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Posted in: Puerto Rico beats Japan to reach WBC final See in context

USNinJapan2 daijoboots Koji Yamamoto has come out and said it was a double steal, and that Ibata missed the sign.

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Posted in: Tight-fisted firms deal blow to Abe's revival plan See in context

@bokuwamo Tu quoque.

Most posters would acknowledge the economic problems in their respective countries, but directing attention towards the US or Europe doesn't make Abe's economic policies any more credible. Nor is it the topic of this article.

Labour laws, work/life balance among other things need to be addressed in tandem with economic policy to be effective, otherwise it will be just a stop-gap measure

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. troops consider drill to retake island See in context

So when is "D"-okdo Day? How about they land at Ieodo and really rustle everyones' jimmies?

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Posted in: There is no evidence that people called comfort women were taken away by force or threat by the Japanese military. If three is such evidence, South Korea should provide it. See in context

So, Hashimoto has proven he is more of a politician than a diplomat? And we're surprised based on his actions to date? Glad we clarified that. Not going to touch the 'who has the least bullshoot argument' going on in the rest of the thread, though I did read the ampontan link via nigelboy.

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Posted in: Can samurai period dramas be revived? See in context

Tie in relevant issues in modern society to the theme of the episode - this formula was used incredibly well with the Battlestar Galactica reboot. Say, if Mito Komon was tacking the exploitation of underage women (enjo-kosai), tackling a corrupt daimyo taking advantage of a crisis situation (TEPCO/Fukushima). I haven't analysed the K-historical dramas, but can't helped their fuelled by a swelling of national pride backed up by increases in GDP.

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Posted in: Hollywood studios lose Australian download appeal See in context


If an ISP is repeatedly notified that their IP address www.xxx.yyy.zzz has been sharing copyrighted material and the ISP does nothing about it, then they become an accomplice to intellectual property theft. If a particular ISP becomes a known haven for crooks...

This really depends on your definition of "intellectual property theft" "copyrighted material" and whether violating the first makes one a "crook" I personally would not place unlicensed use of media alongside crimes such as "robbery" or "theft" or even "fraud", based upon the impact that the latter crimes (and I mean crimes) compared to the fragrancies of the former - something akin to jaywalking Many innovators of today are "crooks" if I am inferring your definition correctly.

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Posted in: Hollywood studios lose Australian download appeal See in context

Patenting and Copyrighting often reward the first to make a legal claim, rather than the true inventor/innovator - much like empires colonising the world during the age of exploration (see Eddie Izzard's "Do you have a flag?" routine if you don't see the parallels)

How many novels can be said to be truly original? How many songs? What if I copyrighted C#, or B♭? This is the problem with copyright, in particular how it is used to curb innovation, rather than inspire it - copyright rewards those who are either first or have the better lawyers.

A corporation having eternal rights over a mouse caricature until the end of time? Why, because they were the first to draw animated mice?

On topic, in a free society, why should a service provider regulate potential negative use of their products and/or services? It is antithetical to the entire idea of a free society. I applaud, and agree wholly with bagmigrane's post

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Posted in: How do you feel about being a ‘gaijin’ in Japan? See in context


Thanks for pointing out the case in point - here is some more information http://www.courts.go.jp/hanrei/pdf/20101220104616.pdf http://qanda.rakuten.ne.jp/qa7369685.html

Some points 1) This was a district/regional court decision, and as such it has no jursidiction outside Oita 2) Even within Oita, there are potential grounds for a legal challenge (While I'm no expert, Article 14 of the constitution might be a good argument; I acknowledge that the Supreme Court does have decisions which state "Reasonable Prejudice", but I don't know on what grounds a nation can withhold welfare and tax residents at the same time - just my opinion though 3) the link you have listed isn't the most credible (though neither is the second post I listed, but it is still more credible than the opinions of an activist for the most entitled race on earth, at any point in history to this date; few would refute the actual court case though)

On topic, being a gaijin is ok. I've been out of the country for a while, but while I was there, I can say I had a mixed impression - somethings are great (cheap, delicious food), somethings are not great (cash has its limitations; as does consensus in decision making)

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Posted in: 8 Osaka teachers to be punished for refusal to sing national anthem See in context

@Dentshop @Ben_Jackinoff The word you're looking for is "hindsight"

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Posted in: Ishihara agrees with Nagoya mayor's Nanjing massacre denial See in context


We love Japan. I don't like that these people can represent Japan - most Japanese people are incredibly respectful, and truly atone for the horrific events of the war. I do not understand how our opinion of a person who is not you, can possibly offend you, yourself.

I personally want to apologise every time an Australian is responsible for an indescretion - and feel the need to defend my country and my people, but at the same time distance myself from the person, who may be a complete bigot, thereby giving all the people in my country a bad name.

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Posted in: Osaka gov't workers' emails screened for evidence of union, political involvement See in context

@Hide Suzuki

I was hoping you wouldn't bring up JR - definately a success. I agree. I'm just very disappointed similar moves have not benefited citizens in my home country, so I wouldn't call my opinion completely wrong, just wrong in this context perhaps. I still believe that privatisation is an option for Osaka - perhaps along with the subway system. I'm just not as optimistic that it will be a success. I also never liked Hashimoto on 行列できる法律相談所 so I'm biased in that regard

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Posted in: Osaka gov't workers' emails screened for evidence of union, political involvement See in context

"...The revelation comes days after the city government came under fire for distributing a questionnaire to its employees over their political and union activities between Feb 9 and 16. The survey, which included questions about employees’ off-duty activities, beliefs and creed..."

This is the part I have a problem with. While employers have the right to screen work emails, I hope that they are benevolent in their practices. Using membership in any legal organisation as the basis for dismissal is illegal in Japan, and in most democratic nations.

@Hide Suzuki

"The Osaka city bus drivers make over 8,000,000 although the entire bus division have been losing money for 28 years. Hashimoto is trying to reduce their salaries, do you have any problem with that ?"

The answer is privitisation. Bus driver jobs will be culled, services will suffer, fares will increase, and the corporation that takes over operations will benefit. But at least tax payers will get what they pay for.

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Posted in: Osaka gov't workers' emails screened for evidence of union, political involvement See in context

I don't have a problem with employers having access to employee mail, assuming that private mail remains just that - private.

"screening the emails of civil servants in an attempt to find evidence of union activities and political affiliation among them"

seems to violate articles 14 and 28 of the constitution of Japan. Surely a tv lawyer (Hashimoto) would know that.


perhaps a necessary evil to bring democratic values to this country.

I don't understand

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Posted in: Healthy knee day See in context

Too bad the "Best Healthist"award belongs to someone in Kabuki-cho.

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Posted in: Education can solve religion-science conflicts See in context

"...to bet I'm one of the only people in this hemisphere that is well versed in the long dead theory of luminiferous aether. Quantum theory it terribly dry by comparison..."

I'm not well versed. What I do know it was disproven, and relativity explains most of how we perceive space-time today. And I'm a liberal arts student, and live in the southern hemisphere.

...John Bardeen even if he darn well deserved it...

I did learn something today. Thank you for ridding the world of vacuum tubes Mr Bardeen!

In topic though, it only seems to be fringe groups, groups looking for personal gain that are exacerbating this issue. I'm Catholic too - I apologise for what happened to Galileo. As for evolution - maybe it was a bunch of black monoliths...possibly sent by god?

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Posted in: Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan See in context


You can't go outside with the baby for the first month after birth. Apparently because it's too risky with air pollution, dirt etc. But open the window in the apartment (surely most people do that at least once a month?) and it's the same bloody air!!!

That's a Chinese medicine thing - my wife said that is what she will do once she conceives

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Posted in: Western pupils lag behind Asians by three years: study See in context


How is this evaluated? Very strange.


Standardised tests, while good at giving an overview do not depict the whole picture. Korea, Japan, and the Chinese diaspora all have an emphasis on rote learning over the western creative model. This has advantages, but if you want disadvantages, below is a link to criticisms of Chinese students studying abroad - these lessons can be applied to many students who study overseas, but it is much more prevalent among students from asian countries.


Somewhere else, either on this forum or elsewhere, an ESL teacher was talking to her students who were all parents, and highly critical of the education system in that particular western country. The teacher asked the class two questions: "What are the top 5 countries for innovation?" followed by "What are the top 5 countries for copying innovation?". The complaints decreased exponentially.

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Posted in: What do you think are the main reasons why U.S. car sales are so low in Japan? See in context


Gajinfo there is NO DUTY on imported cars, although there is 5% import consumption tax, but that applies to all imports.

That may be the case, but higher registration costs act as de facto tariffs. Surely US badged Chinese imports would be much cheaper to sell. That being said, Buffett noted the importance of competative advantage that act as barriers to entry into a particular market - Japanese companies have worked hard builing their brands for an extended period of time in a way that US car manufacturers have not - following a Gillette model where you pay a lower initial investment for a product, only to pay for replacements, and other higher on road costs.


Quality. Japanese cars are the best in the world. There's no need to buy imports. And patriotism. We want our people to keep their jobs.

Yes, patriotism...so why are the factories full of Brazilians?

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Posted in: Video of Chinese boy crying in snow sparks uproar See in context

If you watch the video and understand Chinese, it's not as bad as the article makes out. Still wouldn't do it to my kid though.

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Posted in: Honor and loyalty See in context

@Blair Herron

I'm surprised that Makoto grew up and educated in Japan.

I bet Makoto studied history in Japanese school

I think that you stand by your latter statement. The way history is taught in Japan varies greatly with many other countries in the world.


I hope you read the comments on your posts (apart from the blatantly rude ones), and understand why people are sometimes (often) offended by what you write. Loyalty is not a trait that is unique to Japan - as Blair Herron, Tyler Vandenberg et al have pointed out. In fact, the recent corporate scandals (Tepco, Olympus) indicate that loyalty is a trait that is lacking in Japan.

You may aruge that these action are out of loyalty to employers - not so. It is about face, mentsu, "面子". Olympus was obliged to be loyal to its shareholders - yes, the delaying the release of bad news in the short term may maintain share prices, but often delays the inevitable: eventually there is too much to cover up. Tepco had obligations to power users and citizens living near power plants - obligations that they didn't live up to.

"I am from a country which values (or used to) loyalty a lot. Japanese kamikaze pilots were very loyal and died for their country. They flew with a gas tank which had enough fuel to fly only one way, knowing that they wouldn’t come back to their country and they crashed into American ships during WWII. Many Japanese businessmen used to work for one company all their lives, pledging their loyalty to it."

Many workers at manufacturers in the Western world were equally loyal - hard to believe I know! Many are now wards of the state, requiring government support, or taking minimum wage work to survive.

"Before I moved to the U.S., I didn’t expect loyalty to exist here. It’s not an insult, but I simply thought it was a Japanese thing."

It is insulting, and shows a lack of education on your part. That isn't meant to be an insult to you personally, more an indictment of the Japanese education system Read: "The Red Badge of Courage" "All Quiet on the Western Front" "A Farewell to Arms" - See "Saving Private Ryan" "Bridge over the River Kwai". Better yer, watch the new Christian Bale movie "The Flowers of War". Watch all of it. Then come back and talk about loyalty.

"One difference between Japan and the U.S. is that in the U.S., you choose how you want to live your life. There is no pressure on you to be loyal from society, your country, or anyone"

I disagree.

"...the “What’s in it for me?” attitude..."

Can you be more specific? Maybe people come across with this attitude have families/dependants to support?

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Posted in: Parents of hit-and-run victim present petition demanding stiffer penalty for defendant See in context


The kid (for he is a minor) may or may not deserve more than the max seven years he can get for this

The kid was the victim. The perp was 47, drunk and didn't have a license.

Reseach was done in Australia recently regarding senctencing, with the public generally feeling that sentences were too light, while people who had served on juries felt that sentences were apt.

It is very easy to judge based on the evidence presented by Japan Today, or newspaper articles; much harder once you are sitting in the courtroom. If the Japanese prosecution doesn't wish to elevate this crime to Vehicular Homicide, there is a reason for them doing so - Japan doesn't have a 99% conviction rate for nothing - they make charges they think will stick.

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Posted in: UFC 144: World's most violent sport hits Tokyo See in context


Dunno if I'd be loud and proud about supporting such freak-show violence - and then insulting us sportspeople and fans by calling it a "sport"! Sorry, Bro - this "Krav Maga" aint a sport - it's a violent circus show for those plods with IQ60 and under

UFC incorporates standing and grappling fighting styles, each with their advantages and disadvantages. Practicioners predominantly use Karate and Kickboxing (Muay Thai) as the basis for their standing attacks, while most use Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the basis for grappling, although some have a freestyle wrestling background. I think it's too easy to dismiss events like this as 'freak show violence', even though a great deal of dedication goes into the physical and also mental preparation involved; in particular, the almost chess like way in which move is responded to by counter-move. I would encourage you to take up either Karate or Judo, and learn the various techniques that are employed by MMA fighters in the blink of an eye - perhaps you may not simply dismiss it as an abomination on sport.

Krav Maga is the hand to hand combat system developed by the Israeli military to reflect real combat - anything goes. I wouldn't call it a sport, but self defence is not just for 'plods with IQ60 and under'.


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Posted in: Japan protests to China over undersea gas drilling See in context


Perfect explanation. Both sides can claim it's their 'candy bar', but one side's already eating it.


Why have neither side brought it to a neutral arbitrator? More importantly, why hasn't Japan started exploration, or if it lacks the technology, used a multinational to start exploration for them?

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Posted in: Japan protests to China over undersea gas drilling See in context

If I saw it first is mine. If I touched it or held it first is mine. If I think it is closer to my country is mine. This will go on for a while.

China just licked it and put it back

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to boost economic, security ties See in context

so if Japan fights Russia and wins.... It would be a "just" war from our perspective.

Yes - but the rest of the world would decry your actions. Japan would lose a lot of the soft power it had built up post WWII. War should not be bandied about as a possible means to reclaiming the islands.

Then Japan can claim all of the land it can capture, perhaps with Chinese help.

This is really off topic. I was agreeing with @smithinjapan - No, Japan doesn't have a legitimate claim to the islands; any claim by politicians to the contrary is merely for votes, and economic concerns trump national pride, which is what happened. I don't think China will ally itself with Japan under any circumstances this millenium.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to boost economic, security ties See in context

put blame where blame is due the Russians. They shot down an airliner over these islands. The perp was never punished, if Russia has any decency they would return these islands

Actions of an individual madman (I'm not aware of this incident, but assume the perpetrator is not mentally sound) do not reflect government policy. Japan lost the war; Russia took advantage of this situation to enter the war and claim spoils. That is their reward - and Japan's punishment.

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Posted in: Japan, Russia to boost economic, security ties See in context

The sneaky, honorless Russians swooped in at the end of the war and seized the islands which had Japanese people living on them for generations

There are still residents from there still alive and giving up legitimize Russian aggression.

@Serrano @YuriOtani

And the Kanto-gun was honorable and just as it swept through Manchuria and China? The Korean Peninsula, Taiwan, Karafuto and the Kurils were all unquestionably Japanese BEFORE the Pacific war. Blame the Taisei Tokusankai NOT Russia for what happened before, during and after WWII.

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Posted in: What can be done to ease tensions between Iran and Western nations? See in context

A pentathalon involving a champion from the US and Iran competing in events such as throwing grenades from a Lexus in the desert, camel racing, scimitar dueling. Winner gets either nuclear capability or oil. Seriously though, both sides need to chill out.

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Posted in: U.S. to expand military presence in Australia to counter China See in context

The true reason for war, however it is rationalised by the government of the time, is to protect national interests - intrests which change with time. Australia and the United States have similar values, which is why there is a closer natural affinity and closer ties that have existed since Australia became a federated nation in its own right. That isn't to say close ties cannot be made with China - Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minster, diplomat in China and now current Foreign Minister has advocated them in public (while privately expressing his disdain with dealing with Chinese bureaucracy).

Konsta said @ Sep. 16, 2011 - 08:12PM JST

---For one, it will only increase real tensions with China, China's military preparations and expenses. China is also very worried about obscene US presence in the region. Thus, it will only decrease Japanese security and increase Chinese threat, and may even make it real. Do you need it, JapanGal? ---For two, the new US presence may produce US intervention into some local war on terror/democracy/etc., in which Japan will be inevitably involved financially or physically. Would you like to pay, what if? ---For three, the US will use that base to ALWAYS press Japanese government with the threat to relocate there US troops, which are stationed in Japan now. Not all of them, but enough to diminish Japanese security. Which will lead to either that Japan will do everything the US wants or again decreased security and increased threat (taking into consideration point 1). Maybe you do need that? ---For four, It's just in general strange to welcome increased military presence. Smart countries try to agree with neighbors peacefully. See examples of Europe and the US themselves.

All valid points. I counter the first point by highlighting the strong economic ties between not only AUS/US and China but also Japan. However I acknowledge that any action perceived as aggresion (and a perception, not a reality is all that is required) will be countered with sanctions and trade restrictions, such as those that occured after the incident in near the Senkaku/Diaoyu border, where China cut off the supply of rare metals until Japan backed down. Rather than direct conflict, see this strengthening of the alliance as a chess move; a political move - China may complain, not for rational reasons, but because they have to maintain face, even though they know they would do the same in the same situation. Rebutting the other points, they don't refer directly to the situation in Japan, so I don't see the relevance, other than that this article is on a Japan oriented forum. Feel free to elaborate so I can agree or disagree.

jackieng @Sep. 16, 2011 - 11:26PM JST

this is hilarious. and what is australia's 'interests'? china and australia have no territorial disputes. china is autralia's largest trading partner. australia needs china to keep buying their iron ore and coal. it was thanks to china that australia escaped the global financial crisis. so tell me, what 'interests' does the australians need the US to protect?

One of the tenets of democracy, in both US and Australia is respect for human rights - something that has been liberally interpreted in the past, where suited I agree. This has enabled the deals with dictators that you have mentioned in the other posts. It also enabled the allied powers to counter the expansion of autocratic empires in the World Wars. So physically no interests are being infringed upon by China's military and economic growth. But many citizens of both the US and Australia oppose the crackdown on minorities in Xinjiang/Uighur provences, occupation in Tibet, and perhaps most alarming, the detaining of Australian citizens for extended periods of time without notifying embassies/consulates after pressing charges. These fall under the banner of national interests, and will be defended, albeit sometimes in a very superficial manner. If you disagree, I wish to know why.

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Posted in: Japan trails international peers in social media-based marketing See in context

Did they include mixi in their 'research'? Just because J-companies have avoided Facebook, etc. Doesn't mean that they are ignoring the power of the internet. Granted, they do tend to be last on the boat though

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