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Andrzej Feliks comments

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Fortunately, this is the end of the nuclear age and the burning of fossil fuels .. This time we will make electricity from cold and ice .. https://youtu.be/02OTC6ac8NI?t=2

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Posted in: 4 found from missing tourist boat off Hokkaido See in context

By education , I am Eng. mechanic. But I dealt with making the sound at concerts my apparatus .. It so happened that a few times , even ten times , I made a concert in Gdansk Shipyard Hall (which is then burned )

. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_in_the_Gdansk_Shipyard_hall

We have always had a pass to the shipyard , because the entrance to the hall was the scene from the side yard. I as the driver of the car, after a few hours of driving , I've always had a break , and my employees were unloading acoustic equipment and lined it . I have two hours of free time , and this pass, always walked across the yard and spied on how the technology of shipbuilding . Often talked with employees who explained to me the various ins and outs of building ships . Then I met shipbuilding quite accurately , because she was always very interested mechanics ... Then I came to realize concert .. With these trips , I know how much free space is on a big ship . Here I present figure of the ferry , which sink .. Knowing its importance , which is 6800 tons , and subtracting approximately 1,500 tons , steel, wood , fuel , and such a variety can displace water , leaves us to displace the water about 5300 tons. , And then ship will not drown .. an average of 5300 tonnes divided by the length of the vessel is 146 meters = one meter will fall an average of 36 tons. so much water should displace to get afloat .. Now the height of each side of the free spaces submerged to 2 x 10 meters. .. For the average 15 meters wide double bottom .. together gives us 35 running meters , part of the flotation technique around the ship ( floating section ) .. So enough that the average thickness of 1 m polystyrene foam , applied to each inner metal shell of the ship , provided the to always buoyancy of the ship .... only 1 meter thick ..


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Posted in: Japan research body, Mitsubishi to collaborate on U.S. fast reactor See in context

Well, we have one more argument, so far overlooked: CO2 IS NOT A GREENHOUSE GAS !! Because it is almost twice as heavy as air and quickly sinks to the ground, where it is consumed by plants .. https://youtu.be/vPhZzsAgc7Q?t=50

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Posted in: More evidence indicates healthy people can spread virus See in context

So, yes - if you have symptoms and a coronavirus has been found in someone, at least theoretically, you should not contact them with healthy, unprotected persons. If this is the case, a sick person should no longer wear a face mask that prevents leakage. viruses outside of his body. Stopping with a mask in a sick person is a basic mistake of medical art, preventing the patient from recovering, because viruses in excessive numbers are retained in the body of the sick person using a mask on the face .. Any medicine book from previous years, says that you need to cough as much as possible to sneeze to recover ... in my opinion, ordering sick people to wear a face mask is a direct threat to their lives, Maybe that's why we have so many deaths ... in previous years, if someone had pneumonia, then even drugs that caused coughing and lowering of the lungs were given by viruses and bactterie .. So that I think sick people MUST NOT wear face masks .. Especially that they are in a place where everyone around is protected against infection, so no one will hurt anyone anymore, and they will live. here is a movie showing how a sick man has a mask for persistence and coughing, but unproductive, because the viruses stop on the mask, and with the next breath he returns back to his lungs .. This is terrible! !! https://www.felixconsultings.com/music/atle/tokio%20sam%20kaszel.mp4

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Posted in: Japan rejects U.N. call to stop returns to Fukushima See in context

You can see that someone financially can not stand ... let's earn money, which turned out to be dangerous, wanted and earned ... but pay now for the consequences, it tries to get out .. What does it mean 20 mSv / where does it measurement? . On the surface of the earth? 1 meter above the ground, 5 meters above the ground, and maybe under the ground and where the water is deep. .. ?? . this digit does not say anything about real security, because if you look at the ventilation ducts in these houses, for example, it can turn out that there is only radioactive waste that will fall into your home next time you hit the next hurricane ... The worst part is that you "scientists" have secured this dilemma for the next 35,000 years ...

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator OKs 30-year plan to scrap troubled Monju reactor See in context

What I like the most is the fact that the entire pathology of the aroma energy industry will be accurately reported. :) :)

This is an event in Monju in 2010 ...


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Posted in: Independence of Japan's nuclear regulator questioned after shakeup See in context

No, if anyone can stop the "Physics" from the next disaster? . I do not have the strength to tell you how you should do it ... with 2-meter tunnel adjacent to one another and having a hole at the top, through which a whole this stuff will affect them, and can be removed .. This method of freezing is crazy dangerous because it can destabilize the ground beneath the reactors .. Every physicist should know that water freezes into ice, its volume increases by 10% .. why iceberg floats .. ai thanks on the road doing spring breakthroughs .. and here such a "breakthrough" they want to do the reactors, which may lead them, the 40-meter deep freeze, to improve the soil by 10%, which is 4 meters .. what happens to them, it is not difficult to foresee * as it has imagination, and not just academic titles ... If someone does not know what it is ice here, please : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water .. Besides, this water accumulates on the ice must continue to have some outlet, because it is not a "black hole" ... Help!



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Posted in: Water decontamination system halted at Fukushima plant See in context

Can be cooled reactors contaminated water? Because if so it should do so, and the heat which must give this contaminated water to peel from there through the heat exchangers, designed and contact with no contaminated water.

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Posted in: Nuclear regulator raps TEPCO over Fukushima radiation readings See in context

Underground sarcophagus must be the first in Fukushima.


Here, as the tunneling doing in the world, quickly and as cheaply ...



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Posted in: Scientists to create controlled nuclear meltdown in Ibaraki facility See in context

"Are these people insane?" ROLF said the first person watching a the first wheel. said the first person wathcing a light bulb. said the first person riding a horseless carage. etc. etc. good god man! CONTROLED is the key word here. with one TINY fuel rod. How do you think science works. Magic?

Yes, but science is not only the atom and the fuel rods .. And you do not have Atomists further certain whether the Higgs is, if it is not .. They have no idea of what the atom built, but its break up are the first ... Even the first atomic explosion was much stronger than anticipated .. A and the fact that it invented the atomic bomb can achieve by, was a Pole, Joseph Rotblat .. Czekawe that this "science" somehow did not remember it ... And not to mention that such Inventions Physical Science, in the form of a Windmill Red Baron, and the extraction of salt water for the help of the waves on the high coast hides ... Probably also in the name of Science, that people have nothing but the atom does not invent .. That's the "science", but unless concealment, dumb slog, that atom will always be needed .. This is just Magic..


Regards Andrew

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Posted in: Japan should embrace nuclear power, government panel says See in context

Electrical energy is also obtained porzez other, not from fuel combustion method .. Germany well on this knowledge and completely depart from the atom .. In addition, the new highly efficient and inexpensive method of obtaining electricity .. But for unknown reasons, are ignored .. Also combustion engines will be much more efficient already, and they in the future will also produce electricity ..Hiding these facts there is nothing good generally understood .. ..

http://www.new4stroke.com/oil600.gif http://www.new4stroke.com/Okinawa.jpg




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Posted in: U.S. Department of Energy to help in Fukushima clean-up See in context

Is not true Mr. Moniz. Nuclear energy does not be part of the energy mix. There are new ways to get clean and cheap energy. I do not think with Mr. Moniz of them do not know .. So why stubbornly says, however, that nuclear energy has a future? That's something I can not understand .. Take, for example, no sustained by tysaclecia Windmill Red Baron. This is a video of the first fully working prototype: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPZWUQlhvDA

Do you know that the wind speed just above the gap is about three times greater than the speed of the wind flowing on the wing? Again, three times larger ...

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Posted in: TEPCO says 4 tons of tainted rainwater leaked during transfer See in context

I do not quite understand, from where in the Fukushima irradiated with so much water? Surely you can create a flow of water to cool the reactors and pools, which will be held between the radiated heat exchanger reactor cooling water and the tank and clean water cooler .. then irradiated water will return to the cooling of the reactor, and there will need to be storable. Only the top up, if there are any leaks in the reactors and fuel pools .. However, pure water can be cooled by large air coolers and passed through a heat exchanger ..



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Posted in: TEPCO admits radioactive cesium in water flowing into Fukushima plant See in context

In order to provide the reactors in Fukushime from the bottom you have the mechanical tunnel. Then insert the two meters in diameter with 20 tubes. , Do the holes from the top and side, and on the bottom line fire resistant ZrO2. For large pipes enter the small tube to remove radioactive leaks or cooling corium had reached there...




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Posted in: Nuclear reactor makers must share accident costs: Greenpeace See in context

Well here it is explained who stands behind nuclear power. And to make each of the first, but the risk to pay and pay and something goes wrong, it's not ...


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Posted in: TEPCO admits lack of safety, bad habits led to nuclear disaster See in context

I think that was the deliberate action to conceal other solutions when it comes to cheap and safe production of energy, only to nuclear solutions you seem to only cost-effective. Here something that was published in 1960 and, despite a very promising parameter m is not very widespread in public, in sufficient scalable to large investments, funding was for the development of this method.


http://www.new4stroke.com/radioamator.jpg Google translated : "According to information published in one of the writings of English - has been developed by researchers at the concept of electricity generation by passage of ions and electrons with very high speed through a magnetic field The practical implementation of this method that was based on Plasma gas forcing by the strong magnetic field. Electrical power of 1000 KW can be obtained by passing the said plasma at 3 times the speed of sound, the magnetic field of 1 meter long between the poles of a magnet at a distance from each other by about 15 cm. No, you would need the boilers and steam turbines. Previous experiments have generated so far a small amount of electrical energy. Achieving the full effect expected after several years of further intensive tests conducted"..

And my Hi-Fi Wind Amplifier... http://www.new4stroke.com/HiFiwind%20amplifier.jpg

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Posted in: Toshiba unveils robot for helping in nuclear disasters See in context

This treadmill UFO version of ramjet engines, would work best as an MHD generator. Its efficiency apparently comes to 60% or more has no moving parts. At 1 m plasma jet should be good. The rest of you can generate in the traditional way, which would help stabilize the rotation ...





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Posted in: Hitachi takes over Horizon project to build 6 nuclear power plants in UK See in context

Yes, it's very strange, why pretend to rule that there are no good ways to use wind energy, particularly in England, where her enough so that the whole of Europe could I sell ... Here, an obvious example, experience, and wind energy can be used .... Just that instead of balls used in the experience of wind lifted up the water ... I have no visible movement of energy to use ... But why insist, pretending that there is no such solutions?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Fb8IFfnbjY8

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Posted in: No. 1 reactor endoscope mission may cast doubt on cold shutdown status See in context

To gently dismantle the reactors, especially nr3 can serve this new machine. Buildings are more reactors damaged by hydrogen explosions, so the design can be cracked, and even a small shock can cause the water to fuel pools can escape ....


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Posted in: Japan forum to discuss nuclear-free energy future See in context

Some inventions...http://new4stroke1.123guestbook.com/

As I see massive construction that are to demolish the building of Reactor No. 3 is me shivers go .. Certainly the building suffered the most, because it was the biggest explosion. So the walls are certainly very weak, and it seems to me that the water in the pool of fuel remains a miracle there is to do there can not be inspected, that does not mean that the building is sturdy .. Therefore, demolition should in my opinion not cause additional shocks, and be carried out as gently as possible ... Heavy construction equipment, rather they should not be used ... They are after all modern methods, such as cutting concrete with water. The company offers cutting up to 3 meters ..


I do not want to think what would have happened, if as a result of the vibrations, the resulting leaks in the fuel pool and the water came out of it ... Almost as a result of radiation inside the building and its three filling remains, you can not to re-seal it. ..

Therefore, even mild disturbances such methods may be used: diamond cut rope ..








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Posted in: Gov't projects 320,000 deaths in event of earthquake in Nankai Trough See in context

And as the big tsunami can cause laaaaarge meteorite? (see Tunguska event)

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Posted in: Gov't projects 320,000 deaths in event of earthquake in Nankai Trough See in context

Whether such a tsunami from the Mainland is also taken into consideration? It is sufficient that the mount will appear to the greater amount of water enters the River. giant tsunami then ...


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Posted in: IAEA sees significant nuclear safety progress since Fukushima See in context

The IAEA haven't inspected many of the nuclear plants in Japan.

I need not because all the reactors are closed. And contributions to this organization, we should not pay Japan

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Posted in: IAEA sees significant nuclear safety progress since Fukushima See in context

Ful links




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Posted in: IAEA sees significant nuclear safety progress since Fukushima See in context

http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2011...r-reactor-video 17 March 2011

And faith in the power of the defence forces.... Defence force always better than the force of reason... Whether the IAEA supports still so cooling reactors, or changed the sentence. ??

In order to provide the reactors in Fukushime from the bottom you have the mechanical tunnel. Then insert the two meters in diameter with 20 tubes. , Do the holes from the top and side, and on the bottom line fire resistant ZrO2. For large pipes enter the small tube to remove radioactive leaks or cooling corium had reached there...




Certainly not the cheapest, but it will give guarantees that the radioactive materials do not enter the land and ocean

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