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Well, not to offend but man! Thats one thing I love about Japan, having no Christians or Muslims!! They can go fight there issues out else where!!! I say the world can learn from Japan! Ummm, BUT not its work ethics!! Man I'm tired! ...... Maybe France and Japan could Swap ethics! FRANCE could destroy all destructive religions, like Muslims and Christians.... (Umm, thought I'd just stop here for a bit about myself,, so there is an understanding,,, just to say I do Believe in God and also Believe in Jesus, though will never be a "Christian"! Probably makes no sense, but I also believe in Aliens and my Main "religion" umbrella is Quantum Physics!! And when they actually get Universal Physics going!! Thats cool!)... JAPAN could try to take in Frances working hours, Holiday pay and bedroom life a bit more seriously! Good luck Japan in this area! Anyway, really happy Japan has less controversial Religions! O, Abe must be a typical Christian too, his comment also be controversial! ha... O wait, he is,, He's catholic! Won't that annoy you guys out there who believe in the nitty gritty stuff between the two! :) And Muslim's,, you'll never have the guts to speak out about Terrorism because of three things. Jihad being taken out of context, and if you question it, you'll be called to intellectual and that’s not cool in your department! So fear fear guys!!! If only I was a better person, I'd say less to annoy others here! O wait, I'm just as bad as a Christian or Muslim! Or Abe himself!! guess we all have things in common! How about we forget this and just get along ?? P.S,, There were two Jesus’s! and, 2000 years later and no Christian has learnt how to heal with there hands!!! Why is that ????? WOW!! There is another war on ‘mainly’ over people believing they belong to a side! God Bless Japan!!!

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