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Posted in: Grown children surprised to find their fathers absorbed in internet rightwing sites See in context

I do enjoy the fakery of implying right wing means intolerant. That's a left wing insanity. As is the left wing pinning anything not them as right wing.

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Posted in: How House Democrats can fix the North American trade deal See in context

and to debunk the entire article. the way the US constitution is written, The president makes treaties and the Senate approves or denies them. The House of representatives has absolutely no say, no effect and no authority in this. So there is no action the house democrats could take for this or any treaty other than to complain and make irrelevant noise about it.

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Posted in: Top Democrats say Trump may face impeachment, jail over hush money See in context

Can't journalists at least try to be real? At least point out so called hush money is not actually a crime, at least point thst out before just repeating whatever nonsense democrats say. Also how about pointing out how unlikely the claim of impeachment is. The democrats are in the house even if they did it, The Republicans control the senate, they are not going to bring this up. And further impeachment doesn't somehow lead to jail. I get it, report what the democrats said but it's not real journalism if the journalist doesntbat least point out where the democrats are basically completely wrong

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Posted in: Legal clouds over Trump grow with new disclosures See in context

The only clouds looming would be those over mueller, the left wing and anyone else hoping and praying their fake russian collusion was real. There is literally nothing. a couple guys rounded up for old crimes not trump's. a few lying to the FBI about nonsense which has nothing to do with anything, trump paying blackmailers or dalliances, really doesnt matter because its not illegal to use your own money fort that (unlike the US congress which uses taxpayer money for this) and the big one, mueller discovered trumps corporation builds large buildings in various cities and employees went to russia for a normal building developer discussion with people in russia to consider the possibility, none of which involved trump nor any russian government official.

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Posted in: Can Macron survive France's 'yellow vest' revolution? See in context

Macron survive? Why would anyone want that. I think if you cause your entire country to meltdown in to a nationwide riot where even the police unions start joining in, its over, the failed politician should resign. The people of France are clearly in revolt over the high taxation, fake global warming financial scams and socialism in general. Politicians the world over are too focused on their scams, their abject greed and their power. If they would instead put too much focus on freedom and free economics, then life would be better for all. Instead most politicians are like Macron, just a parasite only this one went too far and the people of France appear to be tired of the political class taking from them to enrich the government.

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Posted in: Trump calls for end to Mueller probe despite Russian campaign bid findings See in context

The author of the article might want to consider actual facts instead if cresting fake news. The claim trump was, approached is false. Some guy tried to contact Cohen suggesting trump and Putin meet, Cohen ignored the requestor completely. That's written in Mueller's actual report. All of the so called convictions are lying to the FBI on unrelated nonsense or old finance crimes not involving trump. Manafort supposedly made contact from jail to some unsmed person who supposedly talked to an unnamed administration official, we know this is a scam otherwise there would be names, Mueller is a prosecutor. And for 30 million we discovered trumps corporation builds big building and puts trumps name on it and again unrelated to trump various individuals in trumps company and in Russia discussed the idea if developing real-estate and those people had NP direct contact with trump or anyone in the Russian government. Sorry left wingers, I know you are offended an interloper dared to push his, way into your elite class but this Russian collusion is totally fake

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Posted in: Spider-Man is back on screen, but this time he's black and Latino See in context

Its kind of sad how the liberal left wing of the world is so intolerant and racist they think an actors background or race matters. Hollywood is so racist they have to constantly try to prive they are not by focusing in on or calling attention to the background of the actor.

For people not in a liberal or left wing mind, people are just people and an actor is judged on his ability to act, not on whatever shade of color his skin is. If Marvel came out next year with a spiderman who was japanese, it would not matter to the general population.

Judge others by content of character, biological differences are not a factor. It is kind of sad hollywood nor left wingers do not understand this.

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Posted in: Trump aides caught in web of deception over Russia contacts See in context

And in the real world, it should be fairly easy to see what happens when government bureaucrats start abusing their power to coerce. None of it involves Trump, most of these people are clearly being told to fake something or suffer jail. Only 2 have any Real crime and it's financial happening years before Trump and not involving Trump. Anything that does almost involve Trump was legal activity, yet the bureaucrsts are getting away with treating it like a crime. Funny how a guy who's never been in politics somehow has all of these imaginary political scams going on, yet the actual lifetime politicians are never investigated even though they are clearly rich of off political scams

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Posted in: U.S. troops limited to using only batons on Mexico border See in context

This story is a good example on why media can't be trusted and is called fake. The media is reporting two stories which are impossible to have simultaneously. This story saying limited to batons for force snd a story claiming troops have been authorized to use legal force at the border. It's not possible for both to be true as one negates the other. So which is it media? Legal force or limited to baton? If you in media can't even avoid lying and fakery for, simple things like this, why should you be trusted with something more important.

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Posted in: Hundreds of migrants push on to U.S.-Mexico border bridge See in context

Interesting, out if thousands still hundreds of miles away, only this tiny group of a couple hundred men made it to thr border? Yeah right. Looks like we have the first of some Democrat party plants probably rounded up over the last couple days to pretend to be migrants or democrats enticed a hundred or do into a couple buses paid to gather on this bridge and agitate. What a joke.

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Posted in: Trump seeks end to Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink See in context

The moment the democrats magically "found" an entire truckload of 40k ballots, 8k in some school and the Found ballots in random cars the vote counting should have ended and indictments handed out. Republicans ate not losing ground to a recoubt, the democrats are stuffing balit boxes and they are not even trying to hide their fraud

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Posted in: Pressure on girls for perfect body 'worse than ever', says Orbach See in context

Where is this pressure coming from? It isn't us guys doing it. Most men are happy a woman says yes far more than her appearance. Of course each country is different but America this is ridiculous as everything in America is biased for women. Women outnunber men, more women are employed, more women drive, more women graduate college than men. Schools, are designed to teach girls not boys. Socialist justice effectively puts men in jail for any accusation of insensitivity to women. So a male somehow disparaging a womans appearance to the point if causing the effect in this article, would end up sued or fired or worse. Girls and women need to lighten up.

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Posted in: With U.S. absent, world's exporters turn attention to China See in context

Perhaps the author doesn't understand how free economies work. Free trade or generally all trade with America are through the companies and individuals in America Not the, US government. Dozens if American companies like caterpillar and honeywell were present at the expo and that is who would be traded with. The US government itself really has no reason to be there because the American government doesn't participate directly in economic activity. So the article is a bit false, America was represented, the America that matters when it comes to trade and the government has no relevant reason to be there

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Posted in: Democrats take House control; Republicans expand Senate majority See in context

Not quite left wingers. Democrats had no wave and it wasn’t dissatisfaction with trump. The senate would have also been taken not expanded. The democrats barely took the house because right wing voters are dissatisfied with Paul Ryan and the buffoonery of the republicans in the house for the last 2 years

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Posted in: Is the U.S. still a real democracy? See in context

The USA is not and never was a pure democracy. It was rejected because a pure democracy is tyranny by mob and the ones in charge are those who can manipulate the feelings of herds of people. Nothing about that is a good idea. The article falsely claims the party rule systems of europevare superior and closer to democracy. Good for them but it explains why those countries are less free. Why Merkel in Germany can win with 37% of a vote and why the, EU in Brussels isn't elected at all. All of the comments about fake African or other America voting disenfranchisement are completely false, not even worth a comment. About the only examples of reduced voting freedom in America would be how California has imposed Marxist style one party rule voting. Getting ballots where key positions legally only have the Democrats for choices, all others not even allowed on the ballot. Republics are designed purposely to block the effect of mob rule in democracy.

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Posted in: Who is to blame for America's toxic environment? See in context

Blame is easy. The democrats or specifically the left wingers, progressive, liberals follow socialism which requires division, violence, intolerance, fakery and propaganda. It's a simple matter of a small group of liberals in the Democrat party want socialist tyranny, to remove freedom, collect all powervand resources for themselves and everyone else be subjugated to them. Everyone else is on the side of freedom and like any free person, will object to their freedom being taken away. So it's not hard to blame the democrats because taking away freedom is always wrong and the methods the democrats use to take that freedom is equally as wrong as the goal of socialism

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Posted in: Trade ministers, minus U.S., China, meet to discuss WTO overhaul See in context

Lol, no US or China, sounds like the WTO is finally on it's way out. Good. The thing is free trade doesn't really require a lot of "rules". Just generally don't be a fraud is, about . As trump said America is first but he would be fair to other nations, because other nations leaders should be putting their respective country first as well. The, WTO wants to put the, WTO and every other political class globalist bureaucrat elite first and scrrw the US, China and everyone else. These trade agreements and the WTO set up rules that puts the politicians in charge of trade so they can soak up Money for themselves from trade, obtain power over everyone by controlling trade. Niti, e in all trade agreements, the Individual human is always blocked from trading his time, ideas or products. I can't trade my labor because I'm blocked. That is contol of population. The WTO needs to end

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Posted in: Trump struggles for a plan should the migrant caravan arrive See in context

It would be nice if gor once media reported without liberal bias. Trump has a hardline on illegal aliens entering the country nit legal immigration, so the article is pushing fake news when it says this is immigration. These people are also not migrants nor refugees. Refugees are felling nothing when they sre proudly waving the flag of the place they left and they are not migrants when they are burning the flag of the place they are attempting to invade. And where is the journalism? How, about some investigative reporting on just how 10000 supposedly poor people magically have the money to arrange for a million dollars worth of food to feed all these people for 45 days and the fuel for the vehicles being used? It's 1200 miles or more, it's not as if mexico is a tiny country where the north and south border are a nature hike distance apart. So journalists, why no look into who is organizing this invasion?

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Posted in: European, Asian leaders want free trade; push back at Trump See in context

Interesting, they are doing what trump suggested not pushing back. Trump saidcat the end of that G7 summit, how about No tariffs, no subsidies, no barriers, completely free trade. So if the EU and Japan to it, they are agreeing with trump. Still, it's not real. Politicians use trade deals as a means to siphon money and control populations. They will never giver up either.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to send military, shut border as migrants head for Mexico See in context

Looks like the democrats failed again. They just don't get it, their games and scams are not going to work. This latest, organizing yet another Mob , this time to invade the US would have worked for Obama, because he would let them in. Trump is following relatively normal actions most people expect, don't let invaders in. Democrats at some point have to give up the socialism, the lies, the fabrications, the cons, the scams and the, abject greed if they want to start winning again

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Posted in: Europe’s North Korea moment See in context

The Iran nuke deal is the EU claim to fame? The deal where the EU, the US snd UN all look the other way to let Iran build nukes, instigate terror but do it all funded by the, UE and Obama? And the article thinks the incompetent politicians who did that, should be handling north Korea?

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Posted in: Trump says — without evidence — that Democrats are behind migrant 'caravan' See in context

I guess democrat operatives in Honduras handing out George Soros money to instigate these people isn't enough evidence for left wingers. This is how democrats work. They organize riots, lynchings, they started the Arab spring war for their political gain, organizing this migrant group is well within the Democrat party playbook

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Posted in: Trump says he won't accept blame if GOP loses House See in context

Since there is no blue wave and the house has only flipped 7 times in the last 150 years, especially during goof economic conditions, it just isn't going to happen. The democrats are showing they ste shallow, corrupt, crass clowns relying on gossip, porn stars, scams snd violent mobs. None of this will get them in. However, nothing is impossible here snd if the RNC does lose it the blame fallls on the idiot leftist wannabe Paul Ryan. He runs the house, he chose to be a total moron while in charge, heading hard left instead of staying Republican. They lose it, it's on him.

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Posted in: Google CEO says it is 'important to explore' China project See in context

Considering Google execs we're exposed as complete liberals who follow the same Marxist ideology as China, the real goal of Google is to use China to figure out AI to censor content effectively, then bring that back to the USA so the Democrats have a more effective censorship tool.

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Posted in: Who runs the (economic) world? It might soon be women See in context

Wonder if the liberals will ever give up being so obsessed with biological features as a means to judge people, with or measure by. The rest of the world sees only individual humans judging by merit or content of character

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Posted in: Kanye West delivers surreal Oval Office show See in context

Amusing. The Democrats appear to be upset about the fact one of the herd seems to have woken up and left the plantation. Hypocrisy at it's best, if Kanye was spouting the liberal marxism ideology of the Democrats they would be calling him hero not uncle tom

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Posted in: Technologies can help lives but boost inequality: U.N. report See in context

The article is nonsense. The only cause of inequality in the world is Government. If a country is not economically advanced it is because there is a government in that country preventing evolution to this century.

For example, when most central asian countries and north african countries ban women going to school and allow psychos to pour acid on little girls going to school, that is an effect of government making laws preventing education and not protecting rights. Same with food, any country could adopt the use of modern technology for agriculture, problem is those same countries and more of them in africa would again ban use, or the local political class or religious theocratic would demand paybacks and bribes preventing adoption and even if all that was overcome, those same people in local governments, warlords etc would steal the food produced anyway.

The next main fakery in this article is the claim technology kills jobs. It does not. If this were true then the industrial age would have ended in calamity not evolve into todays economy where billions have jobs and live well, technology has lifted more people out of poverty in the world, not created more. What happens is jobs change. For example, here in California the worry was self help and kiosk based cashiering would replace that type of job, the order taker or clerk. Irrelevant, what has happened is a personal delivery service companies to go to the same exact grocery story now exist, who needs a kiosk, when a human can delivery it, so the jobs simply moved to new and better.

What actually kills jobs is government as well. Not protecting the Right to Work, over taxation, over regulation are what kills jobs. What is happening today is jobs like Manufacturing are coming back because the above three government scamming on jobs was reduced enough for those types of companies to come back to the US. In any country, Government kills the job, they dont create jobs they can only get in the way.

So this UN article is nonsense. It is taking as assumption left wing socialist nonsense like inequality as a assumption as true, when its totally false, then writing an article to support the false assumption.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift gets political; endorses Democrats in midterms See in context

More likely she was told by the liberal politburo in Hollywood, start endorsing the Marxist democrats or find yourself with no work. For democrats you are either Marxist or you sre not, there is no such thing as not being part of it.

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Posted in: Women's groups aim to use Kavanaugh rage to boost voter turnout See in context

What is pathetic is these womens groups are getting up in arms over a fake accusation and pretending there is some conspiracy against women from the political right and they plan to take action. Meanwhile, actual Slavers in Africa put in power by the democrats during Obama are kidnapped females for sale, the likes of Harvey Weinstein permiate Hollywood snd silicon valley and yet from these same womens groups, nothing. Girls in slavery and these womens groups do not care

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Posted in: America's image worsens under Trump See in context

This, article is mistaking Or purposely rewriting recent history. Obama is the clown who destroyed the popularity of America across the world. Obama caused a wird wide depression, helped terrorism, helped communist tyranny, cause a refugee crisis and basically stabbed allies in the, back, like Ukraine, while helping adversaries like Putin and funding dangerous enemies of the world like Iran. As for the America first comment, tge article is leaving out what trump said. Yes America first in all negotiations but he, also said fair because he expects the leaders of all countries to put their own country first also. The fact is the complainers want America to be an endless bank account for foreign entities and sorry but America is not here to find the, stupidity of the rest of the world.

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