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Posted in: Robots and cameras: China's sci-fi quarantine watch See in context


If the CCP doesn't even trust its own people, it's own Chinese citizens... Then who the hell do you trust?

Do you have any idea what the future in Europe is looking like.

I tell you, the same as China if not worse.

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Posted in: Sanctions-hit Huawei plans components plant in Europe See in context

Huawei is a threat to national security, what about Google? The company officially works for/with the CIA.

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Posted in: Bolivian prosecutors issue arrest warrant for exiled former president Morales See in context

Bolivian police have killed pro- Morales protesters to the point even the UN is concerned.

Instead of investigating these killings the internmin government shifts people's attention by calling Morales a terrorist.

What can you expect from an unelected government.

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Posted in: Mahathir: Islamic conference to tackle Islamophobia See in context

Islam just needs to renounce violence-that would be a start....

In case you haven't noticed, Islam is imitating Christianity.

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Posted in: Migrants face 'massacre' at Libya detention centre See in context

US and France support Haftar.

I'm not surprised about the attack and denial.

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Posted in: Acting U.S. defense secretary in Asia for talks on China expansion See in context

US has military bases all over the world to protect its interests. What are the US interests? Oil, minerals, and of course military bases from which it can launch its missiles left and right when countries don't do as they are told.       

Maybe if the US were a peaceful country, but it's not. This country a has been at war most of the time with multiple countries at once since WWII.

No other country will ever break that record.

As for Iran, Iran complied with the JCPOA yet because US/Israel don't like the agreement Iran has to switch or face more sanctions and possibly war.

Suppose Iran does as it is told.

Suppose the next WH admin won't listen to its puppet master and wants the JCPOA back.

What is Iran suppose to do, switch again?

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Posted in: Venezuela thrust to forefront of U.S.-Russia clashes See in context

"Pompeo phoned, called for us to refuse to support Maduro, called for Cuba and us not to interfere in the internal affairs of Venezuela,"

So Russia &Cuba are not to interfere in Venezuela's internal affairs but almighty warmongering US can.

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Posted in: Trump signs 'Space Force' directive See in context

...assert US dominance in orbit.

Star Wars season 1.

Is there a good reason why the US has to be dominant everywhere?

So far US dominance has brought nothing but misery around the world.

What's the plan? Shooting the little green men or the taller gray ones?

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia defends app allowing men to monitor women relatives See in context

Ladies start tracking your husband.

Perhaps once the patriarchs get a taste of their own bitter medicine they'll stop being bulling A-holes.

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Posted in: Showdown looms as Venezuela's Guaido sets aid entry date See in context

United States accused Maduro of blocking the delivery of food and medicine.


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Posted in: Israel warns Iran that its missiles can travel 'very far' See in context

Israel talks about peace and security in the Middle East? LOL

Here is an idea.

Stop: bombing Syria, invading Lebanon airspace, the occupation of Palestine and Golan Heights, using foul language when referring to Muslims etc. etc. etc.

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Posted in: U.S. intensifies anti-Maduro push as Russia backs Venezuelan ally See in context


Well said.

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Posted in: Report reveals an undeclared N Korean missile base headquarters See in context

Let me guess,


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Posted in: Chinese court sentences Canadian to death for drug smuggling as diplomatic row deepens See in context

Interesting comments. As always westerners are innocent or the sentene too heavy, everyone else is guilty or gets away with a slap on the hand.

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Posted in: UK to prioritize high-skilled migrants post-Brexit; business groups skeptical See in context

I’m a fan for skilled migrants, as I am one.

There is one problem, since the referendum many skilled migrants application for permanent presidency got the 'Access Denied' response.

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Posted in: Britain will head into unknown if Brexit deal is rejected: May See in context

"Britain will head into unknown.."T. May, for your information, Britain headed into unknown with the referendum.

The 'clever' Brexit plan consisted of the known within the unknown. We know we want Brexit now but we don't know how to exit and what will happen to the British economy.

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Posted in: EU open to Iran sanctions after foiled France, Denmark plots See in context

Sounds like some EU countries want to ditch the nuclear deal as Trump ordered.

Why not just say so instead of searching for excuses.

Sanctioning Iran for its involvement in Syria, seriously?

Syria invited Iran and Russia. US and Israel are bombing Syria illegally, they were never invited. Combatting terrorism has become a lame excuse for destroying countries that don't do as ordered by almighty US/Israhell. Regime change is illegal under international law. Syria posed no threat to US/Israhell.

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Posted in: Trump seeks end to Florida recount as Republicans' leads shrink See in context

If the democrat had won Trump would have shouted"Fake elections" and demanded a second, third.....recount.

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Posted in: Civilian death toll in Yemen mounting despite U.S. assurances See in context

PTownsend, agree 100%

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Posted in: U.S. restores Iran sanctions lifted under Obama nuclear deal See in context

"Expect Iran to be on the negotiating table in less than 6 months and a new deal within a year with nothing less than stricter rules and full inspection of nuke facilities,"Where are the Iranian nukes? As always no proves supplied they actually exist or are being produced. Tearing up the agreement with false pretexts is is Israel's idea and the US puppet is following the order"and the denouncement of support for fundamental Islamic terrorists."US and allies are feeding the terrorists. Done so in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. 'The enemy of our enemy is our friend' is the US excuse for war.

"We all wand lasting peace".

Yes we do but we won't get it as long we stand by warmongering countries, or shall I say, as long as the MIC rules and Israel is allowed to expand.

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Posted in: U.N. warns Gaza on brink of war See in context

Israeli military occupation of Gaza lasted from 1967-2005.

What was the reason for the occupation? Certainly not Hamas.

Hamas was elected in 2006.

The occupation of Palestine is illegal by international law. If Israel stops building illegal settlements all over Palestine and allows Palestine to become a sovereign state, allows Palestinian's right to return just a it allows all Jews in the world have the right to return and treat Palestinians as human beings then there would be peace in the area.

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Posted in: U.N. sets up human rights probe into Gaza killings, to Israel's fury See in context

Israel has nothing to fear, whatever the to UN Human Rights Council finds Nikki Haley has the answer "It's all Hamas' fault".

Whatever resolution the UN suggests US will veto it.

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Posted in: Trump seeks to placate N Korean leader over uncertain summit See in context

How about: US, UK, Israel, China, Russia, India, France and Pakistan give up their nukes as well.

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Posted in: As Trump visits State Department, Pompeo says N Korea must denuclearize See in context

How about a global denuclearisation?

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Posted in: Britain, France and Germany agree on support for Iran nuclear deal See in context

The JCPOA case proves that the US once again won't keep its end of the bargain.

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Posted in: Trump says unless N Korea summit is going to be 'fruitful,' he'll pull out See in context

People don't hold your breath.

History tells us whatever the agreement the US won't keep it's end of the bargain.

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Posted in: North Korea holds mass celebrations for latest missile test See in context

Well said kazetsukai.

Many nations are not only jealous of NK's accomplishments but also of its untapped minerals worth trillions of $.

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Posted in: U.S. slaps new sanctions on N Korean, Chinese firms See in context

Watch the documentary 'Clinton Cash' . It tells what North Korea is doing wrong.

I'm sure Trump/Kushner are linked to a foundation that earns them a bunch of extra $$$.

If NK is happy to donate to Trump/Kushner NGO as India did with Clinton North Korea will be allowed to have all the nukes it wants.

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Posted in: Trump: China agrees N Korea nuclear weapon freeze not enough See in context

According to the Washington Post, China said something different.

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Posted in: Seoul: N Koreans fired 40 shots at defector; hit him with 5 See in context

I read he was hit in the shoulder and elbow.

I wonder which story is the right one?

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