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This article incorrectly implies that a burger made from Australian beef comes from deforested land, and makes the erroneous suggestion that forest protection is the only environmental indicator of food production.  


Meanwhile Australian beef is for the most part produced on native grasslands and Australian cattle farmers work with all stakeholders - including WWF - as part of our commitment to maintaining the natural environment – with active projects across a whole host of areas such as greenhouse gas, water use, biodiversity and healthy grasslands.


While there is some land clearing in Australia for a variety of agricultural, industrial and residential purposes, all Australian states have legislation to prevent widespread clearing and offer protection for native animal species including koalas. 

Many Australian farmers also proactively participate in additional programs that protect wildlife, and engage in carbon and biodiversity markets which both protect and add trees to the landscape.


More widely, the Australian Beef industry has a very strong track record on sustainability. We are the only beef exporting nation to have set an industry goal of carbon neutrality (by 2030) and we have reduced water consumption by 65% since 1980. Just last week we launched the Japanese language version of our ‘Australian Beef Sustainability Framework’, which outlines the many ways our industry is working to improve our ecological footprint and animal welfare outcomes. WWF were consulted during the production of this framework. 


It is extremely disappointing that WWF Japan have chosen to single out and discredit Australian Beef when we are working constructively with WWF globally on sustainable production. We welcome the opportunity to work in a similarly constructive way in Japan.


I encourage readers - and staff - of Japan Today to grab a delicious burger made from Aussie beef from MOS burger, Lotteria or any number of establishments across Japan, and take some time to conduct their own enquiries. 


Andrew Cox

Meat and Livestock Australia

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