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Andy Belgium comments

Posted in: 3 Sea Shepherd activists detained aboard Japanese whaling vessel See in context

Go Sea Shepeherd! I am curious what the Japanese people think of their government? Also about the juridical system in Japan? I ve did not heard one Japanese citizen give his oppinion. Is that normal, or are they afraid that their government is as corrupt as what and throw you in jail... because face it, it is no democracy. Any Japanese citizen have a comment on that?

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Posted in: Japan whaling authorities sue Sea Shepherd in U.S. See in context

Yes Japan, sue SSC because you are catching whales in a SANCTUARY. That is the most logical think I have ever heard. This proves by the way that the Japan's nation is far from a democratcy. In Belgium we can say what we want, without be throwing into jail unlike in Japan.

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Posted in: Huge waves damage Sea Shepherd boat during chase See in context

I am ashamed and again disappointed of some who commented this article. How can you be against SSC? You guys hope the Bridgitte sink, well I hope the Nisshin Maru does the same. Japan is destructive in everything regarding marine animals, whales, dolphins, tuna,... how can you support this? What is wrong with some people in the world.

Keep on the hard work Sea Shepherd, I will be (financially) supporting you guys, even in these turbulent days!

Greetz from

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