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Posted in: Japan's household spending sags; jobless rate lowest in two decades See in context

Be wary ladies and gents the official estimates in both japan and america continually be undercut when actual figures come out - things dont seem right in the major economies

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Posted in: Man held for coercing 18-year-old woman into unwanted porn shooting See in context

"I reassured her that the video would keep her face out. It was actually a porn-video shoot

In a country where there is no shortages of women lining to do porn mainly for the easy money lesser extent out of boredom or their love lives going no where its gonna take more than someone saying they were coerced into performing.

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Posted in: Pringles adds 2 more flavors to their Japan range See in context

Looking forward in trying the Eggs Benedict flavour

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Posted in: Ariana Grande plans Manchester concert to benefit attack victims See in context

Why doesn't she just Donate money from her own fortune and visit the injured in hospital

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Posted in: Professor concerned that female soldiers would be naked after bombs blow off clothes See in context

there is a chance their clothes could be blown off. In other words, they’d be naked.

Time to start a war with Japan this is hilarious

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Posted in: Gastric bands for obesity often involve multiple operations See in context

Didn't think there were fat people in Japan - Are they talking about a Sumo Wrestler wanting to lose weight after retiring

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Posted in: Newlywed Rei Kikukawa’s husband in hot water over multiple affairs, out-of-wedlock children See in context

The guy's getting around like a rabbit on heat the woman are lining up to have kids with him - what a legend

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Posted in: Seasonal turmoil: 'Gogatsubyo' and relationships See in context

The girl in the photo is cute

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide at detention center in Saitama See in context

According to sources, the man was arrested on May 12 on charges of obstruction of official duty, after he spat on a policeman

LOL if this guy wasn't behaving badly in the first place he may never had been arrested

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Posted in: Annual number of foreign visitors to Japan tops 10 mil at fastest pace See in context

  1. The Japanese are considered insular as a society and perceived (rightly or wrongly) as being unfriendly to English-speaking people.

True I noticed that a lot in Tokyo and Osaka then went to the Kyushu Region and had a great time

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Posted in: Annual number of foreign visitors to Japan tops 10 mil at fastest pace See in context

By country and region in April, visitors from South Korea came first at 554,600, followed by China at 528,800, Taiwan at 413,300, and Hong Kong at 209,400.

I see the bulk of the inbound tourists are still from other Asian nations its a pity that Western Tourists don't see Japan as a Tourist destination but at least it hasn't been ruined like Thailand

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Posted in: Kyle MacLachlan on returning to 'Twin Peaks' after decades See in context

The original Twin Peaks started off as brilliantly then went too weird lets hope the new series learns from the mistakes

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Posted in: Fukuoka robbers found to have fled to Tokyo, vicinity See in context

Theres been a number of bullion robberies in Japan lately do you think these robbers know something the rest of us don't.

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Posted in: Japan to tighten crackdown on coercion in porn video business See in context

In an Industry where most of the "actresses" are willing volunteers I can see the Adult Video Companies keeping records of all the applicants to cover themselves in case of any accusations

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Posted in: Japanese men list 7 traits that would make it impossible for them to date some women See in context

What about

  • Previously worked in the Porn or Red light industries

  • Cant hold down a job of any sort

These two would have to be in the top ones

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Posted in: 2-month-old girl dies after being left in car for over 5 hours; mother arrested See in context

This has happened in Australia a number times - mostly they were in playing poker machines so its a good guess that in this case the mother was in a pachinko parlour

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Posted in: Japan may become 4.5 C hotter if no anti-global warming steps taken See in context

The Japanese nor any else in the World should worry about the cult known as Global Warming, Climate Change or any other name - according to experts half the islands in the Pacific should be under water by now, again according to the experts Australia should have run out of water by now blah blah blah you get the picture its no more than a con Al Gore turned himself into a billionaire out of all the suckers who believed all that Climate Change rubbish all while he flies around the world in his carbon producing jet - when they can accurately predict the weather a week in advance then they can work on weather predictions a month advance etc

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Posted in: Trial begins for couple over death of 3-year-old girl See in context

Fujimoto’s lawyer said his client had been stressed out from child-rearing and that Okawara bears responsibility for not stopping her from harming her children

The partner bears responsibility for not stopping her - what does that mean the husband has to oversee his wife 24 hours a day? Call the cops? Chain her to the bed?????????????

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Posted in: No. of children in Japan falls for 36th year to new record low See in context

Sure the West has the same problems but just reading the news recently in Japan - birth rates falling, child abuse cases at record levels and Japanese mothers having child custody cancelled at increasing rates somethings wrong

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Posted in: Not welcome: Japan tough to crack for refugees See in context

Trust me I'm living in a country that allows in too many refugee's every year these people are a drain on taxpayers money over represented in crime statistics - Japan keep yourself refugee free and save yourself a lot of future problems

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Posted in: Bullying keeps youth suicides high in Japan See in context

What ever happened to punching the bully in the face and ending their trouble making in an instance.

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Posted in: SDF member arrested for forcing girlfriend to send nude selfies See in context

Bottom line was she shouldnt have sent the photo's in the first place there have been plenty of articles in both Western and Japanese media about these sorts of things coming to haunt the sender.

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Posted in: Last Doolittle Raider, 101, recalls attack 75 years later See in context

It will be “a somber affair,” Cole said

I'm surprised he thinks like this what he and the others did was very daring, courageous and adventurous - could you imagine "generation snow flake" with their "safe spaces" doing something like this - Congrats guys.

Moderator: The words "snow flake" are meaningless unless you are referring to falling snow. Please repost.

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Posted in: Japan's frugal households offer no respite for BOJ, retailers See in context

Decades after the great Japanese property crash the locals have certainly learnt how to live a minimalist life

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Posted in: High court upholds obscenity ruling against 'vagina artist' See in context

Its amusing in a country where porn is freely available this is what is deemed offensive.

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Posted in: Japan's population projected to shrink 30% by 2065 See in context

Japans a crowded place now so the population decline wont hurt - I'd be happy to father some kids with some of those cute Japanese girls

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Posted in: YKK starts serving halal meals at cafeteria in Japan See in context

Why would a Japanese company be interested halal meat the muslim population of Japan is so small - the slaughter of these animals is not good - that leaves only one answer the management must be getting a bigger bonus

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Posted in: Rule Britannia: Firms bet on British allure to get by Brexit See in context

Remember when "Made in Britain" ment a quality product then the leaders of British industry decided getting their products produced in third world countries would better for management bonuses and shareholder dividends - Lets hope Britain gets back some of its former glory

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Posted in: Osaka High Court rules Takahama nuclear reactors can restart See in context

Wonder how many earthquake affecting nuclear reactors in Japan before the government and power companies wake up to reality

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Posted in: Japan's oldest porn queen retires -- at 80 See in context

Japan’s porn industry rakes in about $20 billion a year

When I was in Tokyo Japanese men were shopping for porn like Westerners shop for steak BUT from what I understand China is a big consumer of Japanese porn, with the Philippines and Taiwan leading contenders also.

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