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Posted in: How women can manipulate clueless men See in context

This article is absolutely amazing. It actually shows what kind of image men have in women's minds because of their behavior.

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Posted in: Missouri governor declares state of emergency ahead of ruling on Ferguson shooting See in context

Can I ask in which world does any of what Brown did deserve him to be killed while he was surrounding ?

Absolutely none. I actually think that those who tell us anyone deserves to be killed for any crime without any sense of hierarchy when it comes to the gravity of such crimes are the scariest out there. Basically you are advocating for a Justice that doesn't have any limits. How scary. As long as it doesn't touch you in any way or shape, I guess…

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Posted in: Europe's Muslims stand up to IS See in context


It's not a battle and the responsibility to integrate is with muslims.

No it isn't. Stop acting like european countries don't have racist standards that prevent the integration of foreigners and sons/daughters of foreigners. Especially those who are not white. So no, the responsibility also lies with you.

I completely agree that comparing this historical event to other religious historical battles give great perspective. There are extremists in many religions. The majority/powerful poeple need to also stop acting like there was always a bad and a good guy, and putting themselves into the "good guy"s shoes. That's where you fail at understanding each others, culturally speaking. We're all human. In every movement, you can observe extremism, it is something linked to social/group effects and not to the nature/race/ethnies of the population.

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Posted in: 2 men jump to deaths from train platform in Tokyo See in context

danalawton1@yahoo.com -> Increase access to mental healthcare institutes and other therapists and psychiatrists ?

The answer is pretty simple.

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Posted in: Babysitter arrested over death of 2-year-old boy See in context

Sigh… Stop blaming the victims, blame the people doing crimes! damn wasting time on victim blaming instead of focusing on the crimes… May they rot in jail (and I hope they'll find the man quickly!!). Poor babies… RIP.

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Posted in: Head of NPO promoting motherhood arrested for beating his wife See in context

What the hell is this "Best Mother" award? There are no such things as best mothers, just poeple who try to raise children the best possible and whith love, and they're not perfect. Way to make mothers feel guilty about their flaws. And hopefully, his organization will go bankrupt or his wife will get all his money, and he'll stay in jail forever.

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Posted in: Academics apologize for ‘robot’ cleaning woman cover See in context

Falseflagteve @

Praack explained it very well. I do not allow you to put a "" ("girl"), to define me as a woman just because I'm a feminist. I'm not any less than a girl just because I'm not submissive. Yes, those who are sexist are dumb because ignorant, it's not my fault if they are unable to take a course about feminism because they want to keep their priviledges untouched and take advantage of them. Also it's something less insulting than degrading women, way less insulting (should I cry for you? Pour priviledged boy!! You have a hard life.) than what this magazine is doing. Aw, it creates tension and trouble, so women should shut up and accept being degraded right? They shouldn't even complain for this cover? I shall drop a tear for you. Must be so hard not to feel degraded. Silence, For the peace of the priviledged. irony, hope you got it right.

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Posted in: Academics apologize for ‘robot’ cleaning woman cover See in context

Of course, not surprised by the disgusting comments of this site. The sexist males would run to click on such articles and degrade women (lol @ you singling out western women when it's probably a Japanese women feminist association that complained.... And thanks but they don't need western women to be feminists of their own, idiots), while failing to understand the point of it. And yes it's worth complaining, women (including japanese women) are not lower than you. And I don't care about idiotic expat males not being offended, it's not about you and you ain't concerned, it's about women so they can feel free to feel offended, right.

Anyway, sending my kudos to whoever made the complain in Japan, go girls, don't be intimidated by those dumb poeple. Also, you should ask for another apology and shame them until they bow their heads in front of you because they gotta be kidding me with what they said.

I don't understand, wouldn't ppl be warned if there is a racist comment? Why is mysoginy so spread over here?

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Posted in: Man dies after setting fire to himself, son on school grounds See in context

I really really hope this kid will survive.

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Posted in: Education ministry proposes radical English education reform See in context

I had a special class like this in english, it was great so that's a good idea. Tbh the best is when you got a native english speaker as a teacher so I hope that english teachers will have more jobs...

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Posted in: Woman stabs 2 Chinese colleagues in workplace cafeteria See in context

Interesting double standard here as I'm pretty sure no one would have complained about the nationality of the attacker if she wasn't japanese. Anyway, do we need to be reminded of the fact this is an international site about Japan and this is one of the reason this ews was posted (because it concerns 2 foreigners?) I do hope that both the victims recover quicly.

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Posted in: Tokyo police advise women on how to stay safe while in elevators See in context

Maria, you've been flawless in this post and you spoke for reason. As for my opinion, I am curious as to why laws are so flawed towards sexual agressions in Japan? And instead of punishing the agressors more they actually ask the women to protect themselves more... Isn't the state supposed to protect its citizens or...? This logic of victim blaming is dumb as hell, the japanese... No, after reading the comments here, the WORLD needs to wake up.

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Posted in: 18-month-old girl dies after being left alone in hot room for 18 hours See in context

When will Japan stop looking down on single mothers and help them ? (as well as many other countries) Perhap's such tragedy wouldn't happen if there was proper help available for single mothers AND if japanese mothers in general were able to have a career and a family life. The system needs to change. I would prefer being a single working mother in my own country even if it's not perfect than in Japan...

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Posted in: Guilty and never proven innocent – every male train rider's nightmare in Japan See in context

Maria, I totally agree with you. In any way, I think policemen should make good use of cameras... lol @ those advices that can be given to real gropers...

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Posted in: 83-year-old man arrested for beating his wife to death See in context

The sexism and lack of compassion in the comments here are really disgusting. Shame on you. Especially that abuse on women is so taboo everywhere in the world, journalists finally report it and you complain? What is this? Why should journalists only report about men giving some flowers.. In order to make men look good, are you that insecure? There are too many women who are abused and who have been abused in their life, and who are KILLED because of that every year, look at some damn statistics. They deserve to express themselves about it before it's too late, they deserve to be abe to find help and there is nothing better than the media for such a taboo and sensitive topic.

This poor woman must have been abused for years and years without being able to get out of this cycle of abuse, dying like this is so heartbreaking. RIP and I hope the man goes to jail for a very long time.

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