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Andrew Decena comments

Posted in: Man suspected of killing girlfriend commits suicide See in context

He would plead not guilty due to being dead.

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Posted in: Kamasami Kong And the Friet See in context

Another place to check out when I go back to Tokyo. ;)

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Posted in: Singer-songwriter Eiichi Ohtaki dies after collapsing at home See in context

I remember hearing his tropical song "Canaria no shotou" on the radio in Tokyo in the summer of 1981. The song was cool, and so was he. RIP.

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Posted in: TV staffer makes hilarious walk-on appearance during live news segment See in context

She is so fired.

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Posted in: Billy Crystal - from Sha Na Na to Yankee Stadium See in context

He looks Marvelous.

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Posted in: S Korean small businesses urged to boycott Japanese goods See in context

Can't we all just get along?

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Posted in: Japan in 2030: A country from which families have disappeared See in context

Some of us guys who end up alone will get a dog.

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Posted in: Restoration Bra See in context

This company never quits, do they?

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Posted in: N Korea threatens military strike against South See in context

South Korea will go Gangnam Style on the North in a big way.

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Posted in: 2 men steal Y4.1 mil from McDonald's store in Saitama See in context

Saitama again. They're lovin' it.

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Posted in: Law making it illegal to download pirated music, videos goes into effect See in context

This is why I listen to K pop more than J pop. It's way more creative and accessible. And I'm Japanese.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan offering free coffee this week See in context

I wish Doutour would do this....

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Posted in: No fun See in context

I guess there won't be any Gangnam Style there anytime soon...

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Posted in: Tsunami 'miracle pine' cut down as part of project to preserve it See in context

They sure are barking up the wrong--uh.. well, never mind.

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Posted in: Hot dog See in context

They would do great at baseball events. Or they would clean up and give Nathan's a run for their money at that annual Coney Island hot dog eating event every July 4th.

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Posted in: Japanese model uses her half-naked body to tweet to fans See in context

I would date her...;)

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Posted in: How to stop kids from walking into door handles See in context

Either wrap the door handle with foam and tape for less than half the price, or just install the door the handles higher up on the door. Problem solved! ;)

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Posted in: Man falls to death from roof after being assaulted by former bosses See in context

Geez. These goons really wanted this guy so fired.

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Posted in: Bra with built-in ice packs aims to keep women cool See in context

Little jack frost nipping at your....never mind.

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Posted in: World’s first snaggletooth girl group formed See in context

Oh brother....

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Posted in: Tokyo Midtown to hold Open the Park events for Golden Week See in context

hopefully it doesn't rain.

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Posted in: Hooters to open 2nd Japan restaurant in Ginza in early June See in context

Went to that Akasaka mitsuke Hooters last year for lunch and was served by a real nice waitress who claimed she in training to become a JAL stewardess. A few minutes later I see guys bringing in their girlfriends to eat there. The girlfriends looked just a pretty if no prettier, than the waitresses. Only in Japan.

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Posted in: Opening day See in context

That's nice. Another shopping mall with more places priced out of most peoples' range to just window shop.

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Posted in: Karasia See in context

New hairstyles and make-up I see...

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Posted in: Man stabbed to death in road rage incident See in context

Sounds like a typical day in California, but oh..this is Japan.

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Posted in: 2 high school girls killed in Yamanashi car crash See in context

Sucks even worse for the families of these kids involved. RIP.

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Posted in: SMAP's Takuya Kimura fined twice for speeding since Sept See in context

Was he driving a 'regular' Prius?

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Posted in: Man arrested after driving car into Yoshinoya outlet in Odawara See in context

He must have wanted something to go.

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Posted in: Air Yoshinoya See in context

The packaging looks pretty clever. If you can't finish it, you can take it to go.

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Posted in: It's rabbit season for cafes See in context

Just watch. After the rabbit trend is over, these cafe's will start going to the dogs.

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