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Posted in: Controversial Grace Kelly movie to open Cannes festival See in context

Dahan had told French newspaper Liberation that he was being blackmailed by Weinstein into signing off on a new edit which did not represent his original vision

Weinstein is doing the exact same thing with the movie Snowpiercer. He needs to stop thinking/saying Americans are too stupid to understand these movies and release them as intended by their creators.

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Posted in: A world without antibiotics? The risk is real, say experts See in context

What I'd like to know is how farmers even have access to antibiotics.

The truth is that given the problem at hand, the use of antibiotics should be highly controlled. Doctors shouldn't be able to prescribe them for every little thing and people shouldn't be able to take them without supervision (in many countries TB drugs are taken under supervision). It's a logistic nightmare, I know, but a world where antibiotics don't work is a much worse nightmare.

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Posted in: Tougher laws advocated to restrain 'revenge porno' posters See in context

Regardless of sexual preferences, people who allow themselves to be photographed or filmed naked or while having sex are putting themselves at risk. I'm not saying it's their fault if such pictures/videos end up online, but they're not entirely innocent either.

Trusting the other person is very nice and romantic, but you also need to count on human nature.

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Posted in: Fishermen take cover to slaughter dolphins in face of Western criticism See in context

I have no problem with the consumption of meat (dolphin meat included). It's not an unnatural behaviour and is practiced by many other animals. What I do have a problem with is the cruel way in which animals are treated, and the excessive amount of meat (and food in general) that is consumed in many countries. Not to mention there are too many human beings in the world when compared to the resources available, but that's another subject.

I don't think dolphins shouldn't be eaten because they're intelligent.

Gandhi was right in saying that "The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated" and in that respect the whole world still has a long way to go.

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Posted in: Olympic judo champion loses appeal over 5-year jail term for rape See in context

What if she is lying about it?

It doesn't matter. He admitted to sleeping with her and there are witnesses saying she was very drunk. According to Japanese law that's enough to convict him. Read Frungy's posts above.

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Posted in: Olympic judo champion loses appeal over 5-year jail term for rape See in context

it IS hard to refuse someone who has authority over you all day, and who you're accustomed to obeying.

I agree with almost everything you said except for this point. Just because one's used to obeying someone else's orders doesn't mean one should obey every single order, particularly if it's something harmful.

I'd have no trouble refusing sex with someone who has authority over me and it would be a pleasure kicking him where it hurts if he tried anything. I know not everyone is like that, but in a case such as this they should be. It's one thing to be physically subjugated, there's really nothing (or very little) one can do, it's another to be psychologically subjugated. In a situation such as this, and taking into consideration only the figure of authority and not the fact that she was drunk and therefore her judgement was impaired, the victim should always say "no". Even if she couldn't do anything else, she should say "no" loud and clear.

I'm not saying it's her fault though. The guy's a jerk who should have kept it in his pants. Just saying that our societies should raise girls to be a little stronger, both physically and psychologically.

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Posted in: Don’t own a TV? NHK doesn’t care, but still wants your money See in context

This article made me think of Murakami's 1Q84 book. Reading the book gave me the idea he profoundly dislikes NHK collectors.

Anyway, we also pay a similar fee here in Portugal. The difference is that since it's included in our water bill (weird, I know) most people don't even know they pay it. Plus, it's a really small value so even if it doesn't make much sense (I shouldn't have to pay for something I don't watch and isn't really necessary) it doesn't really bother me. I must say though, that I'd hate having people bother me at home for something like that.

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Posted in: Housewife wins National Beautiful Witch Contest See in context

It's hard to belive I'm going to be the one saying this, but some of those women are very thin. I'm not saying this because the majority of people around me are overweight/obese, or because I'm overweight (slightly underweight actually), which resulted in me having a skewed perspective of what's thin and what's fat. I'm saying this because some of them are very, very thin. Wives no 12 and 19, for example, are slim. The winner and wife no 9 are very skinny.

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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

I've been to Japan and thought the architecture was great (at least the architecture of old buildings, of which there were many) and the natural scenery beautiful. Different taste, I suppose. As for the people, they were pretty nice while I was there (nowhere else in the world has someone offered me, a complete stranger, shelter from the pouring rain inside his/her own house) but I admit 3 weeks isn't enough to form a valid opinion about a country's population.

For me, the problem with this article is that you assume learning Japanese has to serve a purpose, but that's not necessarily true. I don't want to learn Japanese to go to Japan. Sure, it would be nice to speak the local language in any country, but I want to learn Japanese because it's a language I love. I just love the way Japanese sounds. I don't need a practical reason for wanting to learn Japanese, but given the amount of Japanese books/manga I read, the amount of anime/Japanese movies/Japanese TV series I watch, the amount of Japanese music I listen to and the amount of Japanese games I play I'm pretty certain it would come in handy.

Will it take a long time? No doubt about it. Will it be hard? I already know enough Japanese to know it's no picnic. However, had I started learning Japanese over 10 years ago when I first became interested in it I would be a fluent speaker/reader/writer by now. I kept postponing it because I was too busy and it would take too long, but the truth is the years passed and if I had spent 1h every day studying Japanese I too would have spent at least 4000 hours doing it. I don't regret wasting my time learning a language that probably has little practical application. I regret not wasting it. Plus, Japanese pronunciation is very similar to my native language's pronunciation (Japanese pronunciation is actually a simpler subset) so at least that part of learning the language is easy for me.

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