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The new timeslots to/from HK are very unfriendly. Definitely a step backwards. The only consolation is most airlines are charging a small nominal fee to fly from Haneda and back into Narita.

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I also travel the Odakyu line and sympathize with Ron. I have seen many scuffles on the subways, many on the Odakyu line, some on the Inokashira line. It's mostly between the Japanese, occasionally directed towards me, and for the first time in 17 years I had a young gaijin punk have a go at me while attempting a hostile takeover of the same spot as me on a train which was already 400% full.

I don't understand why Ron didn't just walk away from this loser jabbing him in the side. We all know it is the gaijin in Japan who will come out worse from any altrication regardless of who started it. To avoid situations like these you need to 'know' the Japanese treat riding that particular train at that particular point in time, despite another coming behind it in 2 mins, as a situation of life or death - like many things in Japan do not attempt to understand it ... you won't ... ever!

There is no shame in adopting a submissive stance or walking away from an agressor, whether he/she is right or wrong.

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