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andy comments

Posted in: Tokyo Olympic beds are sturdy, organizers says after 'anti-sex' report See in context

Unfortunately, All condoms Will be Wasted, Because The Condoms in Japan are not suitable for foreigners..

Go for condom-free sex.

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Posted in: Coe urges Tokyo not to rush decision on fans for Olympic events See in context

To Me ,,From The point of health safety of people,,No Fans From overseas must be allowed to attend in Olympics..

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Posted in: Mori resigns over sexist remarks: Hashimoto being considered to replace him See in context

Goodbye mori..he made a good decision to leave..or he was made to leave..i always say ,,when you talk you have to watch your words..

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Posted in: Myanmar protesters gather in Tokyo against coup at home See in context

Myanmar is myanmar ..Japan is Japan. Where were these protesters When myanmar army killed and raped İNNOCENT ROHİNGYA PEOPLE?? Where were you people?? Do not bring your political problem to Japan..

Myanmar army and goverment comitted war crime and genocide..let them suffer

chickens come home to roost

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Posted in: Quiet Chinatown See in context

China town became ghost town..We need change..Everything must change..


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Posted in: Japanese monks want to create new temple…in space See in context

Good idea but, everybody on earth isn't buddist..

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Posted in: Sex toy sales surge spices up lockdown See in context

Some people make money out of this business..Who cares about people's sex life??

Even Goverment makes good money out of this by taxing...

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Posted in: Koike says Olympics facing 'major issue' after Mori's sexist remarks See in context

He might resign and walk away..but, He doesn't have to..Apology is not enough for this matter..

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Posted in: Average monthly household spending down record 5.3% in 2020 See in context

This will go down more.. This is just begining..

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Posted in: COVID-19 infections in Tokyo may have jumped nine-fold, antibody survey shows See in context

Japan needs urgently implement full lockdown.. Otherwise ,More lives will be lost and Health service will definitely collapse. After that,, it will spin out of control.This is serious situation.

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Posted in: More than 110,000 sign petition against Mori after sexist comments See in context

Signing petition is waste of time & futile.

i will ask them one thing Who sign petition, Can you change something in japan OR has anything in japan history been changed by signing petition??? The Answer is no. That is why signing petition is waste of time & futile..

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Posted in: COVID-19 app fails to pass on some contact warnings See in context

COVID-19 app is useless..it is not practical

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Posted in: University student arrested for groping high school girl on train See in context

well , this has been common in japan for ages.. it is not new..There is perversion in blood.

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Posted in: Thousands protest Myanmar coup in Tokyo; demand Japan take tougher action See in context

Protest is pointless.. Because Japan has got nothing to do with Myanmar or Myanmar's internal affairs..

As a matter of fact ,Japan doesn't meddle in any countries internal affairs..

if japan wants to meddle in, it does utilise u.s.a as a broker..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Games offers Playbook to assure athletes; includes rules for fans See in context

Offering playbook is more costly..

Just cancel the olympic and carry on normal life..

i cann't think why japan still persists in holding olympic .

Canceling Olympic isn't the end of the world.

Canceling olympic means saving more lives.. simple as that.

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Posted in: Japan enacts laws setting fines for antivirus measure noncompliance See in context

imprisonment would be best for those Who break covid rules

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Posted in: Foreign trainees hit hard by coronavirus See in context

First of all ,To Overstay in japan is the worst choice and Very wrong path.

These days,Finding proper job without visa is slim to none in japan.

Even ,people with proper visa and The japanese struggle to find a proper and well-paid job. Let alone overstayers.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers reiterate 'we will hold the Games' See in context

Who will come to japan for Olympic from abroad?? Not Many,However,This isn't good news for japan.

i wouldn't risk my life for Olympic,Would you??

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Posted in: Suga asks people to hold on a little longer as he extends state of emergency See in context

Well done suga. He takes important & wise steps.

This will last by the end of 2021.

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Posted in: Lower house OKs bills to introduce fines for those who don't comply with anti-virus measures See in context

imprisonment would be best for those Who break covid rules.

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Posted in: Population influx into Tokyo area decelerates in pandemic-hit 2020 See in context

This is very good news, Maybe ,Housing rent would be a bit cheaper..

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Posted in: Japan's 2020 job availability logs sharpest drop in 45 years See in context

Just stop bringing unqualified foreing workers from poor countries..

The Japanese are enough for japan's work force..

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Posted in: Suga tells Davos forum Olympics will be symbol of human victory over virus See in context

What is human victory??i don't think so..

World is trying to cope with virus..This is a matter of life and death.

just cancel it.

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Posted in: Japan enacts ¥19 tril extra budget to fight virus amid criticism See in context

another good move by japan government.As in very country,,They will give you some but They will get more from you..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic test event postponed over virus restrictions See in context

i hope that it all will be cancelled..

Lives are more important than the Olympic test..

This is my view..

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Posted in: In virus-struck Europe, vaccines trigger intense political fight See in context

unfortunately ,rich countries take precedence of the poor countries for vaccine..

but ,They still want more and more.. This is not fair..

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Posted in: Fans or no fans? Tokyo Olympic organizers still mum See in context

No fans would be ideal but, To cancel the Olympic more ideal to me.

Lives more important than the Olympic.

Olympic can be held again but, Lost lives will never come back..

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Posted in: EU reinstates travel ban from Japan amid surge of COVID-19 cases See in context

A sensible move by E.U.. i think that every country should shut their borders untill this Virus clears off.

This is the only solution to cope with this virus and get rid of it.

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Posted in: 'The Maltese Falcon' returns to theaters at ripe age of 80 See in context

well , to me,, old movies are more fascinating and enjoyable..

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Posted in: Gov't scraps plan to imprison disobedient virus patients; penalties pared down See in context

a sensible move ..i hope that japan scraps all unnecessary and rigid laws as well.

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