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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context

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Anyway, wouldn't it be more "Islamic" of Malaysia to just chop the woman's hands off so she can no longer carry bags of drugs into their country?


I think you better learn about Syaria Law..It's for stealing man..not for smuggling drugs..besides, there still no Syaria Law apply in Malaysia and lucky to those who makes crimes here and there...and if Malaysia applied that, other country which thinks they are too modernization will barking and barking about how wrong it is..(Oh! Miss Junko Furata, how I wish your murderer be in Malaysia..they will be hanged and they will see you up above so that you can revenge as what you did to you..May you RIP!!)

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Posted in: Japanese woman sentenced to death in Malaysia for drug smuggling See in context


> The religion of "peace" strikes again...i feel sorry for this gal...being a woman in a Muslim country is bad enough...being female getting busted and going to court is as bad as it gets...she could be telling the truth but the dominate Muslim male judges rule like old school Sultans!

Hah! What so different of being the Muslim male judges and Non-Muslim judges come from any gender as long the authorities referred to the Rule of Malaysia when it comes to drugs? Then, being a woman in non-Muslim country like China (where there is a Malaysian woman got caught because of drugs), Peru (Malaysian woman also doing such a dirty job), then can I say being a woman in those country which are non-muslim country is bad enough? Unrealistic and very low thinking. It's just how you being used by those culprits to do their dirty ways you can have a high paid or in reverse you will be hang..just choose and watch out woman out there even you are Muslim, non-muslim, Japanese, Americans or from all over the world you come from, don't be a scape-goat to the drugs mule..

Moreover, please stop barking about other countries rules and enforcement when your people got caught and sentenced to death. If the gaijin like me doing such a thing, doing a dirty work on drugs , you know how your media will stipulating around all the days.. Police in Malaysia know their job to deal with drugs.. One time you come, they just let you go..Second time you come, OK! You can pass the gate freely..and I think this woman say "Ah!! What a fool authorities..You will never catch me!"..Third time, they already alert and wait until you come with the big total of whatever drugs it is by the sixth you come and bring it..they will "Get ya..See you in court"..Then, stop barking like a wild dog about how the Malaysia local authorities do their job...

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