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Meanwhile, the Association of Coronavirus Infected Droplets (ACID) has agreed to also pause its activities in the country to abide by the Governor's request. The official spokesperson of ACID has said it will resume normal operations from Monday, like the rest of the population of Japan.

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Posted in: 92 from Chicago let in at Narita airport without being asked to self-isolate See in context

These mistakes are not because of specific individuals. The fault rests with the leadership. To mitigate risks, policies and frameworks must be clearly defined and communicated to those responsible for enforcing them. Otherwise, under pressure, even the most experienced frontline staff can make mistakes. A sorry state of affairs indeed... :(

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Fast forward to 6 months later... Japan "analyzes" the situation and finds "inadequacies" in the way the coronavirus crisis was handled. The people responsible call a press conference, make a statement of apology, bow for 60 seconds and leave the room. They continue to hold on to their jobs with no legal or social consequences. End of story. Life moves on. The country looks forward to enjoying the autumn colours and counts down to Olympics 2021.

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They seem to be crawling towards declaring the emergency that would allow a total lock-down.

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Posted in: Japan to set up coronavirus task force; no state of emergency yet See in context

And here come the skeletons... tumbling out of the corner closet. The coming days and weeks will make it very clear how poorly Japan has handled this crisis...

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Delaying the Games was the right decision. Hosting an event that celebrates human resilience and capability while thousands are sick or dying around the world would have made everyone associated with the event look cruel and selfish. No doubt this will cause a lot of problems in terms of logistics, but even so, human life must come ahead of any global event. All we can do at this stage is hope that the coronavirus situation comes under control much sooner than next year. Fingers crossed.

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Despite the negativity surrounding the situation in Japan, for our own sake, I do hope Japan does not have to go through the chaos that many other countries are going through now. This is one time I hope that all the decision makers who many of us thing screwed up, actually didn't and the calls they made turn out to be the right ones. Because a catastrophic health crisis is the last thing this country needs at the moment. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but time will tell.... fingers crossed. Hoping that everyone stays safe and we can all get through this stressful phase as a united world.

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This is Japan's idea of "Social Distancing"?? God help this nation...

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Have these so-called experts completely lost their minds? It would be very interesting to see the data these people are analyzing to make such predictions, because they seem to be defying all global trends and projections. If they know more than the rest of the world, they should share their knowledge with the rest of the world. No?

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The fact is that around 30 to 40 cases are getting reported every day, consistently for the last several weeks. So, anyone who thinks this is "over" is just living in denial. Leadership means clarity of communication and decisive action based on real information. By asking people to "cooperate" during a global crisis with no clear set of restrictions or rules that will be properly enforced, it is unreasonable for anyone to expect that people will just "figure it all out" and "do what's needed". High time people calling the shots learn from what's happening around the world and take immediate action.

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While thousands die around the world, these people are happily and very selfishly celebrating the arrival of spring. Really disappointing to see how disconnected so many people in this country have become from the rest of the world. It's a lack of empathy for others and virtually no foresight of the potential dangers of such reckless behaviour.

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