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Anen Fairy-chan comments

Posted in: Why Trump could be good for Japan See in context

Hillary is an awful human being that is responsible for many terrible things, Trump is a bit unstable. The future for my country seems to be very iffy at best. In any event - I hope our relationship with Japan can improve. I'd love if EVERYONE could get along really.

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Posted in: World's oldest man dies at 112 in Japan See in context

Actually, I may be wrong, but I thought the theory that it was a certain gene was gaining a LOT of ground in the scientific world. That it might be extractable and so forth.

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Posted in: 'Will boyfriend' - A new expression in Japan’s evolving dating scene See in context

Goodness. It would seem a relationship with a Japanese woman ultimately boils down to superficial shallow nothingness that is both empty and meaningless... at least that's what I gather from what I keep reading and seeing lately. My comment could be taken any way - However, if the goal was to make me avoid a relationship with a Japanese woman, Japan Today, You've hit your mark. If it wasn't? Start saying something positive Japan Today. You've effectively made this man a Very staunch "Nope." Maybe its constant news like this that is the reason that Relationships are at an all time low in japan. it really seems like, based off of what I have read and see ultimately from news outlets and so forth; A Japanese woman will only marry you if you make a large sum of cash, wear fancy clothes and that appears to be it... I'll pass indefinitely.

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Posted in: Hillary for president? 3 reasons for and against See in context

sorry Her and Her Husband*

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Posted in: Hillary for president? 3 reasons for and against See in context

Listen, Flame away, but if she becomes president, I'm running and far. I will go to another country same week, pack up and just leave. Her comment about hurt and her husband being some of the poorest in the country made my brain implode... stupidity does not belong in office and its worn its welcome over the long years. This has nothing to do with what ever gender, it has to do with her serious lack of wisdom, I will never let such a person be in charge of my rights, No way in hell.

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Posted in: Men being outperformed by women in workplace See in context

....ok, no. First off, its not that one gender is superior over the other... its relatively simple - its competition. Women have to compete harder then men, they have to be "Better" to succeed and be acknowledged, its harder for them to be accepted otherwise... many men have just grown complacent.. I truly feel that within 100 years it will completely balance out with gender. Take me for example... I'm a man, And I bust my ass off, I am completely self taught in digital art, programing, modeling and animation, music production and physics for my game. I am a one man dev team of my own studio. I'm pretty sure I'll get downvoted to hell but what I had to say is pretty self explanatory. People need to stop focusing on gender and roles, no ones superior, its going to balance out, so instead of dividing and further feeding the whole Neanderthalic debate about gender... spurn on efficiency, eesh.... just that simple.

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