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Posted in: New coronavirus cases in Tokyo fall to 618; nationwide tally 2,764 See in context

I am very impressed how the Japanese Government downplay and hide the reality. Report number of cases are decreasing while hospitals are collapsing. Morepver, do not buy the argument of the infection time lag, things have been downplayed since the pandemic started.

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Posted in: Over 50% of single Japanese women in their 20s struggle to make ends meet, survey says See in context

Let them struggle, the path to wisdom. I've always wondered why department stores have allocated 4/5 space for women products and 1/4 for men. Clearly they overspend.

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Posted in: Busty Japanese YouTuber chef sells ad space on her chest See in context

A woman uses her covered breasts to make money and fake cooking. This becomes news.

Meanwhile, the world goes to climate, economical and political hell. Sweet.

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Posted in: IMF urges Japan to double consumption tax to 20% by 2050 See in context

My prediction is that by 2050 IMF will be disbanded and recreated from scratch. It will be History. A Global uprising which will take place somewhere between 2020 and 2040 will require the development of a new economical model.

Connect all the dots of the recent protests and strikes happening around the world, add to that climate related recession, disproportionate population decrease or increase. It is just matter of time, everything is already set into motion.

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Posted in: Woman awarded damages over infidelity of same-sex partner See in context

Yubaru I wonder if this decision by the judge is more about paying support for the child than the fact that they were a same-sex couple?

First of all, the person who did not have the Child was the one granted the case. The one who had the Child had to pay. Please check your comprehension reading skills.

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Posted in: Woman awarded damages over infidelity of same-sex partner See in context

Everyone is approaching this story in the wrong way. The Paintiff should have filed for minimum 10 million. This is not surprising. In Japanese modern law you get results on the basis your claims are reasonable and how brutal your lawyers are (I stress on this one ¥). Even if the claim is outside the legal framework. The plaintiff claims are for reparation and dignity, getting 1.1 million yen is actually rather symbolic. That barely covers the Paintiff legal services. Insemination would he been alone around 3 million. The Plaintiff was very hopeful and She got no family, does not really matter sexual orientation, there are awaful people (defendant) who don't appreciate a damn, and of course She keeps the Child.

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Posted in: Nearly 50% of Japan's singles have no dating prospects: gov't survey See in context

On Tuesday, the cabinet also approved an annual report on children and young people, in which it showed that 48.5 percent of 13- to 29-year-olds disagree that men should be the breadwinner while women stay at home, while 14.6 percent agree.

Totally agree, obsolete life plan.

50 years ago there were 3.5 billion and one planet, today 7.5 billion and the same planet, resoruces are lot more scarce and expensive.

Whether women want to have Children by their 30s, they must start saving money for this purpose from their 20s, not spending all in shopping and luxury trips.

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Abe said the name means that culture is born and grows when people come together and "care for each other beautifully."

I am very surprised few have seen the real command: 'culture is born' we need more births, 'and grows' which will become workers, 'when people come together' in our hungry market labour, and 'care for each other beautifully' to work hard and diligently, so that 'culture is born' again for more births.

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Posted in: Japan launches new visa system to bring in more foreign workers See in context

Why doesn't the Japanese government do more to help Japanese women before bringing in a large number of foreign workers?

Do you think more Japanese women would love to work in construction, farming and shipbuilding?

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Posted in: Letters From Japan: 'Why must we visit my Canadian husband’s home every year?' See in context

I agree with your comments. But differently I lived it in my own flesh. I got married Uaoanese woman, baby on board, lawyers, child dispute and divorced. The whole package! So far we have good relationship. I agree my Child grows-up in Japan and I understand my ex-wife as single Mom, in so both man-women machist country still. If you to split the trip, I think is the best idea. It is true the girl has the chance to stay in her country and visit her Family much easier, husband has upper hand there, the girl commited to this deal. However, if this does not get resolve by a combined trip or any other best option and frustration gets deeper for other issues. Better be upfront with your husband and ask for divorce. I let my ex-wife go with my Child so they are happy, I am happy as well, noone bothers my life and still have good contact with my Child who gets best of both worlds.

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