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Posted in: Top gov't spokesman allegedly received ¥10 mil in kickbacks: source See in context

Just when you thought Abe was Japan's most corrupt politician, then this guy Matsuno comes along.

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Posted in: Port in Tottori striving to save commercial coastal fishing See in context

Most old Japanese fishing towns are decaying, decrepit and dying. Tottori is by far the worst plus sea creatures are extremely over exploited here.

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Posted in: Kishida departs for UAE to attend U.N. climate meeting See in context

Climate meeting or oil deal meeting, we know why you are there Fumio.

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Posted in: U.S. continues to fly Osprey aircraft in Japan, despite Tokyo's request not to See in context

As an occupied country, Japan will do as it is told by it's Master, the RS of the USA.

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Posted in: U.S. spy drones relocated to Okinawa despite local objection See in context

Japan has no right to object, it's under the occupation of the RS of the USA.

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Posted in: Foreign ministers of S Korea, China, Japan to meet on Sunday See in context

An Asian foreign minister meeting without including the RS of the USA, now that's what I call progress.

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Posted in: Police investigate report of someone spreading white powder on street in Hyogo See in context

Quick, call the police, a foreigner has dropped some wheat flour on the path. Never a dull moment living in this place.

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Posted in: Load of rubbish: Litter-hunters vie for unusual world title in Tokyo See in context

Attention should be turned to the beaches and river banks as Japan has the most garbage and litter than any other country I have ever seen. The natives just walk passed it as if it they are blind to the fact.

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Posted in: 'Barking deer' in Japan causing havoc for human population See in context

We have many Kyon here at our country house in the Boso Peninsula. The neighbours complain about them, the local Council will do nothing about them and our gaijin friend hunts them for venison and it's delicious. The natives don't seem to have the foresight.

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Posted in: North Korea says it put military spy satellite into orbit on third try See in context

Jeez, now NK can spy from space just like the RS of the USA. Who takes the UN seriously anyway?

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Posted in: Japan faces 'friendshoring' dilemma in Asia amid China risks See in context

It's about time Japan stopped bowing down to the RS of the USA and realise it can be independent of the puppet master. This is Asia Mr PM, not another state of the US, or is it?

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Posted in: China, Japan reaffirm strategic relationship in rare leader talks See in context

China and Japan have so much more in common than the puppet master, the RS of the USA.

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Posted in: Hilton Japan apologizes for 'disrespectful' ad disparaging traditional Japanese inns See in context

Staying in a Ryokan is certainly an experience, not such a good one though. Once is enough for most travellers.

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Posted in: Biden tells Asia-Pacific leaders that U.S. 'not going anywhere' as it looks to build economic ties See in context

Great to see they found one token woman for the photo.

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Posted in: Environmental change threatens what's left of Japan's cormorant fishing legacy See in context

How cruel and sadistic is it for these helpless cormorants. We are very pleased that this cruelty will cease eventually. Japan is famous for cruelty, think of the annual butchering of dolphins, whale slaughter and those dreadful pet shops

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Posted in: Blinken seeks G7 unity on Israel-Hamas war among items on crisis-heavy global agenda See in context

Imagine the good, G7 could do for humanity and the environment if it weren't for the RS of the USA and their provocation of continual war for the sake of religion and oil.

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Posted in: U.S. military bulk buys Japanese seafood to counter China ban See in context

The Japanese love their US war bases, might as well feed them local nuked fish.

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Posted in: G7 calls for immediate repeal of bans on Japanese food, pressing China See in context

Nobody cares about the G7, China has every right to protect its people from radioactive, Japanese seafood.

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Posted in: Japan to extend gasoline, energy subsidies through April See in context

Gasoline subsidies, do people still use gasoline when used cooking oil is almost free and simple to convert. Don't tell the politicians donors though.

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Posted in: Japan criticizes Russian ban on its seafood over release of treated radioactive water See in context

A safe move by Russia, no one should be eating radioactive food from Japan, we certainly don't.

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Posted in: 1st pretrial procedure for Abe shooter held amid tight security See in context

'tight security', probably what Abe needed.

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Posted in: Australian Indigenous rights vote fuels racism See in context

Referendums are divisive by nature, the Voice is particularly so. Australians will vote NO to help prevent further division.

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Posted in: New wave of price hikes, tax-related rule changes await Japan in October See in context

Oh NO, Disneyland price hike. What are we going to do, the end is nigh.

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Posted in: Japan zoo worker dies after apparent lion attack See in context

All zoos are inhumane, especially the dreadful, third world Japanese zoos, concrete and more concrete.

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Posted in: Petition filed against felling thousands of trees in historic Tokyo park area See in context

Good luck with that petition, in a land where street trees are nearly non-existent and the trees that do exist are lopped to a bonsai size every year. No shade, no home for the birds and no oxygen, just the way we like it here in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan's rapid military build-up a worry for Okinawans, governor says See in context

Okinawa, a lovely place to visit, but you certainly wouldn't live there with the constant US military activity, definitely a target when the USA decides they need another war.

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Posted in: Kishida, in U.N. speech, vows to spend ¥3 bil to help achieve world without nuclear weapons See in context

That's a very expensive dream, Fumio.

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Posted in: Centenarians in Japan hit record 92,139; women account for 88% See in context

I am certain many of these centenarians live in my town, I see them driving their Kei trucks.

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Posted in: 1st round of treated water release off Fukushima plant completed See in context

We haven't consumed seafood from that area or the Pacific coast for over 12 years, for obvious reasons.

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Posted in: Djokovic wins U.S. Open for his 24th Grand Slam title See in context

Novak, a true hero on and off the court.

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