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You need both a brain & life experience to actually know the S.Korean stories are mostly lies. I was born & grew up in a super poor country (Vietnam)-it's much better now though. I think most people here have much more "privileges" so your thinking are different; and logical thinking is not enough to judge this situation.

-Prostitutes are everywhere (rich/poor countries) and they probably would never go away. For many, it's either being starved to death or sell your bodies; for many others, it's an easy way to make lots of money. I believe many people in S.Korea were starving during the war and had to make that decision of selling themselves or their daughters. Many young girls probably kidnapped by other Koreans to sell. It's still very common in poor countries.

-Poor Vietnamese parents have been marrying off their daughters in exchange for little bit of cheap money to South Korean, Chinese & Taiwanese men. Although the women are legally married, the majority of those women end up being abused and are forced to have sex with many male relatives of their own husbands. They can't leave because their parents already spent the money. Being in the modern world with women/human rights, their fates are even worse than those war time S.Korean women. Many Korean women are still selling themselves for money now. So why do you think the past was different.

The war time Japanese may have made it difficult for those women, but they are not entirely to blame. And being a sex worker is not fun anywhere, anytime. The women have their own parents to blame as well; or their Korean kidnappers/pimps; and I'm sure many of them made the decision to sell themselves. I was born & grew up poor but my parents would never do anything like that to me. In fact, my parents sent us all to good universities in the US. The Vietnamese war was more devastated than the Korean war. My grandpa went to jail & my grandma had 10 kids to feed. My mom & my aunts grew up during the war. They had nothing to eat but they went into the jungle when they were teens to dug up and pick up wild vegetables & grow their own veggies for food.

-It may have been horrible for them to work as "comfort women" in Japan during the war. But It's quite naive to believe everything that the Korean side has to say. Many Koreans themselves have doubts about the "comfort women" stories but are afraid to speak up due to their fellow Korean bullying.

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They have few more years left until they reach 30. All will go down hill from there just like my favorite BSB & all other popular boys bands around the world.

I've heard about BTS but have never listen to their music. I would not recognize them even if they were right in front of my face . I use to listen to K-Pop; but just like most people I grew out of it. I still listen to random K-Pop songs (I don't even know the names) while driving because I don't understand the language, so it keeps me awake better than listening to languages that I understand.

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I was thinking about going to Okinawa next year & visiting Shuri was in the plan. Guess I'm a bit late to see it.

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The picture look like the seats are in Green Class. The Gran Class seats are usually (or always?) covered in leather/leatherette material. Wondering if JR Rail Pass is applied on these new trains?

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Unfortunately bullying is part of Asian culture. This is not only in Japan, It's the same in China, Vietnam, Korea ...I grew up in Vietnam in the late 90's, early 2000. Being bullied (by teachers) happened everyday. Many teachers were super nice, but many others would "torture" you mentally, physically & financially. . Don't know if it's better now about the teachers in Vietnam. On the contrary while I was in school, my fellow Vietnamese kids did not bully each other much, they mostly worked together to deal with the horrible teachers.

Vietnamese middle & high school programs were at much advanced levels compared to the US. I graduated from a relatively well-known private university in New York and it was like a vacation compared to high school in Vietnam.

It's a good thing the bullying usually stopped when you reach adulthood in Vietnam and join the workforce. But I heard it continues in Japan, China & S.Korea.

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"Does every train station have this kind of store?"

This is a pop-up store. It can be anywhere at anytime around the country for a limited time. I think the prices shown are not much good deals.

It's a bit like Goodwill stores in the US. The merchandises are acquired at very little to no cost. The company only have to pay for staff and a place to sell.

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Brilliant idea! Feeling stuck in a tangle of bloody web. No clear direction and hard to break through.

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"Isn't American rice long grain rice? In the US, I haven't seen short gain rice on sale. Would long grain rice cook in Japanese rice cookers?"

I'm Asian American and I don't (can't) even eat American Rice. The shape of rice doesn't matter but I know what you meant.

Asian rices are sold for higher price in the USA. When I was tight for cash, I tried American rice because it was dirt cheap. It will cook just fine with any types of rice cooker so that's no issue at all. Unfortunately, American/Mexican or "Western Rice" is too "dried" and tastes horrible. Very hard to chew & swallow because I can't stand the texture/taste. Never again!

I agree with another poster here that Japanese won't eat American rice.

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