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Posted in: Japan tells S Korea no other option but to stick to 'comfort women' deal See in context

Sounds like 1/2 the women complaining about sexual harassment in Hollywood lately. Take the money, sign the NDA and wait years to “revisit” the topic but of course the money won’t be given back.

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Posted in: Tokyo-bound flight returns to LA with unauthorized passenger See in context

Blame everyone EXCEPT the person who caused the problem in the first place - the passenger.

As someone who travels internationally full time for work, it’s beyond me how anyone could be this lacking in common sense.

He knew before heading to the airport that his proper destination was not Tokyo. At the check-in counter he would be asked for a passport or ID of some sort. Asked his destination. Given a boarding pass with his destination on it.

Forget about codeshares. Even if confused by that, a glance at the flight board will show your destination city/country. He could easily have found it that way or by asking.

If he sat at the wrong gate waiting to board, they still make announcements that ANA Flight 123 to Tokyo is now accepting Star Aliance platinum members, etc.

There’s a really long list of points where aside from being comatose, you would realize THIS is the wrong plane, gate, etc.

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Posted in: Japan considers 10 consecutive days off around crown prince's succession See in context

As if there aren’t enough meaningless holidays in this country already.

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Posted in: Eminem reveals more collaborations on new album due Dec 15 See in context

People always "act that way" because they don't have any deep understanding of the music industry and how it operates with regard to performers vs singer-songwriters vs songwriters vs producers.

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Posted in: Ed Sheeran tops Spotify's 2017 list with 6.3 billion streams See in context

I'm sure Ed is in tears after reading the comments left here by fellow members of the industry.

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Posted in: 100-yen shop solves what to do with your trash See in context

All the fairy tale romance talking points about Japan are just that, fairy tales. The people who actually believe this stuff either only know Japan from travel books or live in a bubble.

Big city Japan or small town Japan, there is trash tossed on the side of the road, stuffed in bicycle baskets, and stuffed into other various nooks and crannies.

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Posted in: France's war on waste makes it most food sustainable country; Japan 2nd See in context

In the end, none of this matters 1%. People by nature are lazy. And even the few that try pale in comparison to those who don't. Thereby making no impact whatsoever.

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Posted in: Demand for nuclear shelters up in Japan amid N Korean threat See in context

First, Japanese have about a 1% awareness of what's going on in the world outside Japan (wow, there's actually a world beyond this perfect civilization?)

Second, good that these shelters are made outside of Japan, because if the state of houses and buildings here and their constant need for make-overs are any indication of building quality, you'd be pissing your money away.

Third, you can guarantee that the people buying these shelters are having them installed onto their house, or buried in a shallow grave - neither of which will do anything for them. And stocking them full of junk they don't need, will never need.

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Posted in: U.S. flies supersonic bomber over S Korea in show of force against N Korea See in context

A bit confused. It seems like the same people here who blame the US for responding to NKs show of force (and threats), are the same ones who then defend the thieving NK pirates who drift over to Japan by boat, and loot the buildings of everything they can fit on their boat.

So responding to force with force is wrong, sanctions are wrong because our fault that the citizens there are now dirt poor and desperate (their leadership to blame). So the response should be just ignore NK, let the mod whatever they want to do?

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Posted in: Japan, China to set up contact system to avoid sea, air clashes See in context

Great. Don't forget to decide which language you'll be using before it's operational.

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Posted in: Top court finds charging subscription fee for NHK broadcasts constitutional See in context

Any of your excuses about not buying a tv, or not watching NHK on your tv, etc - NHK has never and will never care. And now the courts have backed them up.

It doesn't mean anything though. They ring your bell, ignore them. The normal ones go away. If annoying you, go down and yell in their face. They will leave. Repeat as necessary. If your name is called in a lawsuit, you're time is up and game over for you. You'll be stuck having it ripped from your bank account monthly or they'll end up getting it docked directly from your pre-taxed salary (in future hopes).

The only people I see getting away with this are those who's income comes from outside Japan, and can't be left outside Japan. If you leave a basic account in-country with minimal amounts, there's nothing for them to claim from you. Unless Japan plans on beginning deportations of foreigners on work/spouse/etc visas, pr, etc.

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Posted in: Messaging app Line experiments with service to help pregnant women find seats on trains See in context

I'm sorry, but seats should be first come, first served. It's not my problem someone is old, injured, decided to have a child, etc. Old people have had way more years to enjoy sitting than us younger people, so let them stand for a while. It's good for their health. Injured should stay home and recuperate if they are truly injured. Mother's with kids, have your husband buy a car for you to use.

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Posted in: Everything metallic gone from isle after N Korean visit, caretaker says See in context

It doesn't matter what nationality of people came in what boat and landed on what body of land and what they stole no matter how petty, old or useless it was or what their reason for doing it. They stole and looting items not belonging to them. The end. Nothing else you say changes that. Period. There's no but...

They are first fishing in illegal waters for them to be in, which by the way rules out the "we were just hungry" excuse because they could have caught food to eat if they really are fishermen. So are they really sent out by someone or on their own go find the nearest land they can to steal whatever they can to bring back? Pirates then. Same as the poor desperate Somalis. So let's give those guys a pass, too. Hey man, it's just an oil tanker owned by big, evil, rich corporations. They are just trying to make a living for themselves and family.

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Posted in: Foreign job seekers need better preparation for working in Japan: experts See in context

Totally agree. It's definitely the problem of the rest of the world, not anything at fault with Japan and its backwards way of doing everything.

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Posted in: Tokyo taking a stand on walking up and down escalators See in context

If you want to fix something, start by fixing all the constantly out of service escalators that are littered all over Japan.

Perhaps people would choose to walk up or down escalators is Japanese people would actually walk at a normal pace up/down the adjacent stairs. Not to mention it's very common whenever a train lets off passengers, and they access the stairs, they don't keep to the designated arrowed side for up or down. They take up the full width of the stairwell, thus leaving those coming in the other direction to smash their way thru or have to take the escalator.

It's Japanese behavior that's the problem.

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Posted in: Abe says N Korean missile tests are 'imminent threat' See in context

A true master at stating the obvious. Wow, amazing.

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Posted in: 61 lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

Dear China & Korea,

Stopping wasting your time caring about Japan and this "controversial" shrine. All Japan has left to beat their chest over is their militaristic PAST.

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Posted in: Appliances, other items missing on isle where N Korean crew sheltered See in context

I'm trying to imagine being lost at sea for a month, and finally with all hope lost, my boat washes up on shore of this islet. You find buildings that you can shelter in and some items that provide a source of distraction to your recent troubles. And then you decide to set out again towards your homeland. So your first thought is to steal things you can't use on your boat?

Get many channels on your tv out at sea? Plan on riding that motorbike on the ocean? Have a full pantry of food you need to keep properly refrigerated?

Cut them some slack on humanitarian grounds IF they took some minimal items they needed to survive. We're to believe that if they happened upon a giant crate full of gold and diamonds, they would have left that behind? Think not. They basically looted the place and took things they didn't need, but thought they could benefit from if they made it back home.

Lock them up.

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Posted in: Multi-profile SIM for smartphones and tablets See in context

Perhaps the big 3 should take a course on customer service. I've never seen worse cs in all my life than what you get with any of them.

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Posted in: Tokyo marks 1,000 days to go until 2020 Paralympics See in context

1000 days and still not even close to being ready. Go for the gold Japan!

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Posted in: Prince Akishino says he is 'relieved' by emperor abdication law See in context

Nice staged photo. Everyone pauses to enjoy the moment with their hands perfectly positioned in waiting. So ridiculous.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who brought baby to assembly receives written warning See in context

People complaining about her treatment....nobody gets a special pass in life because they have a child.

Some people choose to have kids, some choose not to. It doesn't mean they get to go in front of others in line because they have a child.

She is free to make her own choices in life. She choose to have a child with her husband. She knew beforehand that finding childcare is a nightmare scenario in Japan. Options? Deal with it, just like everyone else does. People all over Japan have kids. Unless their specific job offers daycare or allows them to bring their kid(s) to work, they figure out a way to juggle it - be that hiring a babysitter, nanny, friend, family member or yes, daycare.

This has nothing to do about silly old Japanese men. This has to do with a workplace and its rules which don't allow non-members (considered visitors) to be in the workplace. Complain when the men were allowed to bring their kids to work, but she was denied the same. It's not the case. Nobody is allowed to bring their kids to work. Again, if she was so quick to find a friend to race over to care for the child, she could have made the same effort without making herself look like an attention seeker.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who brought baby to assembly receives written warning See in context

Can’t find daycare, then give up your post. This would be another reason why there is no such thing as a wage gap. She wants to have a child, well, there are issues that come along with that. If there is no child care available, she needs to pick kid or work. If she worked as an adult actress, would it be ok for her to bring her kid on the set? No. She’d have to make a choice. If day care waits are so notoriously well known, she already should have been aware that it would be an issue before giving birth. So hire a babysitting service, a nanny, etc - or quit your job. Nobody put a gun to her head to have a kid.

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Posted in: Tokyo condos shutting doors on home-sharing lodging businesses See in context

Ha ha - Japanese people love to believe that they are God's chosen people who are the only one's capable of taking trash out on certain days, not making excessive amounts of noise or being a nice, normal person. No offense, but there are plenty of Japanese who are noisy, annoying neighbors. Who let their kids play outside in front of their building, screaming and carrying on.

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Posted in: N Korea launches intercontinental missile; Trump says U.S. will 'take care of it' See in context

Doesn't matter is the US takes care of it or not. The one country who will never take care of it, no matter if every night looks like the 4th of July, is...JAPAN.

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Posted in: Lawmaker who brought baby to assembly receives written warning See in context

How about she knew this was a rule before she even had a child, and since she inquired about it and never received a favorable reply about it, she should take any negative replies or non-replies the same "no." Nobody forced her to quit upon become pregnant. Nobody suggested she retire upon officially being a mother. She can find time to round up a friend to watch her kid after making a big scene. She could have had the same friend watch the kid at home. And I'm sure she can afford to pay for adequate day care. If not, then perhaps she should find a better paying job or have her husband contribute to the costs.

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Posted in: Mending Mac: McDonald's Japan CEO on how she turned around a brand See in context

Many of the problems with McDonalds in Japan are specific to Japan.

They don't accept credit cards (sorry, but points cards are not the same thing).

They'll have 20 staff members on duty behind the counter and in the kitchen, but nobody cleaning tables.

They should seriously think of imposing time limits on customers eating in (not only McD, but all places in Japan). Reason mentioned by others. Whether one student or a group, they will camp out for hours on end. Doesn't matter to me if they buy the cheapest item on the menu or one of everything. They take up space that was meant for customers. You cease being a customer once you're finished eating and just sitting there for the sake of sitting there. There are limited seats available. Have some manners since people love to blather on about how kind and well mannered Japanese are.

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Posted in: Mitsubishi Materials execs apologize over faked quality data See in context

Just stay permanently hunched over in your fake sign of apology and regret (that you were caught, not for doing it). It's as fake as the smile and handshake they give you.

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Posted in: American tourist arrested for scrawling graffiti in Shibuya See in context

Obviously a noob. If he knew anything of Japan, he would have admitted he was drunk and had no recollection of anything else.

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Posted in: Woman accuses U.S. Senator Al Franken of unwanted groping, kiss See in context

Que the liberal democrat double 3, 2, 1...

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