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@Nadège Moyon

There was no racism involved. Mr. Abe was just kind of an innocent bystander in a political struggle for gaining control over Romanian Justice system (and other benefits as well).

The leader of the main Government party in Romania (the Social Democrats), mr. Liviu Dragnea, forced two Government teams to quit in less than a year, although the respective Government teams were apointed mainly by his party (!!!).

It is all about the struggle to put a leash on the Justice system, which is more and more involved in investigating high corruption cases (including one or two cases on mr. Dragnea). When the Prime Ministers he appointed did not follow his own rules (yes, he's kind of a feudal leader - l'etat, c'est moi and so on), they were dumped immediately.

This attitude lead to massive public protests in Romania in 2017 and also in 2018, vis-a-vis laws and reglementations that would cripple the Justice system and leave it helpless in front of the high corruption cases (search the internet for Romanian protests in 2017 or 2018 and you will see what this is all about).

So, for mr. Dragnea and his followers little mattered that mr. Abe was going to arrive in Romania; they had to throw down a disobedient Government and mr. Abe was - well, just collateral damage. But, as they think, who cares?

In conclusion: there is no racism involved, just political struggle to avoid the Justice and the possible sanctions. Whether it was mr. Abe, the Pope, or the Friendly and Absolutely Beautiful Martian Princess, the things would go on in the same manner.

So (although quite late): I apologize, mr. Abe, for the disrespect our leaders showed to you!

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