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Posted in: Half of foreigners in Tokyo have experienced discrimination: survey See in context

There are so many times that I have experienced discrimination that I just stopped counting. I stopped counting before I even moved to Japan from the U.S.

I honestly think that people need to have a thicker skin if they plan to get along with their neighbors that don't look like them.

If people think adults have it rough, they should ask foreign kids what they are going through while growing up in Japan.

I have two half American and Japanese kids. They look Japanese but they also look like foreigners specially next to me lol. My wife and I decided to use my wife's family name. My kids have slightly different Japanese and American names because of the Kanji. That helps them blend in a little.

Anyways, back to the topic. If you're an adult and get discriminated, try acting like an adult. You're not a child at a school sorrounded by your peers where you have to return to day after day.

Try smiling and calm down a little. Tell them gently that it's your mistake or that you misunderstood. Also, try to look at it from their side. Are you a celebrity? If not, then you aren't special. You are in their land. You're not in yours.

Japan can be a great place to live or visit. It all depends how people handle discrimination when it pops up.

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Posted in: iPhone XR makes the right trade-offs for a cheaper price See in context

I think the iPhone x was the last good innovation Apple had. Left Apple last year to an Android phone (Samsung's S9). In Japan I use Line to communicate with others so I wasn't in that Apple ecosystem.

Now I'm thinking about moving to Huaweii's phones. So many options once I switched to Android. Including the Nova Launcher which makes everything on the screen customizable.

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Posted in: 6 new houses under construction torched since Sept 12 in Tama See in context

15 Fire engines were mobilized and it took them 90 minutes? Did they just watch it burn?

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