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Posted in: Man gets 17 years for stabbing neighbor over feeding of stray cats See in context

TNR is the only solution for strays and it works! The penalties for morons dumping animals should be very high and more apartments should allow small pets (perhaps with a higher deposit). Of course there is no excuse for stabbing the annoying old woman no matter how irritating she was. I wish there were more support groups where he could have turned for help with the cats...Many kus now have a subsidy for TNR of strays ...it should be something every community participates in ...There are many kind people doing TNR and regular stray feeding in my area ..of course there is always one ignorant idiot who doesnt like it but thankfully the kind people out number the idiots... I do feel sorry for the old man ...his frustration and inability to express himself in any other way but murder is frightening and somehow pitiful. We live in a world surrounded by so many and yet he seemed so alone.

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Posted in: The rules of hostessing See in context

not the most exciting article true but pretty accurate and to the point. Yes a lot more can happen at different clubs and there are all sorts in many areas ...some that have lets say loser women and sleazy customers (and the nationalities of the girls are a HUGE factor to the type of club ) there are others that are very strict about a customer even touching a girl. I am entertained by the people saying it isnt accurate or girls do sleep with customers etc...of course most of those comments come from people who have never even set food in a club or read a novel written by an ex hostess wanting to sensationalise for effect . The people with the biggest difficulty believing hostess clubs are merely harmless fantasy clubs where guys want to have guaranteed conversation with gorgeous women ..are gaijin . I worked in many clubs for many years and had girls always ask to PLEASE not seat them with foreign guys who were the most annoying and always assumed the girls were prostitutes or they could freely touch them. I still believe judging by the comments that gaijin can NOT understand the hostessing concept and no amount of explaining by girls who worked there will convince them otherwise.Yes there will always be girls in every club who have slept with customers...it happens as they form an attachment or a girl may choose to sleep with a guy because she finds his wealth enticing...it happens...it also happens a lot more in a ''normal'' night clubs and in society in general.

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Posted in: Man dies after being beaten in Roppongi club See in context

I totally agree with Hikozaemon . If this was a yakuza attack they wouldn't waste time in a club but wait at his home and shoot or stab him. The fact no one else not even his friends were hurt seems to indicate this man has done something very serious to someone ... not pissed off the yukuza. Men in masks with baseball bats could be " normal" guys getting revenge ? We really don't know yet if his friends did try and stop them so no point saying no one stepped in to help. .... roppongi is just a place with a ton of clubs loads of gaijin and full on nightlife ! Love it or hate it but I have never felt unsafe there.

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