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South Korea sent them in 1954, at a time when Japan was still in the post-war confusion. So, Japan was 1954 still in post-war confusion while Korea has been occupied until 1945, and at war from 1950-1953 and was perfectly fine? The Dokdos were seized by Japan and technically they should have given back to Korea as signed in the San Francisco Treaty. But as in so many conflicts, the U.S. f**** things up: "[In 1949] Siebold, a political advisor stationed in Japan [..] suggested [..] Takeshima be incorporated into Japan. He argued that a weather and radar facility should be installed there in consideration of the security situation.” The above mentioned security situation is nothing less than the struggle which led to the Korea war and in the long run to the Cold War. The islands are Korean territory by international law, but since the U.S. simply broke these laws, nowadays Japanese right-wingers claim the islands their own. That's it. Yoshimi Onishi: Please do some research other than Yomiuri Shinbun -.- I recommend articles of NAITÔ Seichû 内藤正中 or MATSUMOTO Takeo 松本武夫 in "A Fresh Look at the Dokdo Issue. Japanese Scholars Review Historical Facts", 2006.

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