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Posted in: Injured Olympic champion Hanyu drops out of NHK Trophy See in context

I know that he will be healed in time to win the Winter Olympics. How do I know that? He was born to make history!

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Posted in: Japan wanderlust: Get on up to Tohoku See in context

This place looks amazing! Definitely adding it to the next itinerary.

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Posted in: 'Wonder Woman 2' gets December 2019 release date See in context

Excellent news. Still brings a smile to my face, thinking of the angry, angry men out there who claimed nobody would go see the first instalment.

It recently surpassed "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" to become the top domestic earner of the summer movie season and the second highest of the year, behind "Beauty and the Beast."

I'm a little reticent to see the live action BatB; if only because the original was so enchanting and full of charm. Then again; it could be a pleasant surprise like the latest incarnation of The Jungle Book.

I am very pleased this is coming! Such a wonderful role model, and great movie!

And you should definitely see BatB Toasted Heretic, they did a really great job of giving you what you loved about the 90's movie while adding so much more!

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Posted in: Anime 'One Piece' to become live-action TV series…produced in the U.S See in context

I still read this manga and it is one of my favorite guilty pleasures! Even if my superfandom will make me hypercritical when it finally comes out, I am still really grateful that this series may garner more international fans from this endeavor! Gambatte Adelstein and Oda!

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Posted in: Airlines will need 637,000 new pilots over next 20 years: Boeing See in context

Looks like this is the new field to go into if you want to be guaranteed a career! That's a lot of openings over the next 20 years, if you are open to the airline and region of course.

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Posted in: Netflix announces new show from creator of 'The Simpsons' See in context

Really looking forward to this one! And since it's Netflix, as soon as it drops, Binge-able!

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Posted in: Hijab cosplay takes off as Muslim women embrace fan culture See in context

Good for them! Looks like they are having a great time!

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Posted in: Tokyo must step up now, 3 years from Olympics, Mori says See in context

Really hope that his goes well, don't remember any positive outcomes for cities hosting the olympics during my lifetime, and I really don't want one of my favorite cities to be harmed by this. Time will tell! Gambatte Tokyo!

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Posted in: Ben Affleck denies being dropped as Batman See in context

Really happy he is still Batman! And love the idea of the story focusing on the detective aspects of Batman! We all know he is a bad-ass, and can handle himself in crazy situations, now show us what garners the respect of the rest of the Justice League in the comics...his mind!

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Posted in: Wanted: Housewives to beat staff crunch at FamilyMart See in context

I love this solution. It's a step in the right direction, and will make it easier for those without a solid work history to make extra money for their families, as long as the hours are as flexible as they say they are. And working on making it easier for them to take on supervisory positions is great!

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Posted in: Dive into the veggie noodle world with 'zoodles' See in context

This looks delicious! Can't wait to try it during these hot summer months!

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Posted in: Tokyo’s beautiful new license plates are based on one of Japan’s most famous woodblock paintings See in context

This plate is beautiful! We just visited the Hokusai Museum in Sumida and it was breathtaking!

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Posted in: Seven diet-sabotaging Japanese foods to avoid…or seek out See in context

Oh, but Tonkatsu is so wonderful! Even on these recent hot days we can't help but treat ourselves to some! We justify it with all the walking around that Tokyo, I'm sure that makes it ok!

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Posted in: Documentary on Hayao Miyazaki goes on sale See in context

I loved "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness" and can't wait for another look inside the life of this great animator!

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Posted in: Why is Japanese customer service so amazing? Because in Japan it’s one strike and you’re out See in context

Regardless of the reason for it, the customer service is always one of the best things that my wife and I remember about our Tokyo trips. It is always jarring after spending a lot of time abroad then coming home to experience customer service in the States!

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