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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

As a Taiwanese-American who lived both in the US and Taiwan and visited Japan as well as Korea. I listens to POP, jazz, electronic music and dance music, however, I was not excited or impressed by PSY or this over-rated single/ video. In fact, I was disgust by its tackiness and cheesiness. If anything, it was a copy-cat of LMFAO' s Party-Rock. Except it was filmed in a high-budget modern setting with good looking Korean woman and over-priced lighting effect.

The dance "move" is a joke. The creativity are low. The tones and beats are wack. The "science" behind it are just over-analyzed Bull. The presentation like many other typical K-Pop are all about its flashiness. I Couldn't finish the video when I first saw it.

And quit playing the Anti-Korean political card to Japanese' people's face. Japanese have better taste than this.

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Posted in: Reported domestic violence cases up by 46.3% so far this year See in context

This is how the law should be set- You "violence" on your family member regardless age and gender and sexual orientation, you'd get the same treatment back. So they will know how painful it feels both physically and psychologically.

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Posted in: China tells Japan to respect its sovereignty over islands See in context

The true Chinese government are in Taiwan (Republic of China) that was the founding countries of UN. And yes for the longest time- the emperor of China didn't stress or emphasize these islands and its value. While the Japanese WERE the aggressive nation, taking over one by one, and eventually colonizing and occupying Taiwan, there was no doubt that everyone wants a piece of candy. Currently the history is based on "Who got a flag and warship there first belongs to who." So whoever tries and comes in second- becomes the bad guy. Long time ago, there are APAC or UN, therefore there is no dispute or "military threats." Historically Japan has been the aggressive guy in the modern 18000-1900 taking up islands and claiming their fate.

And yes- Philippine government can keep their mouth shut. They just a little dog that are willing to bark and be mean to both China and Taiwan. Sadly no big dogs cares about how loud a small dog barks.

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Posted in: What would they do without their cell phones? See in context

They'll start having more intimate activity with opposite gender and produce more children.

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Posted in: Toyota stays lean to ride out strong yen See in context

so, japan has Toyota, Honda, Nissa, Acura, Lexus, and Mitsubishi and korea has hyundai, and, um... hyundai. end of story.

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Posted in: 'Forced abortion' images cause uproar in China See in context

they should make the guy pay for it after all he choose not to use protection or release the genes outside of her body

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Posted in: Miley Cyrus engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth See in context

The end of her career coming soon.

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Posted in: 9 Hokkaido students hospitalized with alcohol poisoning See in context

I'll be very surprised with so many people drinking and not one had alcohol poison. This is Japan with Pride. After-all everyone survive and grown and ready for the real world. Keep up the party! I'll crash the next one!

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