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These guys are breaching my airspace..

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Posted in: Man held for slashing son, daughter with knife See in context

Apart from the obvious insanity and inhumanity of these despicable cases, what always gets me is the absolutely abhorrent and nonsensical train of though involved.

I lost my job, which caused me to worry about raising my children, therefore the solution was to try to murder them?? Am I missing something here?

How about if the solution instead was to change job fields/try something new/ask someone for help/pretty much any of the other million options you have available to you other than trying to kill your own children.

Apart from obviously questionable mental health (and few support/treatment options available), the lack of vitality/ability to fight your way through difficult situations which can often arise in real life is truly worrying, and increasingly prevalent in society for reasons that escape me.

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Posted in: AKB48 singer shaves her head as act of contrition for dating See in context

What a sad pathetic time in society we live in. A 20 Year old woman has to shave her head and beg forgiveness for having an actual human relationship instead of some sick imaginary one exclusively with deluded fans.

Amazes me such a degrading inhuman state of affairs is not only supported, but encouraged by society. Anything for a dollar hey

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Posted in: Japan to host nuclear safety conference in Fukushima Pref See in context

I'd love to go but I'm attending a navigation and GPS conference in the bermuda triangle, after which I'll be heading over to China to attend a freedom of speech conference.

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Posted in: Japan halts beef imports from U.S. plant over safety concerns See in context

Frungy: This is not a blanket ban on all U.S. beef, it's a ban on a single plant that failed to meet the documentation standards.

You're quite correct Frungy, apologies I forgot to add that in my original comment. But I stand by my point, authorities are surprisingly stringent on food safety only when it's convenient for them.

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Posted in: Japan halts beef imports from U.S. plant over safety concerns See in context

Mmmhh, tasty tasty double standards.

I'm not a fan of the US, but 1 shipment of US beef missing proper documents = blanket ban. Food from Japan containing radiation levels that of low level radioactive waste = good for you and your children, eat up! We changed the laws, so now it's safe!

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Posted in: Hashimoto's party to field 142 candidates in Dec 16 election See in context

They paid tuition and attended training sessions twice a month, learning to articulate their views on various issues.

I see, so basically they were told what to believe/say if they want to be part of Hashimoto's wacky bandwagon of fun. What a joke. Even the name (Political Restoration Academy) is reminiscent of a modern day cult.

It still amazes me how this man was given power over anything, everything he does and says wreaks of facist, can't see the forest from the trees kind of narrow view.

Hope Hashi and his equallty dastardly accomplice Ishi get 0 seats in the lower house, politicians need to be rational level-headed thinkers, not groomed mindless puppets.

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Posted in: Cartoon bird warns Fukushima children of radiation See in context

Kibitan hey, ok I'll play along. What would it's bio go like? A friendly yet not very intelligent bird, near-sighted so prone to miss the forest from the tress. Has a nasty habit of spitting in the face of worried parents. Close relative of the sheep, will follow eagerly without question.

Does that sound about right? Nice way to trivialize exposing people (children in particular) to radiation caused by criminal negligence and gross incompetence.

Sorry to kill the dream Kibitan, bit nobody should living around places that have radioactive puddles as a regular feature.

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Posted in: Gov't to review 42 projects related to Tohoku reconstruction See in context

To be honest I'm surprised more hasn't disappeared or been 'diverted', a culture of ingrained corruption is so prevalent it's shocking anything gets done.

Sad to say but the apathy and unwillingness to speak up in Japan will ultimately lead to the end of this country. Lack of individual accountability in positions of power leads to only one outcome.

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

This whole matter is getting beyond ridiculous. Does anyone even remember what they're protesting about, or is it just about breaking and burning as much as possible now?

Yet another day that makes me weep to be part of the human race, the depths of our pettiness and stupidity have no bounds.

This clip sums up well the level we're operating at as a species: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5l3oUUUzOxE

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Posted in: Mysterious cluster of lights spotted above Osaka on Aug 30 causes UFO buzz See in context

They showed this on TV before, it's just some LED kites bought from China. There's something unsavory about flying a kite at night..

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Posted in: Gov't plans for spending cuts if money supply runs out See in context

Again personal interest and dysfunctional party politics wins over cooperating to help the people of your own country. Just like an afternoon episode of Mito Komon, story always ends the same way. How long are people willing to let this dog and pony show go on?

Putting personal or party interests ahead of your elected duties should be a jail-able offense, that'll put a boot up the old boys club. Pathetic.

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Posted in: 18-year-old Emi Takei 'graduates' as model for fashion magazine Seventeen See in context

Why must we soften and sugar-coat everything, can't people handle reality anymore?

Call it what it is, she got sacked. She wanted to stay a little longer, but got shown the door. Sure it's unpleasant, hell it's downright humiliating, but it's the reality of the situation.

Deal with it.

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Posted in: Japan's 'shadow shogun' rises again See in context

Also known as Ichiro "I can't believe it's not teflon" Ozawa

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

SushiSaki3, thanks for your comments as well. Unfortunately I'll have to agree to disagree as well.

However, my view is that an entire energy industry should not be shut down due to less than even a handful of serious accidents spanning 3 decades.

I agree with this in terms of straight number of accidents. However I would ask you to consider the comparative ramifications of these handful of nuclear accidents. In theory how many coal power plant explosions would equal a nuclear meltdown in terms of long term contamination and health impact? The straight numbers give a deceiving sense of safety.

Also one important thing not to forget is just how close nuclear disasters like Fukushima or Chernobyl were to escalating to an unthinkable level. Most of Europe would have been uninhabitable had Chernobyl not been able to be contained to the extent it was (this scenario was possible). Again the same scenario in terms of Fukushima, the possible evacuation of Tokyo was a reality for a time had the situation escalated further.

How many times can we tempt fate until a future meltdown slips out of all control?

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

Andrew - "Human's who are by nature error and omission prone beings, will never be able to 100% safely operate a nuclear power industry. You can employ whatever error management and reduction techniques you want, chains of errors will inevitably occur which will lead to future catastrophes."

Agreed. But why do you - or anyone for that matter - expect any energy productiion industry to operate 100% safely? None of them do.

SushiSake3, sorry but that's comparing apples with oranges. Other energy production industries like coal or gas can afford not to have 100% safety, a mishap there doesn't mean wiping out half a country and rendering it unlivable.

I wouldn't expect Nuclear to run at 100% safety because it's a human impossibility, which is exactly why it's so dangerous and should be scaled back as a method of energy production, not promoted and increased.

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

People never learn do they. 'Clean Energy'? Hastily glazing over nuclear waste a little?

Human's who are by nature error and omission prone beings, will never be able to 100% safely operate a nuclear power industry. You can employ whatever error management and reduction techniques you want, chains of errors will inevitably occur which will lead to future catastrophes. There are plenty of viable, feasible alternatives to nuclear, though the nuclear industry would never admit that.

People forget the past too easily. Shame on the industry leaders for putting profit above health as always. The future is dim indeed.

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Posted in: Hot interest in image sharing website Pinterest See in context

A read a piece written by a former pinterest user, a lawyer who quickly deleted their account after reading the terms and conditions more closely. (Link Below)

If somebody brings a lawsuit again pinterest due to copyright infridgments of something you pinned, you not only have no protection, but moreover you would have to pay pinterest's court fees in addition to your own.

No Thanks.


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Posted in: 4 high school students held over attacks on homeless men in Tokyo park See in context

Minors convicted of such anti-social, borderline sociopathic crimes shouldn't have their identities hidden.

They should set up a stage next to Hachi-Ko, read out each of their names and crime comitted in turn, then give them a decent flogging with a cane. Mindless idiots like these won't respond to strict words or morals.

When they can't sit down for a week afterwards, maybe they'll think twice before targeting the vulnerable in society. Pathetic excuse for human beings.

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Posted in: LDP resolves to take power from DPJ this year See in context

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

If the citizens of countries don't take ownership of their own governance, and rather just trust the government is acting in their best interest, shameful situations like the present political climate results.

The best interests of the country and it's people have long been forgotten in favor of cross-party bickering, corruption and slander. This is sadly the case in many countries, not only Japan.

Time to step up and demand better.

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Posted in: 3 Sea Shepherd activists detained aboard Japanese whaling vessel See in context

So tired of this yearly 'my stick is bigger than yours' routine. Both sides need to go home and do something more useful with their time.

Also Japan needs to realize shooting whales with explosive tipped harpoons will never be stomach-able to many people from a basic animal cruelty standpoint, regardless of reason.

Given I don't see this sentiment going away, Japan pressing this issue is souring it's image for very little gain. I'm sure there are many more lucrative and less contentious endeavors Japan could be putting it's time and money into instead.

Maybe then finally we can see an end to this yearly mess. Here's hoping no-one looses their life on either side because of this.

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Posted in: If you had a baby with an AKB48 member, what would your child look like? See in context

Agency who put this together should be ashamed. Really tasteless.

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Posted in: 45% of children tested near Fukushima plant have radioactive elements in thyroid glands See in context

"found to have traces of radioactive elements in their thyroid glands ... were not considered alarming in terms of their health impact." - Yep sure, we'll take your word for it. Government has always been big on the truth. Health officials, hang your heads in shame.

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Posted in: No. of tainted cattle shipped around Japan nears 1,500 See in context

I truly hope this situation improves drastically, and soon, for the sake of the health of everyone in Japan (Race or background is meaningless, don't forget we're all in the same boat in wishing the safety of everyone) Really worrying to think friends and family in Japan are ingesting some irradiated foods.

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