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Just because someone corrupts an idea doesn't make the idea bad all together. The idea that 4 major blood groups makes us who we are is actually very interesting and worth exploring. Whether you believe in God, Buddha, Creation, Evolution, or any other explanation for existence we have historic and modern proof that everything grew and changed through another source that came before the last. It is not far off to believe aspects of the blood type theories. I do not believe that there is any one device or man made system that can completely distinguish, categorize, or assign any set of traits to any one human being for any reason. It will never be conclusive with 100% accuracy. But the idea of having a better take on how our bodies have evolved based on characteristics and the environment or habitat of ancestors who carried our blood type isn't a bad idea at all and it isn't really a big risk. Experimenting with these simple diet and exercise methods aren't going to hurt anybody, not even in the slightest and might actually work. 20 years from now and billions of tax payer dollars later they will do modern research on this and find that some of it's true. SMH They laughed at a lot of ideas throughout history but we're not laughing now at some of them.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't know it well enough." Albert Einstein

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