uses)

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Posted in: Companies not as keen as Abe gov't on nuclear power: poll See in context

itsonlyrocknroll -> The fact is a big part of the world wants geothermal power plants, but nobody wants to develop heavy duty geothermal power plants because, coal, diesel, nuclear, is easier. I you have Japan move into the development (Japan is even a great country for that), you would be able to sell knowhow and generate huge amounts of power cheap. The only thing needed is for the government to push for geothermal power, and the point you bring up no wind, no sun, you don't have that kind of problems with geothermal power (heat will decrease slowly), if it stops suddenly, something is terrible wrong (and i don't want to be on earth if that happens).

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Posted in: Companies not as keen as Abe gov't on nuclear power: poll See in context

Hmm. Japan is placed on top of a huge amount of fault lines, why not push for geothermal energy production? The fact the japan has so many volcanoes meaning the conduits is very close to the surface. An estimate of japan is 5 -10% of the close to surface conduits is in Japan, and if that is true that means Japan would easily be able to produce 10 - 20% of the world current energy use... did you say money?

Maybe place it on top of a volcano and suck it dry, (simplified) normally an eruption is because of the high heat, that makes a huge expansion of the magma, creating an enormous pressure underground, until it goes off. Placing a huge geothermal power plant that can keep the underlaying magma conduits cold, would probably help it to not erupt, and give huge amount of energy.

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