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Posted in: Kishida, Marcos agree to strengthen ties See in context

The Marcos family has tons of money for private investment in Japan. Don't ask how they got the money in such a not-so-rich country. Make friends. Take the money. The Filipino maids are educated, even on college level. Bring them in. They will also tutor the kids English, the Filipino kind though if you don't mind.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan must boost deterrence as China learns lessons from Russia See in context

Biden to Fumio Kishida: you are in! Do what I say. But first, let me have Okinawa. We will put more Marines there to protect you! Hahaha.

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Posted in: Japan urges China to 'play responsible role' on Ukraine crisis See in context

Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

The Pope is not part of the UN. I am pointing out that he is not even speaking much for his own flock in China and now Hong Kong! The Pope does not want any trouble with China. Condemning the war in Ukraine is easy to do as long as you are not getting pulled into it.

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Posted in: China blasts U.S., Japan rhetoric ahead of Quad summit See in context

Perhaps Japan was pressured by the Quad to say what it said to China.

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Posted in: Japan urges China to 'play responsible role' on Ukraine crisis See in context

No one really cares about the Uighurs. Did anyone say anything about the Catholic church in China, especially the government version of it?! Even the Pope is not saying much if anything at all.

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Posted in: In a haze of disinfectant, China struggles with invisible enemy See in context

The party leaders say: spray everywhere. Would the doctors and scientists there say: no?

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Posted in: Japan’s Barbie, Licca-chan is going camping with a new outdoor set See in context

Why -chan? Half Chinese?

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Posted in: Japan, EU agree to step up sanctions against Russia, focus on Indo-Pacific See in context

You cannot just sanction Russia. Think about what Russia would do to retaliate economically once they take Ukraine. No grain, no gas, and no oil to the NATO countries? Or raise the prices a whole lot? Devastating. Remember the infamous 1930 Hawley-Smoot Tariff in the US to discourage or stop imports and the entire world was up in arms to retaliate by matching and/or exceeding what the US was doing. I believe the tariff was truly the root cause of the Great Depression. Of course, nobody wants to talk about that. Just blame the stock market at the time. I hope the war will end soon and stop dragging all the European countries into deeper conflict with Russia. Those countries simply cannot afford it. No grains, no eggs, and no gas!

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Posted in: Japan, EU agree to step up sanctions against Russia, focus on Indo-Pacific See in context

Ukraine will get unlimited supplies of weapons from the US and the NATO countries. Un-used new stocks! And too little too late! BUT, Ukraine is running out of soldiers and civilian fighters everyday. That is the reality. How long can Ukraine last? Ukraine is like a patient being placed in a hospice. This patient will eventually die because he is not given or he does not have the medication to fight the disease offensively. The patient is only given drugs to smooth or control damage. On the other hand, I am disappointed at Russia for fighting a modern time war in the WW2 style. Hundreds of tanks and thousands of soldiers. Totally exposed like in a parade. These are easy targets that could be taken out in one day if a western country stepped in to fight Russia. I just wonder what the world, especially the world economy, will be like after Russia takes over Ukraine.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II avoids discussing the war with Emperor Hirohito during 1975 Japan visit See in context

When the Japanese soldiers arrived in Philippines, the British soldiers surrendered. When the Japanese soldiers arrived in Hong Kong, the British soldiers surrendered. Don't talk about the war!

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If war broke out between China and Japan, would the US enter the war too to save Japan? If war broke out between China and the US, the major casualty would definitely be Japan because of the Sino-Japanese wars. What would be a reason for South Korea and Philippine to fight China? India would definitely stay neutral. Russia would supply China with missiles and nuclear weapons. It would be a tough decision for the US to make.

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Posted in: Osaka woman gives foreigner Uber Eats worker fake money See in context

People do stupid things. Give her a break but she needs some punishment. Here is a true story. I went to a store and the worker asked if this Mr. X was my uncle. I said "yes." He said when he was 17, he stole a water melon and he was caught and sent to my uncle who was in charge of public safety. So my uncle scolded him and let him go without pressing any charge. I asked my uncle if he remembered a story like that. He said he probably did that as there were teenagers who would do stupid things for fun.

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Happy Lunar New Year of the Ox.

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Posted in: Japan coast guard suspends search for crew from capsized cattle ship due to bad weather See in context

The captain must be held liable for the death of his crew and the livestock. How will all these widows carry on with their lives?!

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