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Posted in: Johnson's win elevates 'no-deal' Brexit risks to UK economy See in context

No deal Brexit will hurt the EU economy not the UK. So there will likely be a deal because even the corrupt incompetent EU politicians must face the fact the EU csnt just cut off 1/3 of it's, economy

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Posted in: G7 finance chiefs pour cold water on Facebook's digital coin plans See in context

An interesting issue. On one side you have governments which are corrupt and fool around with currency all the time. They purposely cause inflation, the devalue currency and basically use currency and trade to fill the personal fortunes of those in government. But at least there is some level of stability, we can use currency for all trade, we can "fire" the bureaucrats and politicians. On the other side we get the appearance of total economic freedom from the government control of currency and the effects of those parasites. This sounds great right up until Zuckerberg purposely devalues his Libra because we wants an extra billion or worse, decides to use his currency as a means to further his liberal socialist insanity such as fining people Libra as retribution for exposing democrat party members for what they really are or posting arcticles on FB not in line with socialist rules. He does all of the above already the issue is you cant fire or toss him out if he does decide to fool around with this currency.

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Posted in: Leave the U.S., Trump tells congresswomen of color See in context

Fake news. Trump did not use, any words like "of color" or imply any sort if racism. The women in question have themselves made extremely bigoted and racists remarks, one appears to have committed fraud to get her brother a visa and both have called for laws and actions which are not part of the American culture or law. So saying if those two hate America, and love their former countries so much, evidenced by their own words, then suggestion they go back is a legitimate suggestion. Kind of sad two bigoted women can spew their hate but the media and left wing try to pin their hate on someone else.

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Posted in: Trump pattern is create a crisis, retreat, move on See in context

And back to reality. This author appear to be unable to distinguish between career government type who actually do create and perpetuate problems from CEO type who causes problems to be fixed and relatively quickly

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Posted in: France to impose green tax on plane tickets See in context

Politicians are consistent everywhere in the world, they are driven by abject greed and will use any scam or excuse to get money.

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Posted in: Iran breaches uranium stockpile limit set by nuclear deal See in context

And the people acting suprised or blaming trump need to really consider thinking about their position. Agreements like this are useless, that is why Trump backed out. Countries run by violent tyrannies DO NOT care about treaties. They sign deals knowing they have no intention of keeping them because that is what they do. They are violent tyrannies, they don't care about laws or deals or anyone not them. Countries who would follow a deal like that, you do not need to worry about in the first place. In the 1930s, Hitler and the Japanese emperor both signed deals limiting the size of weapons, at the time battleships. They signed, knowing they were both already building ships breaking the treaty. Both countries along with Italy and other axis countries all signed non-proliferation of war treaties. And guess what, they ignored those treaties as Italy invaded, Ethiopia, Japan invaded korea and Germany invaded poland. Bottom line is on one side you have countries that in general will avoid war, are not prone to random attacks of mass destruction and dont in violently oppress their own people, countries you can make treaties with. On the other side, are countries of violence, run by warlords, tyrants or religious fanatics who care so little about human life that they would in fact nuke a few cities just because some holy man said they are insulted or just to take territory or just because they want some entertainment. This is what Iran is and countries like this, are similar to pre-ww2 germany and japan, you cant make treaties with these countries, they wont follow them.

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Posted in: Putin says liberalism 'eating itself,' migrant influx wrong See in context

It is pathetic seeing Putin a guy who is basically a dictator having more intellectual capacity than the liberals around the world. The 20 liberal democrat party presidential candidates understand less about freedom than Putin, that is sad. He is right, Liberalism is dying, it is basically a tyranny like feudalism, where the rulers are these liberal elites and their cohorts rule over their victims. Even China, a communist nation has been rolling back liberalism for the last couple of decades, at least economically. Problem with liberalism dying is its followers are not going to go quietly.

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Posted in: Obama is a silent partner in Trump's boasts See in context

Still the media types are pretending Obama was somehow not a failure. It is not an Obama Trump decade of success implying Obama had anything to do with the last two years. It was 8 years of Obama's great recession, the second worst unemployment and taking what would have been a 1 year recession and turning it into 8 years of economic nightmare. Trump completely turned that around in less than 2 years. If Obama is a silent partner it's because he knows he ruined the world , Trump fixed Obama's mess and Obama can't spin it, So he stays silent

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Posted in: The race to win the U.S. Democratic primary: Where does it stand? See in context

It doesn't matter, the unhinged democrats are just extremist socialists coming off the back of Obama, probably the worst President in the last century, and the last 2 years of democrats and their fraud Russia nonsense, compared to the incumbent with one of the best economies ever among other successes, with undoing Obama at the top. Democrats have no chance, it really doesn't matter which of those 23 clowns the democrats put on the ballot.

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Posted in: What's app? See in context

Lol a friend told me that's a character from the seven deadly sins manga. She's the giant. No no, not those. The character really is a giant.

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Posted in: Pentagon tells White House to stop politicizing military after USS John McCain incident See in context

This nonsendr story hilarious. Even if some low level employee took it upon themselves to try to do it, the bottom line is Trump didn't give the order and the navy ignored it. Amusing is somehow the Pentagon giving orders? Trumps the guy in charge, he gives the orders and looks like the navy understands who the commander in chief is.

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Posted in: As Trump threatens tariffs, migrant families keep coming See in context

Typically the media is adding some fakery. The fakery is the article tossing in children who died of sickness they had before they came and also Had NOTHING to do with this situation. So for those reading, there are no dead children or dead anyone tied to this group of of illegal aliens and their current situation, that part is fake news. Since the media is who is reporting, the idea of hundreds crammed in a room for 30 people could be true but until a reliable source of evidence emerges, that claim can only be taken as possible but not proven. The media is not a reliable source.

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Posted in: U.S. judge deals blow to Trump's border wall plans See in context

This is just pointless posturing by the left wing liberals. This is the US military and the only person authorirized to give orders yo thr military is the commander in chief and that's the President, not some irrelevant judge. This court order and snd will be ignored.

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Posted in: Amid plague of U.S. mass shootings, 'heroes' emerge See in context

Just an FYI to people who don't live here in America, there is no plague of mass shootings in America and the article claiming there is no end in sight is simply a lie. These horrors are tragic but this asinine narrative that it only happens here and happens every day is simply false. As is the implied message that somehow a couple shootings and a few deaths is worse than numerous countries in Africa and asia where thousands are killed by psychotics with guns every day. Worse still are the comments blaming guns as opposed to blaming the humans, the completely insane belief these psycho murderers became that way because of a gun and otherwise would be nice people. What the problem is, would be liberal ideology and certain religions but mainly a liberal belief that society owes and any means is justify to satisfy whatever grievance the osycho thinks he has. Liberals train children until adults to believe they are victims of society and government will take from others on your behalf and then teach if government doesn't do it, then you can be violent to get what you desire. Some of those kids will take it that far and we end up with a mass murderer

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Posted in: Some worry that 'kirakira' names will cause kids to be bullied in school See in context

Ill have to agree with comments that it's not the names it's a culture of bullying. A persons name is a name given by parents fir whatever reason. Everyone else has no say noelr opinion. If other people, are, raising children to be bullies who would, attack someone over their name, then the Shame should be on parents of the bullying kids and on the bullying kids themselves. If this carries to adults, then an adult who would in any way impede a persons, existence over a name, should be liable for damages

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Posted in: Trump team resists oversight as Democrats dig in See in context

The only wannabe dictators abusing power would be the democrats in congress. After 2 years of violating law to commit a fraudulent investigation against Trump, they are doubling down with attempts to violate trumps and anyone working for him, friends and family will illegal attempts to obtain personal information or information about their companies outside the use of proper judicial channels. Congress makes law, that's it. Their only check on presidents is they make the law, the President executes on. Only the judicial branch is tasked with investigations, procecution all done through courts. Amusing though is, after, 8 years of Obama operating as a dictator ignoring law with his executive orders, now they accuse Trump of what their guy did, flowed by a dictator like congress

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Posted in: Man held over knives left on prince's classroom desk criticizes imperial system See in context

Using threatening or messing a 12 year old kid, the guy should be imprisoned forever just for the fact he did this to a minor.

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Posted in: Republicans call Democrats socialists. Will 2020 voters buy it? See in context

The democrats call themselves socialist, Republicans are not just fabricating a lie here or cherry-picking. The democrats proudly claim to be or follow socialism. Bernie sanders named himself a democrat socialist and 30% of democrats voted for him. Even the new ones like, AOC claim to proudly be socialist. So tp answer the question in the article, yeah most people will believe it because democrats have self identified as socialist

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Posted in: What does it take to remove a U.S. president from office? See in context

Articles like this are a bit disingenuous in motive. The author knows no impeachment will happen. This, article is meant to make it seem like it could happen. Say a lie often enough it appears true, that's the motive behind these articles. Bottom line is well over half the population would be against and even appalled, at congress fir making the attempt. Nixon left because the people, were, successfully turned against him. Clinton stayed because the people, even right wingers didn't support it and in both cases there, was at least actual crimes to use. With Trump there is no crime at all and the people will likely vote anyone out of office who backed impeachment.

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Posted in: Hatred of journalists turning to violence, watchdog warns See in context

More fske news. The only places where violence against journalists has been occuring is north Africa and central Asia and it's been going on since 2002 when Daniel pearl was beheaded by terrorists in Pakistan. Amazing how this article basically pretends that never happened. As hot hatred, that's more of a left wing problem, they hate with a small faction willing to be violent, actual right wingers (not the pretend right-wing which the left fantasizes about), real right wingers are are not typically afflicted by emotional outburst like hate nor violence. However, I general the media is hated and the, reason is because the fskers who call themselves journalists are not journalists, they are propagandists, both left and right, and the scams the journalists lie about have caused misery, riots and possibly death. So how unreasonable is it to not like journalists when they can't report reality and tend to instigate riots and destruction with their fake news. Of course, yellow journalists are the cause of their own problem, the fact remainsvthey have readers who are volitile and will become unhinged if they, are not reading what they want to hear and can't deal with reality

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Posted in: Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns See in context

This is just an efeect of the pervasive liberal ideology of the people in silicon valley. Normal people don't need ethics boards to tell then what is right or wrong and normal people lean to consider questionable acts as wrong until more information comes. Which means coding AI should result in normal ethics if voded by people who have the capacity to be ethical. People who need ethics boards, are the opposite, they consider everything right, including bad actions, until some board votes it wrong. We don't need people like this developing AI.

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Posted in: Thanks to crony capitalism, ride-sharing services may be waiting in the wings See in context

Interesting how the article blames capitalism when in fact it's government. It's government which created a defacto monopoly on transport services, with expensive licenses and laws banning competition. The reason is government can soak more money out if a monopoly it controls. At any time politicians could simply end it, they choose not too. It has nothing to do with capitalism

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Posted in: 2020 Democrats' new litmus test: Abolish Electoral College See in context

Democrats are ensuring not only 4 more years of Trump but an additional 8 years for Republican replacement. Liberals don't realize they only comrise if 30% of the population, most of their Democrat voters are not this extreme and will be turned off by the hardcore Marxist level turn the democrats are making. The electoral college nonsense is an election killer. Most people fsll into two camps, those who can't understand it, this group will think it's unnecessary to worry about when it's worked fine and there are more important and relevant things to fix, the other group knows abolishing the electoral college amounts to one party rule, rule by 2 cities and devolving to old world parliamentary politics. The democrats have hitched their hopes to an impossible win, it's not going to be changed and best of all, presidents, are not involved in constitutional amendments, so it's even more of a pointless position for a President

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Posted in: NZ gov't to announce gun reforms within 10 days See in context

Very odd logic. Psycho criminal kills with gun, so government response is to restrict guns to regula people who font commit crimes. No actual action taken against criminals who have guns.

This is followed by the equally odd result of no one there to stop the criminal because only criminals would have guns. I'll point out the part of the story left wing media is hiding, it was a law abiding citizen who had a weapon which caused the psycho killer to stop killing people and run away. So thr next time this happens, since gun laws don't affect criminals, the next time there, will be more death because no citizens will have a gun to respond with.

The logic of gun laws is flawed, the end result will be only criminals with guns and those criminals comforted by the fact they can kill indiscriminately because they know none of the victims will be armed.

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Posted in: Trump's 'MAGAnomics' gets a thumbs-down from Democrats See in context

Meanwhile, the rest of us who are not democrats will continue to enjoy the best economy and all of the jobs, money and other benefits which go with it, while we ignore the great recession causing democrats.

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Posted in: 'He said, he said' - Who can you trust in Cohen-Trump saga? See in context

Trust Cohen , a guy who has been convicted of tax evasion, bank fraud and is not in jail because of some deal made with antagonists of Trump and oh yeah, a convicted liar or trust Trump, no convictions and has kept at least campaign promises to boost the economy and other stuff successfully. Not really a tough choice here

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Posted in: Omar furor reflects intensifying national debate over Israel See in context

This is supposed to be a free country where people at least live and let live, not intolerance and vitriol based on beliefs or biology. Instead we have a Democrat party which has decided a communist and an Islamist, neither of which have any sort of experience at anything relevant, are now the defacto leadership of the Democrat party and both are making racist, bigoted and divisive comments which the rest of the Democrat party is choosing to legitimize and the democrats media is choosing to protect. The Democrat party of America is falling victim to it's own political correctness it's own ideology

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Posted in: As newspapers close throughout U.S., role of government watchdog disappears See in context

Media, newspapers or any journalism based publications are failing because they collectively stopped being a government watchdog, starting back in the 80s. The, article is incorrect to conclude media is being ignored therefore the government watchdog is gone. Media is supposed to help protect people from government. Instead, all media protects their preferred faction of government from the people. Journalism is long dead and what's left are propaganda services called news and people have no real use for or interest in propaganda.

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Posted in: Can Zuckerberg really make a privacy-friendly Facebook? See in context

And what fools trustd this guy? If Zuckerberg was going to provide security of private information, he, would have built it into Facebook to start with.

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Posted in: Cohen's lawyer says Trump advisers were 'dangling' pardons See in context

Cohen is a convicted liar, among other crimes walking around free clearly spewing whatever words Mueller is telling him to say under duress of going to actual jail. Still back to convicted liar, pretty much anything this guy says is a lie, he should be ignored not treated like a celebrity

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