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Well from my experience...

My best friend is a guy and he has dated japanese girls. The ones that had lived abroad are super open and lively while the ones that had never been outside of Japan are way more shy in every aspect. And yes, is super common to see a western guy with a japanese girl rather than a japanese guy with a western girl.

There are some Japanese people that are in constant contact with foreigners so it could be said they are used to foreigners bullshit and stuff but still is a 50/50 situation in which they might or might not put up with cultural differences.

As to myself, I have only been approached by Japanese guys that had lived outside Japan, but still they are REALLY shy or self-conscious because they do believe Asian guys are not attractive to western girls. See, in Japan there are very established gender roles and even if they have the experience of having lived abroad, booooooy those gender roles stick to their psyche. Some others are curious and ask me questions but that's it. It also depends on where you're living. If you're near Tokyo or a big city, not a big deal, but if you're in the outskirts it will be more difficult for you as a foreigner.

I'm not talking about personalities of course, if anyone is a bitch, he/she will be a bitch in Japan or in America and that's it. And I'm not saying this is a rule, it might be a problem you may or may not encounter when you go to the dating scene here in Japan, but still, same thing you'll find anywhere else.

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