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Maybe in Europe, but not in Japan. Just look who is wearing masks and who is not masks.

I work in a convenient store in Tokyo. There are many Japanese who don’t wear masks. Especially old men and the young.... they have it hanging on one ear. So give me a break!

I hope they will stay home and have an online party but ....

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Last night earthquake was strong. I live in Tokyo, Inaghi and it it shook us but didn’t last long and no damages thank God!

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Mocheake I agree with you but only to the point that our health is very important. But we need balance in our life. I am healthy, thanks God . But I’m a part time worker raising my kids. If I don’t work because my company is shutdown how can I provide for my family?!?

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My son is a junior high school student. Yesterday his teacher called and informed me that from 25th he starts school. So this past almost 3 weeks was his spring vacation. I don’t know how safe it is ....

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@random you are also assuming that she didn’t take care of her baby...assuming is easy but if he was unemployed who do you think paid his rent?!? I think the mother. So I am also assuming that she did take care of him and he is a grown up man ...

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I can’t understand this kids. I know that many of them are ignored and abused by parents in Japan but to try to kill your mother because she got mad .... and she got mad for a good reason. I know the low in Japan is soft but for those who say that it’s not a big deal I really wonder if that kid stabbed any of you on the street because he was angry with his mother, will you be as understanding as you are now?!?

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30 years old and unemployed. Obviously the mother pays the rent and that son good for nothing stabbed them .

@wesley I have my daughter when I was 19 and she is happily married and I’ m going to be a grandmother soon.

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Japan’s prosecutors are very slow and they check and recheck over and over . Police is the same in Japan. Until they have all the proof they need and you can’t deny anything. I don’t know if Mr Carlos is guilty or not , but all of his supporters are crying about Japanese rules. Well , we are in Japan and even we don’t agree with their system we can’t change it. Next time maybe anyone will be careful when coming to Japan.

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