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Nicholas Tee - Not to save Japan or anything, and looking on the world in a more neutral point of view, then what you say doesn't make sense. It all comes down to who wins and who looses, people talking about Germany? after WW 1, they had a HUGE debt, which actually got cut down in WW2. So who actually sponsored WW2 or germany, american companies! especially IBM and Ford. What about all the wars america has waged in the name of god? what about England? Napoleon, or the way they put prisoners on an "island" where is should have been impossible to live tho not true Australia is very nice today. It's 70 years ago, and the Vatican archives and the Secret service archives from WW2 is starting to open for the historians around the world, still some things are locked away because of its contents. And as for Germany, its a lot easier to apologize, when the ones you have to apologize at the same time removes your debt. Where China wants more.

“History is written by the victors.” ― Winston S. Churchill

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I don't really see the big problem, normally i count everything i get, but here they actually show you the count. The service is a little slower, but you don't get treaded like a blob of meat thrown over the counter. I have noticed a lot of places US, Denmark, etc. that it's almost like the clerks tell you to "move!" because you are to slow. It may be fake, but it make things feel much easier.

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