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Posted in: Trump accuses Google of promoting negative news articles, hiding fair media coverage of him See in context

While so many comments seem to be under the fantasy Google isn't skewing search results, the reality is it's beyond just trump and it's been going on for years. While so many enjoy ignorance in their newspeak world of truth ministries powered by media, Hollywood and silicon valley anyone, who spends a half hour search for positive and negative information about what is Left wing or right, will find, negative, about leftists basicalltnot showing uo on page 1 of a, search result, while positive stories about the left wing are always the first results. Right wing will find the opposite is true. Pic the topic, person, story or scandal of political or ideological interest and Google's search results will skew with a positive bias to the socialist left wing and a negative bias to the right. This, has been going on since bush, even more so for tge, 'Saint who can do no wrong' Obama and it's even worse now. Pic the topic and and the insanity of the left, wing is, always shown positive and above the fold. They havn't outright blocked content yet. Search results page 2 or 3 might have the desired story.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

Yawn. Sorry look left wing but paying off blackmail isn't actually a crime. Nor is paying off women to keep quiet because in e very campaign the candidate exaggerates the positive and covers up the negative, just ask Hillary the felon and the Media, they did a failed but extreme effort to cover Hillary's crimes to influence an election. There, has to actually be a law broken to be a crime and guilt doesn't come from some guy who was told go to jail or read this script on TV. And oh yeah one crime Cohen plead too was lying. Which means anything g else he said is, automatically false when it comes to trials.

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Posted in: Cohen testifies Trump told him to commit crime by paying off women See in context

More fake news. Real news is the political establishment's prosecutor told a guy read this script on TV or go to jail for 6 decades. So the guy read the script. This article headline is because no actual crime admitted to is involved with trump. The crimes we're his own tax evasion, bank fraud including lying. Which means as a convicted liar no statement made is relevant. But even so, paying off blackmailers isn't a crime, using your own money or even the money from your business to pay it isn't a crime and tacking action to bolster or cover your image and past isntba crime, including doing it during an election. So why would Mueller be so specific by not naming trump, that's to avoid libel, he knows there is no crime but it would be a crime for a prosecutor to have am unindicted conspirator. And finally, the real scam. As all Mueller wanted was, for this guy Cohen to say candidate and collusion in the, same discussion. Because the left wing elites think most people, are, stupid and will hear Cohen collusion, Russian collusion in the media and assume these, are related.

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Posted in: S Africa hits back at Trump over land 'seizure' tweet See in context

Almost amusing. So the african people of south africa rightly demanded the world look and take action to force south africa to end the atrocity and tyranny of apartheid but when the Rulers after apartheid start committing atrocity and tyranny like apartheid, we all should just look the other way.

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Posted in: Trump defends revoking Brennan's security clearance, lashes out at Mueller See in context

Amusing, the easily befuddled of the left wing actually believe revoking security clearance of an ex government employee is the harbinger of tyranny. The clown doesnt work for government anymore, so like EVERY OTHER JOB, he clears the desk, takes the photo of wife and kids home, returns the computer, his login is disabled, your payroll stops and or yeah you lose access to all information internal to the job, you no longer have. Not sure how this is the harbinger of doom the left wing claims, but hey if they want to think this, let them, it makes winning in november even easier.

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Posted in: Trump revokes ex-CIA chief's security clearance, evaluating other critics See in context

The complainers and left wingers coming unhinged over this nonsense are amusing. Lets keep it simple, the clown brenner is NOT a government employee or contractor, he does not work for the government any more. Like EVERY OTHER JOB, when you are gone, you return your equipment, vacate the desk and oh yeah, your Access is revoked. This guy doesnt work for the government, he doesnt need nor should he have access. And for that matter, every other ex employee or contractor should also have clearance and access revoked.

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Posted in: Trump revokes ex-CIA chief's security clearance, evaluating other critics See in context

And who the heck cares? Ex-CIA chief means he doesnt work for the US Government any more and doesnt need some sort of clearance. The security clearance should be revoked of anyone not working for the US government or currently contracted to do so. Its not a complex concept because if you are not working for the US taxpayer, then you have no business needing clearance.

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Posted in: Trump allies, security experts alarmed by Omarosa recordings See in context

There is no news here. When people have a legitimate claim they go to lawyers and prosecutors to seek justice or recover damages. When it's all faked, they go to the media and make unsubstantiated claims then come out with a book.

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Posted in: Former campaign aide to Trump testifies he committed crimes with Manafort See in context

In other words, Mueller and his left wingers have threatened a guy with prison unless he does what he is told which is pretend to be admitting to a variety of crimes supposedly committed by another guy a decade ago which is totally unrelated to Trump but the left wingers need something to appear as if their fabricated russian collusion investigation is legitimate.

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Posted in: Asian countries denounce real threat of global trade war See in context

Amusing here is these complaining countries and the media are ignoring reality. These so called trade deals are nothing more than politicians in different countries agreeing on how they will tax and control trade and divvy up the loot and the power they get from these deals. Worse is they lock a country in for abuse, the others can agree on some sort of bad behavior making it impossible for any sort of resolution to abuse. But the real reality being ignored is Trump provided an option for everyone at the G7, Trump said how about, Zero tariffs, no subsidies and no trade barriers. So while this article, so called globalists, these complainer countries all congratulate themselves for pointless trade deals which gives them money and power, they pretend or even scoff at the idea of Zero tariffs or trade barriers. Its not difficult to understand why. There is no need for lengthy treaties and agreements with blocks of nations for Zero tariffs and zero barriers but at the same time on actual free trade, where there are no trade barriers, subsidies or tariffs, the political class cant scam, skim and siphon money or power for themselves. For the political class to scam money from trade, they need trade barriers, tariffs, subsidies and the treaties that go with this nonsense.

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Posted in: As U.S. sanctions loom, can Iran nuclear deal still be saved? See in context

Why would anyone want that ridiculous nuke deal with Iran saved? How is Obama's deal, where Iran gets to keep building nukes only with Obama funding it, of any value?

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Posted in: Heatwaves from Arctic to Japan: A sign of things to come? See in context

Media exaggerating is amusing to read. Hottest in Sweden in 250 years? That implies Sweden was hotter 250 years ago. I live in southern California, the heat is annoying but hardly unusual and this is a desert. As for hottest on record, the medical warming was hotter and ice fires show the PETM period had a million years of balmy beach weather at the poles. Paris accords? Since the USA dropped out but managed to reduce, Co2 by more than everyone else and over the accords desire, while much of the rest of the world increased pollution, perhaps everyone should drop the Paris accords and just do it reducing.

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Posted in: How Congress can limit Trump’s Russia damage See in context

Maybe this article would have been useful a few years ago when Obama was damaging the world by letting Russia invade Ukraine and Syria while then helping Russia obtain US uranium companies to help build brand nukes

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Posted in: Trump’s cost to U.S. credibility See in context

Lol sorry but after the Obama apology tour with his friends in North Africa after they took over and restarted slavery, throwing europe under the bus of so called refuge invasions and stabbing Ukraine in the back when Putin invaded, US credibly was reduced to nothing. Trump is getting that credibility back at this point.

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Posted in: Putin outfoxes Trump in Helsinki See in context

What a load of nonsense. Obama literally moved The West and the UN out of Putin's way so russia could invade Ukraine and take the crimean peninsula and the liberals want to claim somehow trump was the one bamboozled? The western media, US democrats have been harping on Russia so much it is as if they want to start a war. Well sorry left wingers apparently the current US president is more interested in the future and not attempting to continue the left wingers cold war, its nice as well to step back from the nuclear war Obama seemed to be trying to instigate.

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Posted in: Trump versus the world: A look at America's trade disputes See in context

And trump is winning. Left out of the article is most of the trade deals made by Obama, bush and clinton, such as NAFTA has the USA removing trade barriers and tariffs but the other countries keep their tariffs and barriers. Still, Trump suggested from G7,the concept of actual free trade, complete removal of all barriers, subsidies and tariffs and the parasite politicians world wide balked or pretend he didn't say it. Bottom line is other countries don't want actual free trade, trump is along to do it but since no other nation's political class is willing to do free trade, they will have to deal with getting back the trade barriers they themselves refuse to give up

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Posted in: Scarlett Johansson's plans to play trans man spurs backlash See in context

And yet again left wingers prove they are intolerant bigots. This is an actress, her job is to act, there should not be bigoted intolerant requirements about biology or personal beliefs when hiring an actress or actor. Or is it double standard? Should the producers of Hamilton be sued for hiring African American actors to perform rules of real Caucasian males from history? Should anyone producing Peter pan with a female as Peter, which is normal, be sued? LefT Wingers it's called treatibg all humans as individuals, try looking past biology and see people rather than gender, race, group or beliefs and be less hung up on your inability to treat everyone as equals

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Posted in: What jobs will AI do within 20 years? Almost everything, it seems See in context

AI isnt actually intelligent only artificial. It will not be doing any job requiring thought or dealing with unknowns. Which is nearly every job. The AI path currently being followed is completely wrong, which is why AI will not advance beyond parroting humans and limits what it can do. However, AI helping humans be more productive is more likely So people should be prepared to deal with an AI helper because that could fit into nearly every job and if you dont have enough technical knowledge to at least participate, then you will be left behind.

For AI to completely take over a majority of jobs would require two advancements. The first is software, we humans do not "learn" by reviewing all possible situations to then determine the correct action is what everyone else did. Humans can derive actions from sparse information and usually get it right. Plus as we see already, AI sees what appears to be the same thing over and over, like an expletive word or a racist remark and decides that must be "right" this is an effect of AI not truly learning anything. The second change is hardware, Computers today are 1930s binary systems, simple yes but considering no known biological brain is binary, it is likely binary systems are simply not capable of AI or nature would have evolved the brain that way. So when someone invents a CPU which is more advanced than Binary systems, then maybe AI will work.

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Posted in: Canada tariffs on U.S. goods from ketchup to lawn mowers begin See in context

Irrelevant. Tariffs dont really affect the US because the US does not need any particular country for anything. The US is one of the only self sufficiency capable countries on the planet and if Canada becomes too expensive there are dozens of other countries willing to take up the slack and if needed the US could produce whatever was needed as well. Trump stated at the G7 an end game of completely removing all tariffs, all trade blockages and all subsidies. It would appear the Canadian, European and some other countries politicians prefer to keep tariffs, blockages and subsidies in place because with all of these and the so called trade deals the politicians can siphon money from trade and control things to their own benefit. Remove the tariffs, blockages and subsidies, the politicians cant siphon money and have no control. Good luck Canada, the USA doesnt really need you.

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Posted in: Trump defends policies on border, North Korea in visit to Las Vegas See in context

What is pathetic about the complainers is they have not one word to say against the countries, drug lords, gangs, thugs and corrupt governments who abuse these people so horrifically they will take their chances at illegal entry in the US. You call trump or America a tyranny and bad for being on the recieving end of peole fleeing and a detention center in Texas is evidence America sucks, but the drug lord mass murdering the village where these people came from, that gets a pass. The UN is calling for human rights violations against America but no UN attack on Honduras, Mexico or any other place for the horrors they allow or do to these people. To make it more pathetic of the left wing, the media is fabricating photos because they know trump and the US are not the bad guys, so they must use fakery to make it seem so.

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Posted in: Trump’s nationalism bad for liberal democracies; emboldens autocrats with deplorable human rights records See in context

The author is confused, liberals don't run democracies, they are the autocrats, tyrannies, the one world under liberal socialism government is impeded by trump nationalism. Nationalism is how countries should be for it's free people in these nations who will stop liberal tyranny

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Posted in: World's rich grow richer as bull markets roar on: study See in context

And so is everyone participating in the economy, getting richer. Funny how the, arictle makes it seem like the Rich have it all when the pool of money owned by the government class is easily 10 times what is owned by the rich. At least the rich earn their money, the government class stole it from the people. Imagine that, take back that 2000 trillion the governments stole and return it to the people they stoke it from, there probably would be no poor.

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Posted in: Why Trump's combative trade stance toward allies poses risks See in context

Would the left wingers and opinion writers make uo your minds on the trump complaints? Last week trump was, declared, a moron for is inconceivable demand to put on tariffs, with every excuse given as to why tariffs are bad.

This article is an example of this,week, trump is niw a moron for suggesting the removal of all tariffs and trade barriers, imying then the tariffs sre bad complainers from lsst week are now sayong tsriffs ste good.

Sorry morons who protect the political class above all esle, tariffs are either bad or good but tbry can't be both

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Posted in: Trump threatens U.S. allies on trade before leaving G7 summit See in context

Trump's "threat" was to suggest, the complete removal of ALL tariffs, trade barriers and subsidies. Not sure how exactly that is a threat, unless telling Merkel and the rest of these corrupt politicians they can't keep taking money from trade constitutes a threat. Funny how the left wing and media leave that part out, they want "reduced" tariffs, where trump stated, Zero tariffs. Guess the politcuans have shown their true colors, they don't want free trade only trade the governments of the world are free to pillage

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Posted in: Doubts on all sides in U.S. as Trump-Kim summit looms See in context

Amusing, the so called doubts and concerns are basically trump isn't showing his cards to the political class, sort of normal when negotiations occur, you don't show all your cards before starting. The other doubts seem to be the poitucal class bei g worried their 70 years of machinations and scamming they call diplomacy, is about to be discarded. Their failed diplomatic policies, the ones which give the world wide political class power over everything is about to be exposed fir what it is, so I guess they would be worrued

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Posted in: G7 leaders must not be intimidated by Trump, say Macron and Trudeau See in context

Then Marcon is still living in a world where politicians control everything at the expense of their own people. These so called trade deals marcon and the rest of tge politicians love are nothing more than politicians colluding to siphon and scam money off trade for themselves. Trump has effectively killed this scam. Trump has threatened a tariff but opened the door to each country individually negotiating with the, US, some countries have and the result is no tariffs on either side. If the, EU, Canada and others choose not to negotiate, that's their problem. It's nit hard to make an agreement with the US that says no one will put on tariffs or trade restrictions.

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Posted in: Trump’s Iran decision gives gift to Putin See in context

And now for dome reality istesd of this opinion based on nonsense.

Leaving the TPP does not empower China or, anyone. These trade pacts are nothing more than politicians setting up a scam for them to siphon money off trade. Most countries in the tpp already have trade deals, with the, US and Japan, the only two major economies. China also has tradevdeals in place with all countries. Sorry china is not empowered.

That moronic Paris accord would, have created a, world wide recession had the US joined up with that scam. The global warming financial scam is a scam. It's only purposes, are to funnel money and give politicians the ability to collude to impose tyranny across the world. Other countries still in it are being run by corrupt politicians and they should thank us for killing it.

The Iran deal is also insane. The idea Iran is allowed to continue developing nukes and, eurooean countries can sell them the tech, along with getting a piece of the, 150 billion Obama handed to Iran, this is no real. The, EU political class is completely blind, Iran is, run by religious tyrants who have stated their goal is to wipe out western countries, only total morons hand weapons to those, who threaten them.

Putin has been selling to Iran the entire time. The Iran deal placed no restrictions on Iran itself, Iran was doing business with Putin before and after the Iran deal. Putin is not obligated to follow US, demands for sanctions on Iran. Putin ignored them before, he will do do again, resulting in no real change for Russia.

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Posted in: Israeli forces kill 55 protesters in Gaza as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem See in context

Apparently there are no journalists. 50 terrorists were killed out of those, 55, terrorists are not protestors. What's probably more ridiculous about the left wing is their insane policy to embrace, empower, protect and legitimize violent terrorists and other tyrants as well as the insane policy to allow the most violent to dictate decisions

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Posted in: Europeans work to save Iran deal, and business, after Trump pulls out See in context

The keyword in the headline is business? There was never an Iran deal, Iran was not forced to sign anything and has zero enforcable requirements on Iran. The Europeans want US sanctions out of the, way over money. That's it. The eurofools are so full of abject greed, they are willing to risk Iran nuking them in the name of getting money. They don't want to save some imaginary deal, they want to keep getting some of that 150 billion Obama gave to Iran

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Posted in: Finally, Comey comes out of his trance See in context

This author is proving there is no journalism, Pulitzer prize winner clearly means he adhetes to the yellow journalism Pulitzer himself invented. Comey is a buffoon. A total political hack who used his trusted position to protect the crimes of Hilary Clinton, the Denicrst party and others, followed by using his power illegally against Trump and others associated with him. Comey isn't s witness to anything, he should be a defendant

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