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I can understand the government policy of aiming for self-sufficiency in agriculture, but if it leads to shortages, the policy is not really working. If the domestic producers can't increase their production, the government should lift all import tariffs and maintain only the same quality requirements as the domestic producers are subject to.

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In Japan, you need to work 10 years for other taxi company before you can start your own or become private taxi entrepreneur. The only way Uber could employ drivers is to hire those who have already worked 10 years as a taxi driver, but they are mostly at retiring age and not very fond of modern services such as Uber.

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Wise decision. I'm glad Japan has politicians who think what's best for the nation. Large-scale immigration would irreversibly change Japan. During the history, Japan has hugely benefited from small-scale immigration of highly skilled labor (e.g. during Meiji Restauration), but large-scale immigration from unstable countries that are not exactly known for their high level of education could be catastrophic for a harmony-aspiring nation such as Japan.

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How can anyone claim English is logical? Just look at these:

In Japanese the letters (=kana) are at least pronounced always the same way (except は, へ and を, which ruin the otherwise logical syllabries ;()

One commenter is correct that Japanese way of using kanjis is often horrible. E.g. 生 and the million or something kanjis that are pronounced 'shi'...

Using kanjis is ok, but Japanese should reform the readings. Preferably only one reading per character and in cases when it's not possible, create new kanjis by altering the existing ones slightly. The worst thing in Japanese is that it is not often possible to know the correct pronounciation of a word or name even if you know the individual characters.

If you want to learn truly logical language, study Finnish. Letters are always pronounced the same way regardless of context, and grammar enables expressing very complex ideas with short words. Also, no difficult pronounciations, except 'r' for Asians.

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