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What need is there for Japan to apologize? The group of people who committed those "atrocities" were leaders of a different government and individuals, unrelated to the current democratic government instituted after the war.

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As long as Japan doesn't allow dual citizenship, they should allow permanent residents to vote. I'm sure there are many foreigners who would love to be citizens, but don't because they just aren't fully willing to cut ties with their country of birth. How can you blame them? They grew up there, they have family that probably live there, etc... I'm sure more people would apply for Japanese citizenship if they just got past the isolationist ideal of single citizenship status. That, and any man or woman who has lived in the country long enough, has contributed to the economic well being of the country long enough and been a productive member of the community long enough to be granted permanent residence more than deserves the right to vote.

Even Iran allows dual citizenship. Heck, they even allow it with their "arch nemesis" the United States.

So I think the real issue is not letting foreign perm residents have the right to vote, but whether dual citizenship should be allowed. I'm sure it would be beneficial economically - something Japan really needs help with - and help with the current decline in birth and populations in general.

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