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I'll miss you - hope to see you after your marriage falls apart

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@knowitall There seems to be an amazing lack of real time online radiation monitoring sites around Tokyo

The Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Public Health's hourly measurements don't count? Sorry, they don't provide information in English. I assume they have greater priorities now than translating geiger counter readings.

Valid point here. Many people lament the lack of information despite the fact that in many (note: but not all) cases there is information available in Japanese.


Panic buying of food (I saw 1 man with 100kg of rice last night in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) and gas and no the buying out of all geiger counters.

There should really be quotas in place; actions like these could mean that people miss out on essentials - it counters all the good will stories that are being reported regarding the patience and vigilance being shown by the Japanese - though I did read a mixi post about a 'suspicious' tokyo gas employee, so those at risk please look out for con artists/opportunists.

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"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" As a neutral third party, it's easy to see that Maehara and his Chinese counterpart are simply appealing to nationalistic ideals in their constituencies, despite those in business wanting to return to the status quo: don't mention the war.

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I know that when I was in Japan, I wanted to be treated like everyone else, not an outsider or alien. Asking staff to use different language with foreigners undermines the efforts of foreigners who learn the language, and is just another reason for the 'us' and 'them' mentality. I expect no less of persons seeking residence in my country (Australia).

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Posted in: In Japan, the customer is not king See in context

There are always ways to escalate your problem where staff are not complying, provided your request is a reasonable one. Ask for the shift manager, outline your problem; if the manager will not comply go over his head - to the complaints department if it is a major company. As many people have pointed out, the old couple running the small stand will often be more willing to help you than the arbeit-er unused to dispute resolution.

Beer will massive head is prevalent here - this is due to the tap construction: pull for beer, push for foam, as opposed to the western world where beer pulling is a skill. But if you're only getting half a beer when you ask for without foam, or half a drink when you purchase a drink (other than from a vending machine) feel free to kick up a stink - you pay for a product, and if the product is not what you pay for, don't pay, or get a replacement.

Examples where cheese is being left on food despite customer requests, or customers being unable to change the drinks on their meal are asking for trouble, particularly in cases where the customer has an allergy.

Be friendly, use a smile, and point out the logic in satisfying individual requests.

To those who can't understand keigo, learn it. It's a skill worth learning. I haven't seen a reason justifying not knowing keigo in any of the comments, and I believe it is a reasonable expectation of someone living in Japan to understand language used in the wider world. Not knowing the language leaves you without a leg to stand on in disputes - if you can't communicate your ideas, you can't win any arguments

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Maybe he's growing it for a role?

Oda Nobunaga

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If parental abduction is not a crime in Japan, why is he in custody?

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As cruel as they are, the Skeletor references are hilarious. And yes, everyone who referenced traditional beauty as being someone with a rounder figure, 1000 points a piece. You now may do the credits as a clucking chicken.

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At around $40,000 US, the money you save on fuel would pay the car off over time. In these times, I would be willing to sacrifice style and speed for fuel efficiency and reliability.

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Posted in: Downtown's Matsumoto announces shotgun marriage to ex-weathergirl See in context

Matsumoto~! Out~!

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Posted in: Baseball to add women to Olympic bid See in context

And Korea, and much of Central America

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Real problem with baseball it´s uninteresting, very much, to 199 countries. And interesting to only two: Japan and USA.

You forgot Poland

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Posted in: Pregnant junior high school teacher harassed by students’ 'Miscarriage Club' See in context

bdiego at 06:56 PM JST - 7th April

Actually, causing a miscarriage is murder legally speaking. The more you know.. (cue music) Is that the ruling in Japan? Not attacking, but if someone has a precedent reference (preferably japanese supreme court) I would greatly appreciate it.

In regards to the article, it just seems that the problems seem to be growing, despite those in powers (feeble) attempts to fix them. The lack of discipline is astounding. This is not just a jibe at Japan. Anyone who (shudder) watches current affairs can support me that lack of responsibility by parents is a cause of concern all over the world. Education is not just the responsibility of educational facilities, but the parents as well.

Also I'm amused how life imitates art - similar incidences have been depicted in GTO and the like

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Posted in: Sony PS3 outsells Nintendo Wii in Japan in March See in context

So how to keep it like that sony?

Release Final Fantasy XIII (PS3 Exclusive in Japan)

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Some people would rather have the illusion of safety than the reality; if there is an arrest for every crime problem solved, right? It's a pity the respective Bar associations don't get enough attention; hopefully with changes to the exam and law school system there will be change. But for now we can only hope and applaud the few willing to make a difference, bucking popularity and saying things that some just don't wanna hear

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I prefer Yotsumoto's table tennis uniform. But I am rooting for Ogu-shio in the Olympics (no pun intended)

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Is that why Kumi's legs are in that awful position? And where is that mascot's hand going?

Mascot stealing home!

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My question is: Would you support the death penalty if your child or loved one was the person who had a committed a vicious murder/murders? Or would you beg for their lives?

I would beg for their lives. I realise the flaws of capital punishment, and am glad to have been born in a country in which it has been abolished. That being said, I can't help but think that some criminals violate their right to live. I finish with a quote from the movie 'The Boondock Saints' available in Japan under the title 「処刑人」

CONNOR Weird, huh?... Know what I think is weird? Decent men with loving families go home every day after work. They turn on the news and see rapists, murderers, and child molesters all getting out of prison... Little girls catchin' stray bullets in their heads, playin' hopscotch in their front yards. And everyone thinks the same thing...Someone should just go kill those motherf%#@$

I don't support vigilantism, as that can be as flawed as the legal system, but sometimes they draw one's empathy, and that of society as a whole.

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