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Hokkaido has no bobsleigh track and no ski resort with a vertical drop big enough for an Olympic downhill. The facilities cost will be huge.

They can do like last time in 1972 and do it on Eniwadake but yeah the costs would be huge. Every time I hike the mountain I still wonder how in the world they did it back then. Even back then the costs must have been huge to do it there because there is nothing there. No facilities whatsoever.

Same for the Teine bobsleigh track, which you can still see the ruins of. I guess they could rebuild that one.

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This is just bad luck. Obviously calling the summer in Tokyo "mild and sunny" is the most ridiculous thing ever, but the summer in Sapporo is much more tolerable. Moving the event here made a lot of sense. In most summers the time I really wished I had air conditioning is barely 2 or 3 weeks. After that the temperature drops, and fast.

Could be climate change as well. Past 4 years the winters have become much shorter as well. When I arrived here 8 years ago I could go to a ski resort in November and have great conditions. Now even at end of the year, you are still cutting through foliage everywhere.

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Been living in Sapporo since 2013. If you are lucky enough to find a good job here and actually match well with the outdoors stuff, this place is just perfect. In all fairness this only applies to Sapporo. Live in any other city in Hokkaido and you are getting into "there is absolute nothing to do there" territory.

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Been living in Sapporo for 7 years and the past years you can clearly see Sapporo is getting much less snow, applies to Hokkaido basically. We thought last year was a bad start to the winter, if you like snow, but this year is on another level. First non white Christmas I experienced here since I arrived. Last week I arrived back home after going to Europe for the holidays and I was amazed to see a green, non-white, landscape from the airplane window. A first in all those years, especially in January. It is not just the lack of snow that is causing problems. Last year and the year before it many of the sculptures at the snow festival already start losing their details after the first week due to it being too warm. Some to the point of straight up collapsing, eg the international sculpting competition. If you come to the festival, highly recommended to come the first week.

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