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Andy comments

Posted in: Aussie actor Craig McLachlan denies sexual misconduct claims See in context

Great world we live in. All a woman needs to do is make an allegation and the guy is supposed to lose everything BEFORE a trial.

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Posted in: Eyes ahead please See in context

Yes, please keep your eyes glued to your phones so when I am walking with my Starbucks hot coffee and you refuse to move your eyes to the outside world rather than your camera app to admire yourself, I can accidentally spill hot dark coffee all over you and your rented kimono.

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Posted in: Oprah for president? Speech sparks fevered speculation See in context

If you didn't wear black at the event, you were essentially bullied and harassed in person and online. Love the way liberals treat their own. Not to mention, it's fine for liberal Hollywood to bash Trump as unfit for anything, but then their own kind runs rampant all over town demanding sex as payment for roles and other detestable acts.

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Posted in: New award honors women making grassroots social change in Japan See in context

Trying to make such change in Japan basically amounts to wasting your time and energy.

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Posted in: 16-year-old girl stabbed in Kagoshima park See in context

Perhaps Japanese need to learn a bit about situation awareness. They tend to walk around with their head in the clouds or eyes buried in a smartphone, book, etc while walking.

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Posted in: GSDF member arrested for stabbing woman See in context

This is about as close to combat this weakling will ever get.

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Posted in: Rental kimono company causes distress for hundreds of women on Coming-of-Age Day See in context

What exactly did they think calling the police would do? It didn't help the Mt. Gox suckers.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of 84-year-old mother See in context

Can we please have an express line to the gallows?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers eye using robot technology during 2020 Games See in context

Japan always has the best solutions for everything. You need a way to serve beverages and provide bus information to customers. The obvious solution is to buy a ¥1,000,000+ robot which can only do 1-2 things, versus buying a storage unit for the water where people are free to help themselves to it and a table with bus times, both of which allow more than 1 person to get what they need at once, rather than now having to form a line for the robot's services.

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Posted in: Another U.S. military chopper makes emergency landing near Okinawa hotel See in context

Just pack up shop and leave Okinawa to the Okinawanese to defend.

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Posted in: N Korea to send team to Winter Games; South to consider easing bans after talks See in context

This will prove fruitless as always. North Korea is essentially just a giant brat who thrives off of attention. They will act out in order to gain worldly attention, then they'll calm down a bit, try to act cute and cuddly in order to have some "meaningful talks" and then decide next week to test another atomic bomb or missile, blame the US for it, and call South Korea puppets of their Imperial Master - and all will go back to the usual.

Lay out for them in these talks a clear red line - if you do this, this and this again, we are done with you, the sanctions can keep building until you wither away into dust - or follow these sensible guidelines like the rest of the civilized world, and you can once again join the global community.

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Posted in: 40-year-old man becomes 1st Japanese to make unassisted solo trek to South Pole See in context

Congrats on being last in a long line of people who’ve done this very same thing.

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Posted in: 29-year-old man arrested over murder of father See in context

Perhaps Japan can petition the IOC to include stabbing as an official event in the 2020 Games.

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Posted in: Japanese idol singer reveals that she’s pregnant with her manager’s baby See in context

If they are so apologetic, let them refund all live and recorded sales back to their fans.

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Posted in: Top Hollywood women launch anti-harassment plan See in context

Yes, I have proof. Watch the news. Read the stories. Most of the women accusers have nothing more than a statement. They went to so-and-so house, apartment, room, etc to hang out, screen a movie, talk, etc and were asked for a massage, sex, touching, what have you.

No police report. No reporting at all. Years after the supposed “fact.” And then the guys are suspended, fired, step down, shunned, let go, etc. And no charges filed, either.

Therefore, nobody seems to care about proof. Just making an accusation and dismissing innocent until proven guilty is thrown out the window.

What would happen now if a bunch of male actors stepped forward and accused famous female producers, actresses, agents and studio mgmt that they were sexually harassed by females? Nothing.

In almost all the accusations, the situations which led up to the supposed assaults were shady and questionable for the women to even go forward. Let’s go watch a movie screening in your bedroom alone. Yes, sounds legit.

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Posted in: Former adult video star Sola Aoi announces marriage to man who's 'not handsome or rich' See in context

This is how most "famous" Japanese women describe their significant other when he's not from their world/industry. Utada gave a similar description to her "loser" husband. Though in this case, it's more comical when a women who's a professional pole polisher takes this type of tone about her husband. Sorry but the 5 year porn rule doesn't erase the number of banana creme pies she's willingly accepted.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill girl contemplating suicide See in context

I didn't say this was a Japanese only thing. It's a Japanese article on a Japanese site written about two Japanese people. And the fact of the matter is that way too many Japanese people here in Japan are just in dire need of attention. If they were not, then they would go find a tree in Aokigahara and get it over with quietly - not post on Twitter or other social media that they want to die, look for someone to help them, etc. It's all just a cry for attention - same as jumping in front of a train (inconveniencing all the passengers, traumatizing the conductor, often time costing their family money for the service disruption/damage, etc).

I would be saying the exact same thing is this were a EU website with an EU article talking about idiots in the EU doing the same thing.

As far as what I know about suicide - I know that people who talk about it are looking for attention, not the end. And anyone who requires the service of a 2nd party to help is obviously too dumb or lazy to do it themselves.

Compared to "teaching" English, there's nothing wrong with delivery newspapers. But being he's a native Japanese, he obviously didn't prize education or inherit much brains from his family is that as high as he can reach at 28 years old. Sounds more like he sound have been the one seeking someone to assist in his suicide.

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Posted in: Top Hollywood women launch anti-harassment plan See in context

Make sure when you file complaints you actually have proof. Most of the women making tweets and public statements for things that supposedly happened years ago have not produced one shred of proof to cooberate their accusations. Now everything is over-sensitized in that if a woman just points her finger and says "he harassed/assaulted me" the guy is instantly suspended or branded a rapist/d-bag, and the woman automatically is just assumed to be the righteous honest victim.

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Posted in: Man arrested for attempting to kill girl contemplating suicide See in context

J People - always in need of attention. If you want to truly kill yourself, you don't need to post it on social media. Just do it and get it over with.

As for the d-bags here scouring social media looking for those who want to end their lives, you're no Dr. Kovorkian. Go get a real job - delivering newspapers hardly qualifies.

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Posted in: Whither rock? Beyonce, Eminem to headline Coachella See in context

The line-up is going to depend on who has current avails on those dates, what the promoters are willing to pay on guarantees, what's popular and going to drive ticket sales. All these factors vary year to year, based on who's hot/not, artists touring behind an album, etc.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

Go check the Japan Times website now. There is a story there about Aokigahara where the author talks about wandering around and coming upon a dead body. And there is a photo amongst 6 in the story on the dead body without a blurred face. So it's ok for the author to post it under the guise of journalism, but it's not ok for LP to post the video and blur the face. Bit of a double standard.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

One man’s moron is another man’s king.

Go search YouTube for Aokigahara and see how many foreigners (as well as Japanese) make videos of themselves wandering around that forest looking for makeshift shrines, signs of people who have been there contemplating suicide, etc.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but everyone knows Aokigahara = suicide. And that’s the draw of the place for foreigners. If they simply wanted to be out in nature or a wooded area, there are other locales they could go.

So either close it to the public, fence it off entirely, have roaming armed patrols to keep all people out - or just deal with the fact that lots of Japanese go there to end their life and lots of visitors go there to see signs of those people being there (and a certain number go there in hopes of seeing a dead body).

And yes, if there was such a forest in the US, you would equally get the same amount of foot traffic there with the same pathetic intentions. And it’s not an American phenomenon, nor Caucasian one. Lots of people are fascinated by this kinda stuff. However dumb they may be.

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Posted in: Veteran male rock 'n' roll acts had biggest 2017 world tours See in context

Within Japan, quite a lot. Outside of Japan, mostly at a loss unless top acts.

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Posted in: Shoppers flock to department stores on 1st business day of year See in context

Looks like every other day of the year to go shopping.

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Posted in: American blogger makes more extensive apology for suicide video See in context

And many of the people here and in Japan who complain about this have also gone there to wander around, and pretend they are just going on a nature walk.

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Posted in: Japan aiming to counter expected pilot shortages around 2030 See in context

if International flights use English as the common language maybe japan should consider this on domestic routes too. Then they can hire more qualified foreigners.

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Posted in: Now 80, Jane Fonda says she didn't think she'd live to 30 See in context

And most of the US population was saddened by your failed prediction.

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Posted in: Russia says Tokyo's deployment of U.S. missiles a blow to relations See in context

Relations? What relations?

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Posted in: Woman who died in confinement had no clothing or heating See in context

It’s obvious she had heating on and off or she wouldn’t have survived for 15 years - she’d have died 14.5 years ago during the first winter.

That said, have no problem making them live in the exact same conditions and seeing how long they can last.

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Posted in: N Korean boat captain charged with theft of items from isle See in context

Good. A thief is a thief. Now let him enjoy true Japanese hospitality from inside a prison cell.

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